Episode 2 Larra's Mayan Adventure - Chapter 14 Vengeance

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    The Adventures of Larra Court
    Episode 2
    Larra’s Mayan Adventure
    By L’Espion [email protected]
    Chapter 14 Vengeance

    Von Manstein awoke the next morning to the sound of tumult in the camp. He smiled to himself. It seemed that the two woman had made good their escape. A few minutes later a breathless Hans showed up at the tent flap. “Herr Doktor,” he panted, “The women are gone!”

    Von Manstein made a decision. Now was the time for him to take control. “Come with me, Hans,” he said. “And bring your rifle.” As Hans hurried to get his weapon, Von Manstein strapped on his service revolver.

    “Call the rest of the camp together,” commanded Von Manstein. Hans gave Von Manstein a curious look, but went off to do as he was asked. Within a few minutes the camp was assembled.

    Von Manstein gave a short speech. “For the last month I and the rest of you have had to tolerate Herr Schroeder’s incompetent and brutal leadership. He has not only shown no aptitude for command other than arrogant brutality, but he has now decided that it is the duty of a German soldier to make war on women. I know that you men do not share that point of view. That is the reason you were left here in the camp, rather than being taken on Schroeder’s mission of rape and destruction. I have decided as a veteran of the Great War to take charge. We will march after Herr Schroeder and see what we can do to atone for his stupidity. Is there anyone who is not with me?”

    His speech seemed to make the desired impression. He had judged correctly, and not a man demurred. “Good!” he said. “Arm yourselves and be ready to leave in fifteen minutes.”

    Twenty minutes later Von Manstein’s eight-man expedition marched quickly down the canyon.

    They encountered no resistance. As a matter of fact, they encountered no one at all for the first few hours of the march and they made very good time. Other than their weapons and ammunition, Von Manstein had encouraged his men to carry as little as possible in order to maintain a good marching pace and so they came to the tunnel into the hidden Maya city after only about three hours march. Readying their flashlights, they were about to enter when a commotion from within the tunnel made them hold back.

    A few seconds later a number of soldiers burst from the tunnel. They seemed to be in a complete panic and had thrown away their weapons. Upon seeing Von Manstein and his men they all crowded in close and began to shout and talk all at once. It took a few minutes to calm them down. When the men became coherent enough to speak intelligently, Von Manstein was astounded at their tale. It turned out that they had been routed by two women. Of course, their version of events was that they had been attacked by amazons supported by vastly superior numbers of trained troops. But Von Manstein knew that Larra and Katie had no supporting troops. For a few seconds he was dumbfounded. He had not expected Larra and Katie to go after Schroeder and his men. He realized that he had made a mistake, but was not entirely displeased at its outcome. Schroeder and his men were brutes and had gotten what they deserved.

    Reaching a decision, Von Manstein ordered what was left of Schroeder’s forces to report back to camp. Immediately one of the men, a man called Werner objected to the order. During the expedition, Von Manstein had come to know Werner. He was a man possessed of a bestial nature as had been shown by his brutal rape of the beautiful blonde.

    “Who made you commander, Herr Doktor?” Werner demanded. Von Manstein simply looked at him and Werner continued: “Schroeder is our commander, I see no reason why we should take orders from you.”

    “I can think of one very good reason,” replied Von Manstein, coldly. He had no time to argue with a fool like Werner. Calmly, he drew his Luger and shot Werner through the forehead. “Is there anyone else who does not care to follow orders?” Without a word Schroeder’s men began to head back to camp. Von Manstein’s men looked at him open-mouthed. He gestured toward the mouth of the tunnel and the party moved off. He doubted that anyone would challenge his authority from now on.

    Von Manstein was affected by the Mayan city in the same way as the three women had been. He was stunned that a lost civilization could exist intact in the midst of the twentieth century. He was also horrified at what Schroeder had done to it. Dozens of bodies littered the road into the city, most of them Mayan women and children. The Nazis had apparently entered the city and gone on an orgy of killing.

    Von Manstein ordered his troops to march toward the city center. Almost immediately, he became aware of a large number of Mayan warriors approaching him. He guessed that they had seen Schroeder’s men fleeing the city, and although cowed by the firearms the Germans had possessed were now in pursuit of what they supposed to be a defeated foe.

