Episode 2 Larra's Mayan Adventure - Chapter 10 Katie's and Larra's Reunion

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    The Adventures of Larra Court
    Episode 2
    Larra’s Mayan Adventure
    By L’Espion [email protected]
    Chapter 10 Katie’s and Larra’s Reunion

    Sobbing softly Katie huddled on the ground where she had been left after the last man had raped her. Her beaten, bruised and ravished body attested to the brutality of the treatment she had received. Werner stood over her gloating at her complete humiliation. “Consider this a first installment on your punishment, bitch! You will pay heavily for having killed two of the representatives of the Third Reich. Take her back to the camp,” he ordered, pointing to two of the men who had participated in her rape. “Make sure that you do not untie her hands.”

    Katie was too battered and exhausted to offer any resistance, but Werner was taking no chances. The two men Werner had designated stood her up. Katie could barely walk. Her ravaged vagina was incredibly sore and her body was covered with bruises where she had been pinched and beaten. Half-walking and half carrying her, the escort herded her down the canyon. The only tricky part of the walk was crossing the log bridge, where she had to be carried, but after that she was escorted slowly but steadily back towards the canyon entrance.

    It took three hours, but eventually Katie and her guards arrived back at the waterfall entrance to the canyon. To her surprise, Katie discovered that the falls was no longer there. The Germans had been able to find some way to remove it. Not only was the falls gone, but where it had been was a sturdily constructed bridge that extended across the pond that she, Larra, and Amy had swum across only a few hours ago.

    “Kameraden,” shouted one of her guards. “We have a prisoner!” This announcement stirred up the camp. Two dozen or so men came running, among them a tall man wearing a monocle.

    “Your prisoner seems somewhat the worse for wear,” the monocled man commented.

    “She attempted to escape, Herr Reichmann. We had to subdue her.”

    Reichmann stepped forward. He did not smile and his cruel lips had a distinct downward turn. “Tie her to that stump over there,” he said, pointing to cut-off tree trunk. We will build something a little more permanent for her, but that will do for now.”

    Katie slumped as she was hauled toward the tree trunk. She had reached the end of her strength. She had been forced to do without water on the walk back, as her guards had refused to give her any. Now she was on the point of fainting. “Please,” she moaned faintly, “water, water.”

    Reichmann heard her faint pleas. “Give her some water.” he ordered. “We may have to interrogate her later.”

    Katie was dragged up against the stump and fastened to it by tying a rope around her neck. Since her arms and wrists were still tightly secured, there was no way that she could get away. A pot of water was scooped from the pool where the waterfall had once rushed and brought over to Katie. The man held it to her lips, as she could not hold it herself. He held the pot so that just a trickle of water was available. “Drink slowly, my dear,” he said. If you drink too fast you will harm yourself.”

    Katie raised her eyes and beheld an older gray-haired man wearing wire-rimmed spectacles. He did not smile, but Katie detected an aura of humanity about him. “What was he doing among these ruffians?” she wondered.

    Speaking in low tones, he answered her unspoken question. “I am Albrecht Von Manstein, the archeologist on this expedition. If I had known what it would turn into I probably would not have come. However, it is probably lucky for you that I did.”

    “Von Manstein!” Reichmann shouted. “You volunteered to give her a drink, not engage in conversation with her. She has had enough. Return to you duties.”

    “I must go now.” Von Manstein said. “But I will watch out for you.” He gave Katie one final long sip of the water and then got up and moved slowly away from her.

    She was still thirsty, but had drunk enough to keep her going. Lying naked in full view of all of the men of the expedition was humiliating, but at least they seemed too busy to bother with her. She closed her eyes, trying to shut out the stares of the men as they went about their tasks. In a few minutes she dropped off into an exhausted and fitful sleep.

    She was awakened by the release of the rope around her neck. She was jerked to her feet and force-marched rapidly through the camp. Katie saw, as she staggered between the two men that supported her, that all of the tents of her expedition were still there, but that all of the Indians they had hired had fled. At least she supposed that they had fled. In any case they were nowhere in sight.

