Episode 2 Larra's Mayan Adventure - Chapter 6 Katie's Ordeal

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    The Adventures of Larra Court
    Episode 2
    Larra’s Mayan Adventure
    By L’Espion [email protected]

    Chapter 6 Katie’s Ordeal

    Marched down the canyon by the three Germans, Katie realized that they were almost back to the water obstacle the three women had swung across. She saw that the Germans had found a better way to cross the roaring stream. They had pulled down the log that Larra had looped her rope around and dragged it across the stream. It now formed a sturdy bridge about two feet wide. It would be a snap to cross over the stream now.

    However, Katie had no intention of going with her escorts any farther than she had to. She docilely followed the first of her escorts onto the bridge, the other two men following directly behind until she was halfway across. At that point she suddenly whirled, catching the man behind her completely off guard, and pushing him into the man behind him. With a surprised yell both men lost their footing and plunged into the torrent below. They were instantly swept away, yelling mightily for help as the rushing water carried them downstream. The man in front of Katie spun around, but by then Katie was off the log and running back up the canyon. Behind her she heard a scream of rage.

    “You bitch,” the man swore in heavily accented English, “you’ve killed Franz and Dieter!”

    Katie kept running, aware as she did so that she had not thought her escape through carefully enough. Where was she running? All that waited for her farther up the canyon was Schroeder and the rest of his men. There would be no escape there. She should have tried to deal with the last man while she was on the bridge. Larra had trained her and Amy in martial arts skills. She probably could have handled a single adversary. Katie glanced back over her shoulder. With a shock she saw that there was not one, but five men running after her. There must have been some more of Schroeder’s men on the other side of the log bridge. But she had made her decision; it was too late to run away and she turned to face her pursuers.

    The first German did not slow as he approached her. He was a fairly heavyset man, with dark hair and a scowling unshaven visage. His intent was simply to bowl her over. All he saw before him was a weak unarmed female, and he was filled with rage at what she had done to his comrades. Katie used his momentum against him. As he reached out to tackle her she grabbed his sleeve, pivoted, and tossed him over her hip. His speed was such that the astonished man flew over her in a high arc. Maintaining her hold on his sleeve, she forced him to come down hard and he hit the ground with an ugly thud. There was an audible “whoosh” as the air was expelled from his lungs. The man gasped for air, desperately trying to get his breath. Katie saw that he was hors de combat for at least a few seconds and turned to face the next man.

    The four other men rushing toward her had crossed the log single file. This had resulted in their becoming strung out so that each was about twenty feet from the other. Katie moved away from the next man, moving closer to the canyon wall. If she could find a place where she could not be surrounded she might have a better chance.

    The next man interpreted her movement as fear and sped up to prevent her escape. This man was quite tall and slender, standing over six feet. As he closed with her, Katie again used her opponent’s impetuosity against him. Seizing his outstretched right arm she pulled his body in toward her and spun on her heel, swinging his body in arc around her, and then leaned away from him to increase his speed. Off balance, the tall man smashed at full speed into the canyon wall. With Katie holding on to his arm, he was unable to protect himself from the rock surface, and with a sharp cry of pain, he crumpled into a heap, knocked senseless.

    By now the other three men were upon her, but their techniques were quite different from those of the first two. They had learned from their comrades’ mistakes. The man closest to her adopted a boxing stance. Katie could tell from the way he moved that he had probably had some training in that skill. Cautiously, the man approached her. He was a little shorter that Katie’s five foot eight inches, but very powerfully built. As he closed with her his left hand flicked out in a jab, his right hand held back for a knockout blow. Katie moved back, crouched low in a defensive stance, looking for an opening. She noticed that the other two men were attempting to move in on her from opposite sides.