    Upon seeing Von Manstein’s little group the Maya came to a halt. They had seen what modern firepower could do to people armed only with spears and bows and arrows. Von Manstein saw that they were on the verge of panic. Calmly he called to them in the dialect of the Mayan villagers he had encountered while en route. He hoped that it would be a language they could understand. “My children,” he called “do not be afraid, I am not here to harm you.”

    His attempt at communication seemed successful. The Mayans halted their flight and gazed at him with anxious fascination. It took Von Manstein some time, but eventually he was able to convince them that he was not like the other white men that had attacked them, but rather that he was there to help them.

    It soon became clear to Von Manstein that he was much more effective when dealing with the Maya when he pretended that he and his men were gods, and that the violence inflicted on the city by Schroeder and his men was due to conflict among the gods. What he wanted now was cooperation, and he did not have the time to enlighten the Maya as to their illusions about his status. That could always come later. Right now he needed to know the whereabouts of Larra and Katie. He needed to know if they were still alive, and whether or not Schroeder or any of his men were still in the city.

    He soon determined that the Maya knew nothing of Larra or Katie. They only knew of the gods that had descended upon them, killing hundreds of their number. They had originally fled in panic, but with the cessation of firing had returned to see what had become of their city. Like Von Manstein they were horrified and disgusted by what the Germans had done. If they had not been so fearful of modern weapons, they would have taken vengeance upon any European they encountered. Von Manstein realized that it was imperative that he maintain his position as a deity in order to deter the Maya from taking any action against him, and he knew he could best do that by clearing the last of Schroeder's men out of the city. It would not hurt to find Schroeder as well.

    Von Manstein and his party advanced into the center of the city, accompanied by about 100 Maya. He was appalled at the carnage he beheld. There were bodies everywhere. Already the scent of decay wafted through the tropical air. Their route finally took them to a large palace near the great central pyramid that dominated the city.

    The rumbling of thunder heralded the arrival of a tropical downpour. As they approached the palace it began to rain. The palace would be as good a place to take shelter as any, and it was also a building that should be checked for any potential enemies. Turning into the courtyard of the building Von Manstein came upon a sight he would never forget. The open space was literally covered with bodies, mostly of dead Maya, but also of many Germans. There were so many corpses that it would have almost been possible to cross the courtyard by walking from body to body. It was a bloodbath that rivaled anything he had seen in the Great War.

    A number of bodies lay directly in Von Manstein’s path. He stumbled as he attempted to step over them. At that moment there was a sharp crack and a bullet tore through the top of his hat. Had he not stumbled the top of his head would have been blown off.

    Katie was almost beside herself. Larra had been gone almost four hours. She should have been back by now. She feared that she might have fallen victim to Schroeder and she knew what fate awaited any woman who fell into his unforgiving hands. She would have gone in search, but she did not dare leave Amy. The young woman had been put through a terrible ordeal and needed rest and care. Katie had seen Mayans filtering back into the city and there might also still be a number of Schroeder’s men about. And so she stayed where she was, becoming more and more fearful and anxious by the minute.

    Suddenly, just outside the entrance to the palace courtyard, Katie detected movement. A number of men seemed to be mustering in that area. She readied her Mauser rifle and waited. Within a few seconds she drew a bead on a tall German as he stepped through the entryway. Gently Katie squeezed off a shot, but at that moment the German stumbled. “Damn,” swore Katie to herself. If the man had not stumbled she would have hit him between the eyes.

    Von Manstein ducked back around the corner before the sniper had a chance to draw a second bead on him. He had been lucky. There was a neat hole in his hat. If he had not stumbled… But who would be firing at him? For a second he thought that he had been fired at by one of Schroeder’s men. But he instantly realized that none of them would have any reason to shoot at him. They had no way of knowing that he had taken command. Suddenly it came to him. From his hiding place he cupped his hands and shouted: “Fraulein Court, Fraulein Reddel, do no be afraid. It is I, Von Manstein. I am here to help you.”

    Inside the palace, Katie heard the German shouting at her. She recognized Von Manstein’s voice, but could he be trusted? Then she realized that the question was rather foolish. The man had helped her before. Why would he suddenly reverse himself and become her enemy? “Show yourself,” she yelled back. “I will not shoot.”

    Within a few seconds Von Manstein stepped out into the open, his hands empty. He advanced quickly toward Katie’s hiding place. Katie met him with lowered rifle, still not completely trusting him. However, after Von Manstein explained his position she decided she had to trust him. She briefly described what she and Larra had seen and done upon reaching the city.