    Katie was dragged to a large cage-like structure. Just outside the cage, she was dumped on the ground and her bonds were removed, then still stark naked, she was shoved into the cage and the door padlocked behind her. The cage was completely devoid of any amenities. There was not even a place to hide behind to get out of the sun. By now it was dusk, however, and the tropical night was closing in. It would be a cold night she knew, without even a blanket to provide a little warmth. She huddled on the floor, her arms around her trying to keep her body heat in. Outside the cage she could see fires being kindled and soon the smell of cooking food came to her nostrils.

    Her stomach growled. Surely they would bring her something to eat. But other than the guard that remained in place outside the door, no one showed for quite some time.

    Eventually, when it was quite dark another man shuffled up. He said something to the guard, and they exchanged places. The new guard pushed something through the crossbars of the cage. Katie moved toward it and took it from him. She wasn’t sure what it was, but it smelled like a bucket of food. She had no utensils, so she ate by dipping her hand into the bucket and scooping out what was in there. It turned out to be cold cornmeal mush. It was not what she was used to, but by now Katie was famished and she greedily wiped up everything in the bucket. After she was finished, she used the bucket to perform one of her bodily functions. She hoped that in the dark the guard would not see or hear what she was doing. She did not deceive him, however. “You may have to use that for your morning meal, bitch,” he said. “I hope you enjoy your own filth.”

    Katie did not reply, but simply finished what she was doing and then lay down and tried to sleep. The ground was cold and hard, but she was so worn out that she dropped off almost immediately.

    A few hours later, she awoke shivering. The tropical night was not especially cool, but the ground drained the heat from her body and left her shivering with cold. Close to hypothermia, Katie shivered in abject misery. Then she heard a voice talking to the guard. She recognized it as that of the archeologist, Von Manstein. “Evening Hans, I thought you could use some of this.” Katie could see nothing in the blackness, but his voice sounded quite friendly.

    “Ah, Herr Doktor,” Hans replied. “Danke!” Katie heard the sound of a cork being popped from a bottle. It was obvious that Von Manstein had brought Hans something to drink. Probably something alcoholic. Hans swallowed noisily.

    “Have another,” said Von Manstein, in a hushed voice. Katie guessed that he was not supposed to be bringing her guard liquor.

    “Danke,” replied Hans. “I will.” Katie could picture him drinking again. Then she heard Von Manstein moving closer to her jail. “Don’t go to close to that one, Herr Doktor,” said Hans, “She killed Franz and Dieter.”

    “Yes,” said Von Manstein, “I heard about that.” He was standing right next to the bars of her cage now. Katie sensed him, rather than saw him. She heard a faint “plop” and then he moved away.

    “Well, good night, Hans,” he said. “Keep a close watch on her.” The sound of Von Manstein’s footsteps faded as he strode off. Hans sighed and settled into his watch.

    Stealthily, Katie crept across her prison. Chilled as she was, she could hardly move, but finally her hand touched a soft bundle just inside the door of the cage. Retrieving it, she retreated to the far side of the prison and quietly unwrapped it. First and foremost, the wrapping turned out to be a woolen blanket. It was not large, but it served to cover her shivering body. Quickly she draped it about her shoulders, feeling a strengthening warmth flowing though her body. Next, she discovered a pair of cotton pants and a cotton shirt to match. Trying not to alert Hans, she pulled on the garments. There was nothing else, but these gifts were enough for now. Feelings of gratitude poured forth from her towards Von Manstein. She wished that she could thank him for his kindness, but she knew that such recognition would prove dangerous for him, and in any case he was gone. As she fell into a much warmer sleep, she wondered why he had helped her.