    Her back to the canyon wall, she faced the boxer in front and warily watched the other two men closing in from her left and right. The boxer jabbed at her jaw. Katie blocked the blow with her right forearm and aimed a kick at her opponent’s abdomen. The boxer leaped back just in time, and her strike, intended to cripple him stuck only empty air. The man to her right chose this time to come at her, hoping to catch her off-balance, but Katie was too fast. She retracted her extended right leg and struck with it again in a side-kick. It caught the man on her right just under his rib cage and it knocked the wind out of him, but now Katie sensed the man on her left surging toward her. Pulling back her right leg, she shifted her weight onto it so that her body moved away from the German as he attempted to tackle her. His attack found only empty air, but now the boxer was back again.

    The boxer’s more controlled attack proved deadly. Katie saw the punch only at the last second. Had she received its full force, she would have been knocked senseless. As it was, she jerked her head back at the last instant and he connected only with a grazing blow. It was enough, however, to disrupt the rhythm of her defense and the boxer followed up his first success with a combination of punches that Kate was not able to fend off. A right hand caught her on the temple, snapping her head back. In desperation she lashed out with a series of front kicks, catching the boxer in the groin and doubling him up. But now Katie was under attack again from the remaining men, who had been joined by the heavyset man that Katie had tossed over her head. He had recovered from his winding and now he waded into her.

    This time Katie was not able to evade the blows. A left hand struck her in the stomach. Katie doubled up in intense pain; the blow had struck just over her ovaries. Unable to defend herself she felt hands seize her from both sides. Her arms were twisted behind her back, forcing her to bend forward. "Now we have you, you American bitch!" said the heavyset man. Open-handed he slapped her face, first with his right hand, and then with his left.

    “Aahh!! Uuhhh!” The force of the blows took all of the fight out of her, and she slumped in the arms of her captors. The teeth on both sides of her mouth had been loosened and blood poured down from her bleeding gums. Her pouting lower lip had been split open by the force of the first slap and blood oozed down her chin.

    Now all five men surrounded her. Seeing that she was helpless, they moved to secure their prize. “Use the sash to tie her Werner,” said one of the men holding her arms. Katie was resting on her knees, held there by the two men gripping her arms. Werner, the heavyset man who had slapped her, undid the scarlet sash encircling her waist. As he did so, Katie felt the men on either side of her unbuttoning her shirt. Too dazed to resist, Katie did not even protest as her upper garment was pulled over her arms and tossed on the ground, leaving her torso covered only with a thin undershirt.

    Werner handed the sash to the men holding her, and they quickly wrapped the sash around each of her upper arms, forcing them painfully toward the small of her back.

    “Oohhh!” Katie cried. A sharp pain cut through her upper body as her arms were forced back into the unnatural position. The pain yanked Katie back into full consciousness. She was aware that the pinioning of her arms had thrust her impressive breasts farther out in front of her. "You bastards," she protested. “What are you doing?” Her only reply was a round of cruel laughter.

    “Let me go you sons of bitches,” Katie spat. She attempted to get to her feet, but the men on either side of her easily held her in a crouched position.

    Werner pulled a knife from a sheath at his hip. Reaching out with his left hand he grabbed the front of her flimsy vest. Even in her fear, Katie noticed the swastika emblem on the hilt of the dagger. She tried to squirm away from the sharp blade as it moved closer to her breasts. Horrible thoughts as to what Werner might do raced through her mind. "Release me, I’m an American citizen," she protested.

    Werner laughed, harshly. “Release you? You just killed two of my men. Schroeder wants you alive, but I am going to teach you a lesson.” Bunching her vest in his hand, Werner slashed with the knife, slicing the thin fabric in half. Two more cuts and her shredded undershirt was pulled from her body. Now only her brassiere covered her torso.

    Werner whistled appreciatively, as he stared at her barely concealed breasts. "We have a real Amazon here, boys. Let’s see what those tits look like."

    He slid the knife under each of the shoulder straps of her bra, cutting through them in an instant. At the same time one of the other men unclipped the fastening behind her back and the brassiere was pulled from her body.

    “Oh God!” Katie moaned. “You can’t do this.”