    Almost incredulous, Von Manstein listened to Katie’s story. Two women had taken on over 70 armed men, and had routed them! It was an amazing tale, yet he had proof of his own that Katie was telling the truth. He had encountered Schroeder’s men running from the city.

    Katie finished her account by voicing her fears about Larra. “She has been gone over four hours, Herr Doktor, I fear that she has fallen into Schroeder’s hands again.” Katie could not force herself to believe that Larra might have been killed, but she was almost certain that something had to account for her long absence.

    Von Manstein explained that he had established what he hoped was friendly contact with the Maya. “I will ask the Maya to search for Larra. They know the city far better than any of us. If they encounter Schroeder and his men, they can send back here for help. Now, let me see if any of the medical supplies I have will help your friend.” So saying, he knelt beside the still sleeping Amy, who seemed to be in a state of complete exhaustion.

    Larra lay slumped beside the Chac Mool. Too ravaged to escape, she awaited Schroeder’s next pleasure. After a couple of hours the man stirred himself. He seemed to have fallen asleep, but Larra had been too badly beaten to take advantage of the situation. Being savagely raped twice in only three days was more than even her rugged constitution could stand.

    Schroeder stretched and yawned luxuriously. He looked at the beaten woman. He had not been completely asleep; any attempt by Larra to escape or attack him would have been dealt with, but he had been invigorated by his little rest. Not only that, but his penis was stirring once again as he gloated over his bound and naked victim. “It is time for the next round Larra. Perhaps I will not kill you right away after all. I think I would prefer to keep you as my whore. You are certainly a more satisfying fuck than any whore I have known.”

    He removed the gag and yanked Larra to her feet. This simple action brought excruciating pain. “Aaahhh!” she cried.

    “Still a little sore are we? Well don’t worry, I will soon break you in. I think we should go back downstairs though. It is a little more private in there and besides, I want to pick up that skull.” Dragging Larra by her bound arms, Schroeder marched the moaning woman toward the interior stairway. Larra’s loins burned with every step. It was as if she had been filled with broken glass. Schroeder noted with satisfaction that she walked bow-legged.

    “H…Ha…Haven’t you had enough fun?” Larra stammered. “You’ve proven that you can beat a woman. Why don’t you let me go?”

    Schroeder liked to hear Larra plead with him. It gave him a real sense of superiority to have this beautiful, exotic, and highly educated woman at his mercy. He decided to lead her on. “I might consent to your release if you beg hard enough, but I will have to hear more than that.”

    Larra swallowed her pride. “Please let me go. I can’t do you any more harm.”

    “I mean beg. That wasn’t begging. That was merely a polite request. Get on your knees and show me that I am the boss.”

    Larra gave a convulsive sob. She dropped to her knees. She was about to beg Schroeder forgiveness, when the cruel look on his arrogant face stopped her. She could not give in to this brute. He was simple mocking her, leading her on to complete degradation. She would not do it. “Go to Hell,” she said quietly and clearly.

    Schroeder was taken aback and then angered. “Have it your way you Jap bitch!”

    “Ooohhh!” Grabbing her long braid he hauled her to her feet, and ignoring her protests and cries of pain he frog-marched her down the stairway, holding her by her braid and her wrists.

    As they descended, it became steadily darker. Schroeder let go of her bound wrists and took out his flashlight. They soon found themselves in the skull chamber. “There it is,” said Schroeder, illuminating the skull with his flashlight. “It is even more beautiful than you are.”

    Schroeder pushed Larra to her knees. “Stay there,” he directed. Picking up the skull, he stuffed it into his pack. “Now that the altar is clear, it is time for you to make another sacrifice, Larra.”

    Grasping Larra by both arms he propelled her toward the altar and bent her over its stone surface, so that her inviting derriere was exposed to a possible attack. Her quivering breasts hung down the other side of the altar, rubbing against the cold stone.

    “Please no!” Larra begged. She was already in acute discomfort. The thought of being raped again had her on the edge of hysterics.

    Schroeder laughed. “Let’s see, shall I take you in the cunt or the ass? They are both so inviting.” He unbuttoned his fly, releasing his massive phallus, which rapidly stiffened into rod-like hardness. “Why not both?” Sizing Larra’s hips, he pushed the tip of his throbbing penis against the lips her tender vagina.