    Morning dawned cool and muggy. Her blanket was damp from dew, but her pants and shirt were dry enough. Hans was gone. Another guard must have replaced him during the night. Katie had slept too soundly to be aware of the change. The camp was already alive with activity. There seemed to be some sort of major preparations going on. Looking about her Katie saw what had happened to the waterfall. It appeared that the Mayans had diverted the flow of a mountain stream to cover the canyon entrance. The clever Germans hand discovered this and had destroyed the dam, allowing the water to plummet down the mountainside farther on, and uncovering the entrance to the canyon.

    Katie could smell breakfast, but this time she received no food, although another German shuffled up with a small canteen of water, which he thrust through the bars. Katie drank it all, hoping that she might get a refill later. She was still quite dehydrated from her experience of the previous day. No one commented on her blanket or clothing. She guessed that each of the Germans supposed that someone had ordered that these items be brought to her, and no one thought to question anyone about it.

    As the day wore on, Katie became more and more hungry. She hung her blanket over the bars of the cage to provide some shade, and sat down in front of it waiting for someone to show up with some food. Eventually, her head drooped and she dozed off.

    She was awakened by a commotion outside her cage. The door was pulled open and a wretched figure was hurled into the prison with her. At first Katie did not recognize who it was, and then with a shock, she saw that it was Larra. “Oh, my God, Larra!” Katie cried, “What have they done to you?”

    Rushing over to her mentor, Katie took her in her arms. Tears sprang to her eyes as she beheld what she took to be a completely beaten woman.

    Larra’s once gorgeous body was covered with the evidence of her ordeal. Her buttocks and thighs were covered in red raised welts, and the rest of her body displayed numerous cuts and bruises, including two enormous black eyes, and swollen cut lips. She appeared to have really been worked over. At first Katie thought that Larra was unconscious, but then she saw that her chest was heaving, as sobs shook her battered body. “Oh. Katie,” she wept, “I’m so sorry.”

    At first Katie was confused. She thought Larra was crying with the pain of her injuries, but then she suddenly understood. Incredibly, Larra was apologizing to her for the misery that Katie had suffered. Katie realized that she too must still show evidence of her brutal treatment, and Larra felt responsible for what had happened.

    “Shush,” Katie whispered, taking her friend’s head in her arms. “You are not to blame. We will get back at these God-damned Nazis.” Gently, Katie stroked Larra’s battered face. And then grasping that Larra was still trussed up, she busied herself removing her bonds.

    Larra moaned as Katie untied the last of the laces that held her. She had been bound for over a day, and the rush of blood back into her extremities was excruciatingly painful. She tried to shift to a more comfortable position, and agonizing pain shot through her body. “Ohhh!” she groaned. Her anus and vagina felt like they were on fire, and almost every other part of her body ached with some sort of minor injury.

    Katie massaged Larra’s wrists and arms, helping to restore the circulation. She arranged Larra’s body on the blanket, trying to make her as comfortable as possible. What Larra needed was rest, and food and water.

    The thought of food and water reminded her of her own predicament. Would she be left to starve and dehydrate in the hot tropical sun? “Hey,” Katie yelled. “Are you going to let us die? We need food and water. What the Hell is the matter with you? Are we of any use to you when we are dead?”

    The man guarding them just shrugged, but her shouting had attracted Reichmann. “You would be best advised to shut up,” he said. You two are to be tried for the murder of several German soldiers, and we have no reason to treat you well if you make trouble.”

    “We are to be tried?” retorted Katie. “That’s a laugh. We’ll both be dead in a few hours if you don’t bring us food and water. Perhaps you could explain that to Schroeder when he gets back.” Katie knew nothing of Schroeder’s intentions, but she guessed that the fact that Larra was still alive meant that he did not want them dead.

    Reichmann frowned. It appeared that Katie had hit the nail on the head. Schroeder did not want them dead. Reichmann turned to one of the men who was passing by. “Get these women some food and bring them a few buckets of water so that they can clean themselves up.”

    The man saluted and dashed off. A few minutes later he returned, carrying two large buckets of water. With him was another man, with a pail containing more cold cornmeal mush. The gate to the cage was opened and the buckets were set inside. Katie, by now quite parched drank deeply from one of the water buckets, and then cupped her hands to convey a few drops of the moisture to Larra.