    The five men stared at her naked torso in obvious admiration, taking in the spectacle of her large, naked breasts. They were an irrestistible invitation and Werner reached out and took one breast in each hand, squeezing hard. Katie gritted her teeth, not wishing to quail before these men. “Give these a feel,” Werner exclaimed. “I’ve never felt anything like them.”

    The other men crowded in, fondling and pinching her breasts. She almost cried out, but stifled a scream as each of her nipples was given a painful twist.

    “Bring her over here!” Werner shouted pointing to a large flat rock. She was dragged to her feet and hauled kicking and struggling toward the boulder.

    Terror filled her mind as nightmare visions of what might be done to her flooded her thoughts, and she quickly found out that her worst fears were to be realized. Her captors forced her on to the top of the boulder, and then Werner climbed on top of her, straddling her and lowering himself so that her lithe legs were pinned under him. Unable to move Katie stared in horror, as Werner unbuckled her belt and then began to unbutton her pants. “No,” she protested. “No, No!”

    “Oh yes, yes!” exulted Werner. Then turning his head he ordered: “Remove her boots.”

    His order was quickly carried out and her boots were tugged from her feet. “Use the laces to tie her wrists,” said Werner.

    Katie’s boots were removed and two of the other men moved in behind her. She felt her already painfully bound arms being pulled even farther behind her, as her wrists were tied with her own bootlaces. Gasping in pain, she could only watch helplessly as Werner pulled her trousers down and off her legs, leaving her completely naked except for a pair of lacy panties. Her blonde pubic mound could now be clearly seen through the thin material. Katie redoubled her efforts to break free, but she was as helpless as a kitten.

    “Now,” said Werner, “for the complete unveiling. Hold her legs.”

    Two of the remaining men seized hold of the ankles of Katie’s kicking legs. With a feeling of utter despair, Katie writhed as her legs were pulled apart.

    Werner positioned himself between her parted thighs. Slowly and teasingly he began to run his hands over her body. He started with her shoulders, caressing her smooth white skin. “This bitch has better muscle tone than most men!” he exclaimed.

    Katie shuddered under his touch. She was completely humiliated. She had never thought that she would ever be treated like this. “Get off me you bastard!” she hissed.

    Werner just laughed. Bending his head, he took the perfect pink nipple of her left breast between his teeth and bit down slightly. Katie felt a terrible twinge of pain shoot through the tip of her breast. With a sharp cry she bucked her body attempting to dump Werner off, but her struggles only served to excite the much heavier man. He covered her areola with his mouth and sucked hard, so hard that the blood was drawn to the tip of her nipple. Tears of frustration and fear flowed from Katie’s bright blue eyes. “Now we have you, Fraulein,” commented Werner, noticing her distress.

    “Help me out boys,” said Werner, turning to his men.

    The other four men closed in and Katie suffered the mortification of having her body fondled, pinched, and squeezed by five pairs of hands. She began to scream in shame and rage, struggling violently.

    Werner gave the howling woman a brutal slap. “Put a gag in her mouth,” he ordered.

    The tall, blonde German ripped Katie’s undershirt into two pieces. Stuffing one part of the sweat-soaked rag into her mouth, he used the other piece to tie it in place, and her screams died to muffled whimpers.

    “Time to open her up,” said Werner. While the others continued to fondle and squeeze Katie’s body, he took the waistband of her underpants in his hands and tore them from her loins. Katie’s body bucked at this new aspect of vulnerability, dreading what was to come next.

    Werner cupped Katie’s blonde mound of Venus, rubbing it gently. Underneath her gag Katie moaned in protest, arching her back in an attempt to move away from Werner’s touch. Werner used his middle finger to push apart Katie’s labia and inserted his finger into her vagina. “Ahhh,” he exclaimed, “We have a tight one here!”

    Ignoring Katie’s muffled cries of protest, Werner pushed his finger deeper. “A virgin!” he exulted, “We have a virgin!” His finger had come to a halt against Katie’s taut hymen. The very thought of deflowering such a gorgeous women brought him to full arousal.