    This time Larra was not gagged. “Oohhh nooo! Aaauuggghh!!” The pain of Schroeder’s penetration exceeded that of all previous rapes. His penis forced her bruised and ravaged vagina apart once again. This time penetration was relatively swift and easy. Larra was not resisting any more, but her screams rent the night, echoing through the skull chamber.

    “Aaaahhh! Aaaahhhhh! Stop! Stop!”

    Her cries merely spurred Schroeder on, and he rapidly penetrated her to the limit of his huge phallus pumping in and out of the shrieking woman. He continued this for several minutes, and then withdrawing his dripping organ, he inserted it into Larra’s anus. “You are a little too loose for me, now. Let’s see if your ass is still as tight as last time. Ahh, I feel that it is!”

    Somehow, Larra found the strength to struggle against this violation. She was in terrible pain, but her fighting spirit was not quite crushed. She attempted to shift her backside away from Schroeder’s impaling penis. In her weakened state, however, her efforts amounted to little more than wiggling her buttocks, an action that simply excited Schroeder even more. Soon he was well into her tight anus and pumping mightily. Larra simply screamed and screamed some more. Between Larra’s screams and the excitement of his rape of the gorgeous explorer, Schroeder was oblivious to the forms that silently stole inter the skull chamber and quietly surrounded him.

    Schroeder gradually became aware that he was not alone. In sudden fright he pulled himself out of the wailing female and stared bout him, his eyes wide with alarm. What he saw terrified him even more. Clustered about him, armed with their primitive weapons were over twenty Mayan warriors. He was completely surrounded. Desperately, he tried to break through their slowly closing ranks. He was much larger and stronger than any of the men surrounding him, but their sheer numbers overwhelmed him. Within moments he found himself trussed up, his hands bound behind his back and loops of rope wound around his arms.

    For a few seconds Larra did not react. She only knew that Schroeder’s oppressive weight had been removed from her helpless body and that his massive penis was no longer torturing her. Several pairs of hands lifted her body from the altar. Her bonds were cut and she was stood on her feet. Immediately, Larra felt herself swooning. Hands caught her before she fell and she was lifted and carried toward the stairway. Before her a struggling Schroeder was being forced up the stairway by a dozen men. He fought wildly, but he was pulled along by several ropes attached to his arms and neck. Each rope was held by two or three men, so no matter how strongly he fought, he was pulled steadily in the direction the Mayan warriors wanted him to go.

    Larra was still quite dazed. She did not understand why the men carrying her had cut her bonds. Were they friends or did they simply think that she was not dangerous enough to tie up? Her mind was not working properly. She was still in severe shock from her experience at Schroeder’s hands or she might have figured out what was going to happen.

    On top of the temple it was dark. Evening had fallen, but the Maya had lit a number of torches and these blazed away, lighting the top of the temple in a flickering light. Over to the side of the temple platform several Maya commenced beating on large ceremonial drums. Their grim music boomed through the night.

    Everywhere Larra looked Mayas in ceremonial dress were moving about the temple area, especially in the area near the Chac Mool. Larra was carried to one side of the platform, where she was deposited on a low stone bench. Most of the Maya that had carried her left to see to some other ceremonial activity, and it appeared that she was not under guard. Not that it mattered; she was far too battered by her experience to attempt an escape. She would need several days of rest before she was fit for that.

    Schroeder was being held near the Chac Mool. He had been forced to his knees and eight warriors held him in place by hanging on to four ropes that were pulled in four different directions. His face was absolutely pale. Even in the uncertain light of the torches Larra could se that he was chalky white and strangely silent. It was almost as if he was expecting something horrible to happen.

    From the back of the temple a Mayan dressed in an elaborate headdress emerged. This man appeared less like a warrior and more like a priest. He was dressed in a tall headdress of green quetzal plumes and decorated with numerous gold ornaments. The other Mayans on the temple fell back to the side. The priest began an almost hypnotic chant which was picked by the Mayans on either side. The chanting grew louder and louder as the priest approached the Chac Mool. Larra saw with grim fascination that he was holding a stone knife in his right hand. The men holding Schroeder now began to drag on the ropes, hauling him toward the bloody sacrificial altar. Schroeder began to struggle mightily and shout in desperation as he was drawn steadily toward the terrible figure of the Chac Mool.