    “Thank you,” gasped Larra, as Katie dribbled the water onto her swollen lips, “but I think I can get it myself. Then, showing amazing resilience, Larra forced herself to crawl to the water bucket and drink without assistance.

    Katie too was amazed. “God,” she thought, “this woman is tough.” She had thought Larra too badly beaten to be able to move at all.

    Larra took a little of the water and splashed it on her face, removing some of the sweat and grime that coated it. Then she dipped her hand into the cornmeal mush and slowly began to chew it. It was pretty unappetizing stuff, but not having eaten in more than a day, Larra was not inclined to be fussy. Katie joined her, and together they emptied about half the bucket. “We’ll save the rest for dessert,” Katie quipped. Just having Larra near her, battered as she was, had raised her spirits.

    Day passed into night once again. Larra and Katie finished off the cornmeal and drank most of the water. As the coolness of the evening descended upon them the two women clung together under the blanket for warmth. Katie noted that the guard was the same one as on the previous night, the man called “Hans.” She wondered if Von Manstein would make an appearance again.

    Lying together, Katie and Larra exchanged information. Both were limited in what they knew, but between the two of them they were able to develop a rough idea of what was going on. The Germans seemed to have stumbled on to something. What it was neither Larra not Katie knew, but the Nazis were very excited about it. During the day a large party of men had departed up the canyon, leaving almost no one in the camp except Von Manstein and a few others to maintain the base. Neither of them knew anything about Amy. The fact that the Germans had not caught her gave them hope, but also concerned them, because it meant that she might have been killed in the earthquake.

    A voice disturbed their whispered conversation. It was Von Manstein, and he was talking with Hans. “Why don’t you take a break, Hans?” he said, “I’ll look after these two. They are not likely to be able to get away in any case.”

    “Thank you, Her Doktor,” said Hans, “I’ll take you up on your offer.” Now that Reichmann was gone, the men tended to be a little less conscientious about their duties. Hans disappeared in the darkness and Von Manstein approached the cage.

    “I have something for you,” he whispered to the two women, “but you must make me a promise before I give it to you.”

    “What is it, and why are you doing this?” Whispered Katie.

    “I was a soldier in the Great War,” Von Manstein replied. “It was instilled within me that the German soldier did not make war on women, and did not debase and abuse those whom he had defeated. The conduct of Schroeder and Reichmann is a disgrace to the honor of Germany. I came on this expedition as its archeologist, but I see now that my leaders are more interested in rape and plunder than they are in archeology. Now,” he finished, “you must make me your promise.”

    “What is it?” Katie asked.

    “If you manage to escape, you must make sure that no harm comes to Hans. He is not like the others. He is a good man and I have no wish to harm him by helping you.”

    “You have my word on that,” said Katie.

    “And mine too,” said Larra.

    “Then take this, said Von Manstein, “and try not to make too much noise with it.”

    Katie reached out her hand. The object Von Manstein placed in it was cold and hard. She recognized it immediately as a file.

    Katie handed it to Larra. “This is going to make quite a noise on that chain,” she said.

    “Not if we don’t use it on the chain,” Larra replied. Larra moved to the back of the cage and began to slide the file back and forth on the ropes that held the cage together. “These are easier to cut, and the file doesn’t make any noise on them.”

    Katie found herself, smiling, despite the pain it caused her bruised lips. It had not occurred to her that a file could be used to cut rope. She had automatically assumed that files cut metal. She had missed the obvious, but Larra had not.

    It took only a few minutes to cut away enough ropes to spread the bars of the cage far enough apart that they could get out. Larra went first and then Katie joined her. “What now?” Katie whispered.

    “I really don’t feel up to a fight,” said Larra. “I think we should just get a few essentials, and then get out of here.”

    “Agreed,” said Katie, and followed Larra as she slunk off into the darkness.
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