Episode 2 Larra's Mayan Adventure - Chapter 9 Amy's Ordeal

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    The Adventures of Larra Court

    Episode 2

    Larra’s Mayan Adventure

    By L’Espion [email protected]

    Chapter 9 Amy’s Ordeal

    In the inner recesses of the palace Faraje and the emotionally exhausted Amy sat down to a light meal. The food was excellent, consisting of venison and game birds, along with the mandatory corn dishes. Chocolate beaten to its usual frothy consistency was served in large amounts, and both Amy and Faraje drank beaker after beaker. Faraje drank because he was quite addicted to the stuff and Amy drank to delay her wedding night and alleviate her fears. She felt quite naked and defenseless in the skimpy costume Faraje had created for the wedding ceremony. While they ate and drank, She attempted to reason with Faraje. “I know that you have me in your power,” she said, “but is it your right to abuse that power by taking a helpless woman?”

    “I do not understand your attitude.” replied Faraje, becoming as close to surly as she had ever seen him. “A thousand women would gladly trade places with you. There is no honor greater than to be the consort of a god.”

    “But, you are not a god,” she said. “The fact that a number of superstitious people think that you are does not make it so.”

    Faraje was adamant. “You are my wife, and I will take you to my bed. It is my right as a husband.”

    “What about my right as a woman to choose the man I wish to marry?”

    Faraje smiled cruelly. It was the first time that Amy had perceived this side of his nature. He seemed intoxicated by his own power. “In this society,” he replied, “you have only the rights I give you.”

    She continued to argue for her independence, but Faraje was adamant. He had married her, and willing or not he would have her. She continued to consume chocolate. The drink was quite stimulating, and she seemed to need it to face up to her situation. As the early evening arrived she began to feel a little different. She became more relaxed. Her arguments began to weaken. Somehow Faraje seemed to be winning her over. His point of view began to make more sense, and hers less. He was godlike, if in actuality not a god. And he was right. In this setting he really was a god. If the Mayans thought he was one, then in truth he might actually be one.

    Eventually, Faraje waved away the all of the serving girls except two. These began to remove his elaborate costume, preparing him for the marriage bed. As his paraphernalia was removed and set aside one of the women cleansed his body of its paint and grease. She watched with growing uneasiness. Finally, Faraje was stripped down to his breechcloth and he waved the women from the room. Slowly he moved closer to her and gathered her in his arms. He picked her up and moved her over to a corner of the room where was situated a large raised bed.

    Amy did not struggle. She knew that she should resist, but she felt strangely calm about what was happening, almost as if it did not matter. Only the increased rise and fall of her bosom showed that she was in any way concerned about what was going to happen.

    Faraje lay her gently on the bed. Sitting beside her, he began to caress her thick red hair, running his fingers through the carmine tresses. He then stroked her face and began touching her soft lips with his fingertips. She felt a strange stirring in her loins. She seemed to be responding to his touch, despite her misgivings. As he fondled her, Faraje spoke to her in a quiet almost hypnotic voice. “That’s it my lovely, relax. You have drunk enough of my elixir to calm your fears. You should understand that the chocolate contained a mild narcotic. It is usual in this culture to provide young women about to undergo an intense experience with such a drink. Girls here are often married off as young as the age of eleven or twelve. Their husbands find that they respond much better to their marriage night if they are properly relaxed.”

    So that was it, she thought drowsily. Some sort of drug had been placed in her drink, robbing her of the will to resist. Somehow that did not seem at all important. She was prepared to allow Faraje to do whatever he wanted. Only a vague doubt lingered far in the back of her mind.

    Faraje touched his lips to her forehead and slowly kissed his way down to her eyelids. Amy responded by moving hers hands to his strong broad back. He seemed to be in excellent condition for a man twice her age.

    Faraje kissed the tip of her nose, and then moved his mouth onto hers. She responded to his kiss, parting her lips to allow his tongue to probe the inside of her mouth. Her strong questing tongue answered, intertwining with his as their passion mounted.

    She heard the clink of metal, as Faraje began to unfasten the straps holding her skimpy metal brassiere in place. With a jingle it fell to the floor, and She felt a welcome relief at the removal of so much metal from her lithe body. Faraje cupped his hand over her left breast, delighting in its soft firm contours. This young redhead really was a goddess, with a strong athletic body that was rounded and soft in all of the right places. She was incredibly beautiful, her body seductive and inviting in the flickering light of the torches.

    Faraje began to kiss his way down her beautifully sculpted body, while at the same time using both hands to massage and fondle her small, firm breasts. She arched her back, responding erotically to his touch. As her seduction continued she began to pant with excitement, pushing her body against his.

    Confused thoughts raged through her mind. This was the first time anyone had ever made love to her and she was incredibly aroused by the experience, but there was something about the episode that was not right. For some reason a part of her wanted to resist. Even as she cooperated more and more with Faraje, a part of her held back, not allowing her to give full vent to her passion. Faraje sensed her reticence. “Relax pretty one. Let yourself go.” he whispered. “Soon we will be joined body and soul.”

    She let a low moan escape her lips as Faraje slid his hand from her breast to her belly and slipped it under her breechcloth. As his hand moved over her abdomen, she pushed her pelvis against him, inviting him to go lower.

