Episode 2 Larra's Mayan Adventure - Chapter 11 The Rape of Wacah Chan

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    Episode 2
    Larra’s Mayan Adventure

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    Chapter 11 The Rape of Wacah Chan
    Amy awoke with a start. It took her a few moments to remember where she was. Then she recalled her predicament. Faraje was gone, but she was still chained. She moaned as she tried to move. Her loins still ached from the workout Faraje had given them the night before. She wondered where he was and where the servants were. There did not seem to be anyone around at all. She tried to struggle to a sitting position. Her wrists were still chained to her ankles and any movement was difficult, but after a number of tries she succeeded. The silence of the palace was eerie. She wondered if she should call out, but had no wish to be raped again and so remained silent. Perhaps if she were left alone long enough she would be able to get out of her chains.

    Then, from the outside she heard loud noises. At first she was not certain, but then it became clear. It was the sound of gunfire! A lot of gunfire! For a few seconds her heart leapt. Was it Larra come to rescue her? Then she realized that from the sheer volume of firing that it could not be Larra and Katie. Two women could not be firing that many weapons. This was verified a few seconds later, when a high pitched screaming sound followed by a large explosion shook the temple. Larra and Katie had no such explosive devices.

    Outside she could now hear loud screams and shouts, and the sound of a great many people running. The sound of the firing got closer and closer, diminishing in frequency as it did so. Then she heard the sound of heavy boots trampling in the outer courtyard, accompanied by many screams and shouts and a sudden increase in firing.

    Boots? That worried Amy, and she began to strain at the chains that held her. She was still struggling when a rush of heavy footsteps announced the arrival of several heavily armed men. They poured into the chamber and halted, staring in wonder at the helpless woman. “What have we here?” asked one of them in wonder. A hollow feeling descended into Amy’s stomach. The man was speaking German.

    The man who had spoken turned to one of the other men. “Get Schroeder, I think we have found something to interest him.” Then he addressed the rest of the men in the room. “Search the rest of this place. I’ll keep an eye on her.”

    All of the men except the one who seemed to be in charge quickly left the room. The one remaining man just stood there taking in Amy’s naked and helpless form. He licked his lips, but said nothing.

    Amy found her voice. “Please help me,” she pleaded, “I was taken prisoner by the Maya.”

    The man did not respond, he seemed to be waiting for something. A few minutes passed. Amy repeated her request. “Will you help me?”

    Before the man could answer there was the sound of heavy boots striding into the palace and a few seconds later the imposing and menacing figure of Schroeder appeared. “Well, look who’s here.” the heavyset German leered. “It’s the little bitch who spoiled my fun in Berlin, and she is all dressed up like a Hamburg whore. I think we have stumbled upon a little bit of fun eh, Kamerade?”

    Amy began to tremble, she did not like the sound of that. And she knew that she could hardly expect fair treatment at the hands of Schroeder. She tried anyway. “Please Herr Schroeder, can you not help me?”

    Schroeder glowered at her. “Oh, I think I can, Fraulein. I’ll help you satisfy some of my men.”

    Amy began to pull against her bonds again. Schroeder’s threat was unmistakable and quite terrifying. “Get her out of those chains,” Schroeder ordered. “They look uncomfortable, but put these on her.” Schroeder tossed a pair of handcuffs to the man who had remained with her.

    In a few minutes the man managed to unhook the numerous chains and belts that Faraje had bound her with, but just before he unhooked the last link he clicked the pair of handcuffs over her wrists, fastening them behind her back. He then hauled Amy to her feet. “Please,” she begged, “could you please get me some clothes?”

    “You don’t really need clothes in this climate,” the man joked. Then he added: “Anyway I don’t think clothes would fit in with what Schroeder has in mind for you.” On that note, he seized her arm and propelled her toward the doorway.

    Amy considered trying to fight it out. Her feet were free and he was just one man, but she hesitated and suddenly it was too late. She and her escort were out in the courtyard and it was filled with Schroeder and about a dozen of his men. She cursed herself for being indecisive. Now it was too late to try anything.

    All eyes turned to the naked woman as she was marched down the steps. A murmur of appreciation went up from the assembled men. Amy was horrified to see the bodies of dead and dying Mayan men and women strewn about the courtyard. It was apparent that the Germans had not been particularly careful about whom they killed when they seized control of the palace. With a shock Amy saw the body of Faraje lying in a bloody heap. He had been riddled with bullets, and had fallen among a number of his warriors and handmaidens. Apparently he had tried to defend his palace and the Germans had shot him to pieces. Pitifully, he clutched an antiquated revolver in one hand and a few feet away Amy’s own pistol lay on the ground. He had never had a chance against the well-armed and well-trained German invaders. Strangely, Amy felt no hatred of the man who had violated her, only pity. He had died defending his chosen people and they had obviously tried to help him.