    Frantically, Werner began to unbutton his pants. Ripping them down, he dropped his shorts revealing his massive erection. The sight sent a thrill of fear through Katie. It was not possible that such a huge member could fit into her. The scent of his maleness was strong in her nostrils, filing her with a dread like she had never felt before.

    “Mmmmpppphhhhh!” Katie strained at her bonds, her muffled cries of horror and apprehension carrying down the canyon. Werner reached behind her, steadying her thrashing body by seizing her muscular buttocks in his hands. Tears of shame, rage and frustration flowed from Katie’s eyes in an uncontrollable stream. “Nooo!” she thought, “This can’t be happening.” It was like some sort of bad dream.

    Katie felt the glans of Werner’s dripping penis rubbing against her labia, forcing them apart. She redoubled her efforts, heaving her sweat-bathed body in a hopeless attempt to prevent Werner from penetrating her. Her actions had the opposite effect. Since Werner had a firm hold of her shapely rear her actions served to push his large phallus into her. Werner aided the action by pulling hard with his arms.

    “Mmmpppphhhh,” Katie’s suppressed scream announced the fact that Werner had pierced her to a painful depth of three inches. He withdrew slightly and pumped into her again, sliding in and out of her tight vagina, each thrust taking him even deeper. He thrust with all his might, finding his struggling victim to be the tightest woman he had ever entered.

    “God!” Werner groaned, “You’re such a tight bitch. I need to loosen you up.”

    Werner withdrew and hitched up his pants. Opening his pack, he pulled out a small bottle of Schnapps. “How about a drink boys?” he said tossing the bottle to one of the men.

    The men holding Katie temporarily released her as they passed the bottle around. She tried to roll off the slab, but Werner placed a hand over her breast holding her down. “No, no,” he said, “I’m not finished yet.”

    Receiving the bottle back from the last man, Werner drained the last of the Schnapps himself. Then pushing Katie back down of the slab, he held the bottle to her vulva. “Mmmppphhhh!!!” Under her gag, Katie screamed in horror at what was to come.

    Using his weight to hold her in place and forcing her legs apart with his knees, Werner slowly pushed the neck of the two-inch diameter bottle into her vagina. Katie writhed and shrieked in terrible pain as the glass object was thrust slowly into her. Nothing in her young life had ever prepared her for so terrible an experience. Her massive breasts heaved and quivered as she sobbed in dreadful agony.

    Werner did not stop his bottle torture until he had pushed it all the way into her ravaged vagina, then he withdrew it. "That should loosen you up," he jibed.

    Dropping his pants again, Werner inserted his penis once more into the now exhausted woman. Katie was too spent to fight back. Her loins were wracked with a pain that she had thought unimaginable. Werner now found that penetration was easy. His large organ still found her pleasantly tight, but loose enough that he was able to push deep within her. “Remove the gag,” he ordered. “I want to hear her beg for mercy.”

    The strip of cloth was pulled from Katie’s mouth, but she was too demoralized and exhausted to scream. Instead, only a low groan escaped her bruised lips, followed by quiet but steady sobbing.

    Werner pumped into her furiously. “Do you want me to stop bitch?” he taunted. “Just say the word and I’ll finish.”

    “Y...Y…Y…Yes” Katie stammered. Her spirit had been shattered. She was ready to promise anything to end this ordeal.

    Werner pumped harder. With a flurry of deep quick thrusts he reached orgasm and ejaculated into her. His humiliation of the blonde beauty was complete. "Say please," he commanded as he finished.

    “P…P…Please stop…Please stop,” cried Katie, weeping uncontrollably.

    “As you wish,” replied Werner, pulling out of her. “Boys,” he said, “It’s your turn.”

    “Noooo, Nooooo!” begged Katie as Werner’s comrades seized her. A few seconds later she let out another piercing scream as the next man began to rape her.
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