    “Ooohhh!” she gasped, as Faraje’s hand cupped her pubic mound. Involuntarily, her hand sought out his engorged phallus. “Ooohhh!” she cried again, amazed at its size and hardness. She had never dreamed that a male sex organ could become so large and firm.

    Excited by her touch, Faraje pulled the breechcloth from her waist, exposing her loins, and then he moved his mouth to her vagina, his tongue flicking past her labia.

    The touch of his tongue on her clitoris sent shock waves through her undulating body. Her thighs parted on their own and she made ready to receive him. Faraje inhaled her sweet female scent. This once reluctant beauty was now ready for him and he allowed her to guide his swollen penis into her virginal vagina.

    Suddenly, her heaving body tensed. “NO!” she cried. Using every once of her strength she forced Faraje off her body, striking at him with her fists, when he tried to continue his assault on her maidenhood.

    With a thump, Faraje found himself dumped on his backside. For a second, he lay there uncomprehending and then he rose, filled with a violent rage. “You reject the love of a god!” he screamed. “We shall see about that.”

    He stormed from the room, leaving her trembling on the bed. She shook her head. At the last instant before intercourse she had snapped out of her soporific state. She had been shocked and terrified to find Faraje about to possess her and had reacted without thinking. Groggily she got to her feet. She realized that Faraje was very angry and was fearful of what he might do. She was still trapped in his palace, and completely at his mercy. What sort of action would he take?

    Her answer was not long in coming. A few seconds later the god-king strode through the door, accompanied by four of his palace guards. He barked out a command and before she could react she found herself being held down by the four men. Still confused from the effects of the drug, she struggled, but was unable to escape.

    Faraje approached the struggling woman. “It appears, my little wildcat that you need to be tamed. With the exception of her chain brassiere, Amy still wore the bracelets and armlets joined by lengths of chain that she had worn at the wedding ceremony. While the men held her, he first unfastened each length of chain that was attached to her bracelets and armlets and then refastened each one.

    “W…What are you g…going to do?” she quavered.

    Faraje made no reply, but She felt her elbows being pulled toward one another, as he connected the armlet on her right bicep to the one on her left with a shortened length of chain. “No!” she cried as she realized what he was doing. “Please stop!” Her breasts were now jutting out in front of her, making an enticing display of feminine flesh. As she struggled they swayed most enticingly.

    Faraje next pulled her wrists together, clipping a length of chain onto her left bracelet, and then wrapping the remainder of the length about her wrists before fastening it to the bracelet on her right wrist. Her arms now tightly secured, Faraje took the length of chain attacked to her left ankle bracelet and pulled her ankle toward her wrists, before fastening it again. He repeated the process with the right ankle, leaving her hog-tied. “That should help tame you,” whispered Faraje exultantly. He barked out an order and the four warriors departed.

    “You deserve to have your heart cut out for defying me,” said Faraje, “and that might yet happen, but first you shall lose your virginity to a god.”

    “No,” she begged, “you cannot do this. You are not a god; you are but a man posing as a god!”

    “Then,” smiled Faraje, “I will take you like a man.” Removing his breechcloth, once more he revealed his fully erect penis and moved toward the helpless young woman.

    She squirmed, pulling against the chains that held her, but she could not break loose. Faraje lifted her from her prone position, so that she was facing him on her knees. Her succulent breasts thrust forward. Kneeling before her on the bed, he took her left nipple in his mouth and sucked hard, forcing the blood into her areola and causing the sensitive tissue to stand erect. He repeated the action with her right nipple, while at the same time, squeezing her left nipple hard between his thumb and forefinger. “Ouch! Stop! That hurts!” She protested. In reply, Faraje seized her entire breast and closed his hand as hard as he could. “Aaahh!” She wailed as the soft flesh bulged between his strong fingers.

    Faraje shifted his attention to her right breast, clamping his teeth on her engorged nipple and biting down. “Aaggghh” She screamed. Stop, you have no right to do this to me. I never harmed you."

    “There is a price to pay for insulting the gods,” Faraje replied. And he bit hard on the area just above her areola, breaking the skin and drawing blood.

    “Eeeaaaahhh!” She shrieked in pain. “No! Stop! I beg you!”

    “As you wish,” Faraje said, withdrawing his mouth from her bleeding breast. He took her buttocks in his hands and began to push his erection into her vagina. He made no attempt at foreplay, and any moisture that had been generated while She was under the influence of the drugged chocolate had long since disappeared. As a result, penetration was slow, difficult and painful.

    “Oh no! Ohh! Ohhh!” She bawled as Faraje slowly worked his way into her. He was not particularly large, but any man is large to a tight virgin. She heaved her splendid body, attempting to dislodge him from her vaginal canal, but with every movement of her body, he drove a bit deeper. She began to weep and moan continually. Finally, with a jerk, he broke though her hymen and the deflowered woman burst into uncontrollable sobs. Her torment simply served to further excite Faraje, and he pushed into her to the full extent of his penis. Then, pumping steadily, he thrust in and out of her, bringing himself to orgasm and causing her racking pain.

    Faraje released the whimpering woman and collapsed onto the bed. Closing his eyes, he appeared to drift off to sleep. Exhausted and demoralized by her ordeal, Amy followed suit.
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