    As Amy took in the bloody scene a German carrying a submachine gun rushed into the courtyard. “The city is secure, Untersturmfuehrer,” the man shouted. “The Indians have all run away.”

    “Excellent,” said Schroeder, “now we can get down to business. But first, a little recreation.” And he looked directly at Amy.

    Naked, handcuffed, and exposed to the stares of a dozen men, Amy tried to return Schroeder’s gaze as calmly as she could, but inside she was quaking.

    Schroeder caught her gaze. “We have a proud one here, men,” he said. “Let’s see if we can’t teach her a few manners.” Schroeder moved menacingly toward her and Amy did what she should have done earlier; she kicked him directly in the testicles.

    With a scream of agony, Schroeder doubled up, grasping his private parts in both hands. The man beside Amy grabbed her hair and forced her onto her knees. “Auggh, you bitch,” Schroeder gasped, slowly rising to his feet. “You will pay dearly for that. Spread her!”

    Several men moved forward and caught hold of Amy’s arms and legs. In a few moments, she was spread-eagled on the ground, with Schroeder advancing threateningly toward her.

    Frightened thoughts raced through Amy’s mind. She considered begging for mercy, but decided that would be exactly what Schroeder would want. It would make his violation of her that much more pleasurable.

    Schroeder, loomed over her and then slowly unbuttoned his trousers. “I would like to give you the same treatment that I gave your friend Fraulein Court, but I am in a hurry today, so this will have to do.”

    For a brief second Amy felt a surge of elation. Larra was alive! Then she realized what Schroeder had said, and her gut clenched.

    Schroeder had now revealed his erect phallus. In Amy’s eyes it was enormous. Even having lost her virginity, Amy did not think it was possible that so huge a member could fit inside her. She gave a frightened gasp that betrayed her fear. “Not so bold now are we Fraulein?” Schroeder gloated. Pointing to the stone dais that Faraje had sat on, Schroeder ordered: “Bring her over here.”

    Amy began to struggle as the four men carried her over to the dais, but she was completely powerless in their hands. “Hold her face down,” Schroeder ordered.

    Amy was bent over the stone, her firm breasts pushed into its hard surface. She felt Schroeder position himself between her legs. Desperately, she tried to raise her foot to strike at him, but he was standing too close to her. A surge of panic filled her as she felt him slide his erect manhood between her legs, so that it rested just under her vulva. His powerful hands fondled the cheeks of her tight ass. “God, he said, “I’d love to give these the same treatment as I gave to Fraulein Court.”

    Schroeder’s continued reference to his torture of Larra dismayed Amy, but she was also in great fear for herself as he began his assault on her.

    Schroeder moved his hands over Amy’s buttocks and swept them up to the small of her back. Then he slid them down under her armpits and seized each of her pert breasts. Amy cringed as his touch, and tried to move away from his grasping, squeezing hands. The movement, however, brought her womanhood into firm contact with the tip of his penis. Oh God! she thought.

    Franticly, Amy began to shift her well-developed derriere back and forth, trying to find some way to avoid what was about to happen to her. Sarcastically, Schroeder cheered her on. “That’s it, bitch, make it interesting.”

    Amy continued to struggle, almost crying in frustration and fear. Schroeder squeezed her breasts hard, and then pulled them down, as if he was trying to milk a cow. “Ooww!” she cried. Then, he released her breasts, and placing his hands on her hips, he thrust suddenly forward, driving his rigid member into her tight vagina. The force of his thrust pushed him past her labia and three inches into her tight love canal. “Aaaahhhaa!” Amy’s scream told it all. She had tried to suppress it, but the sudden pain caused it to burst from her lips without her bidding. “Oohh! Oohh! Oohh!” she cried at each further thrust, as Schroeder penetrated her still farther.

    “Ohh God, Please stop!” She shrieked, “You’re hurting me!”

    Schroeder played no attention to the redhead’s cries for mercy. He continued to push into the delightfully tight young female. This was ecstasy. She was even tighter than the Oriental bitch he had screwed the previous day. He was now a fully within her and her continual struggles were almost driving him wild. He shoved into her as hard as he could.

    Amy’s scream was deafening and the pain incredible. She couldn’t take much more, but Schroeder was far from finished. She screamed at the top of her lungs, but her assailant was merciless. He drove into her again and again until he had fully penetrated her. His excitement increasing with each thrust, he finally climaxed, spurting deep into the tortured woman. Then he withdrew, leaving the ravaged woman sobbing on the stone dais.

    Amy’s sobs soon turned to shrieks again, as the next man took his place.
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