    “No, No!” he screamed. And then incredibly he began to call Larra’s name. “Larra, Larra. Fraulein Court, please save me!” Dumbfounded, and too weak to respond in any case, Larra simply watched the horrifying spectacle play out before her.

    ”NO! NO!” Schroeder shrieked. He was now lying on top of the Chac Mool, his back arched across its surface. His shirt had been torn open and his chest thrust up toward the priest who now hovered directly over him.

    The chanting reached a crescendo and the priest raised his razor-edged flint knife. Schroeder screamed something incomprehensible and then began to sob like a baby.

    The knife descended. “Aaaahhhhh!!” Schroeder gave a horrible shriek as his chest was cut open exposing his beating heart. Larra had to turn her eyes away as the priest reached into his chest cavity and ripped the still beating heart from his body. Schroeder jerked convulsively, as if he was still trying to escape and then went limp. Larra opened her eyes in time to see the priest carry Schroeder’s throbbing heart to a flaming altar and place it in the flames. Greasy black smoke boiled up as the fire sizzled around the offering and then she began to see black spots in front of her eyes and everything went completely black.

    When Larra awoke it was light. She was lying on a bed of cushions, and next to her was Amy. The young redhead was stroking her forehead. She tried to get up, but frightening pain from her vagina and anus made her desist. She fell back on the cushions. Amy turned to the doorway. “Katie, Herr Doktor, she is awake!”

    A few seconds later Katie entered the room followed by Von Manstein. They both knelt by her bed. “You should not try to move, Fraulein, you have been quite badly mistreated. Lie still and your injuries will heal more rapidly. In a few days you should be able to move around.”

    “Yes,” Katie echoed. “We all need to take it easy for awhile.”

    Larra tried to speak, but her throat was too dry. Amy held a gourd to her lips, and placing a hand behind her head helped her take a few sips. “I…I…have to get up…Schroeder, he…”

    “Don’t worry,” said Katie.” She held out her hand. In it was Larra’s ring and gold chain. Quickly, she fastened it around Larra’s neck.

    With a sigh Larra relaxed into the bed. She closed her eyes and almost immediately fell asleep.

    It took four days for the women to recover from their physical injuries. How long it would take for them to recover from the psychological wounds was another matter. It would depend on the mental toughness of each woman. Larra was gratified that she had prevented the Germans from getting their hands on the crystal skull, but she and her companions had paid a price for it. Also, Larra knew, they could not take the news of their discovery back to the outside world. To do so would be to completely destroy the society that they had discovered. Larra only had one concern.

    “Herr Doktor,” she said to Von Manstein, “What are your plans?” If the German archeologist decided to tell the world of his discovery, she knew that she could not stop him. She could not take action against the man who had saved her life.

    Von Manstein seemed to have been expecting the question. He understood what Larra was referring to. “It is probably not safe for any of us to go back to Germany. I betrayed the Nazis and the other members of the expedition are probably afraid to show their faces back home. The Third Reich does not tolerate failure. I cannot speak for the others, but I think I will stay here. And I will not make the mistake of the last European to visit the Maya.” He was referring to Faraje. Amy had told them of her adventures with the French archeologist. “I have spoken with the Maya high priest. He understands now that we are not supernatural beings, but simply men and women like himself and his people. He is willing to accept my presence and the presence of any of my men who wish to stay with me. It is an opportunity for me to study their culture before it comes into contact with the outside world.”

    Larra nodded. She was tempted to stay herself, but she needed to get back to her son. And she needed a period of recuperation from this last adventure. Wrapping her arms about Von Manstein’s neck, she gave him a hug and a kiss. The older man smiled in pleasure. Two days later Larra and her companions trekked out of the valley. They were on their way home.
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    It's a good sequel. The sidekicks add variety (and spice) to distress, even with Larra being in enough of the latter on her own. Again: Indy 4 has nothing on this skull story.
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    Thanks - I did a bit of rewriting, but most of the original is unchanged.
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    Yep, the ill-fated would-be divinity used to be called Gonzalez (he still is -- in a single Chapter 7 sentence :)).
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    Thanks for noticing that. I missed it even though this must be about the fourth or fifth time I have read it. I can remember changing it now because Gonzalez did not match the ethnicity of blue eyes.
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