Episode 1 Larra's African Adventure - Chapter 6 Prisoner

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    The Adventures of Larra Court

    Episode 1
    Larra’s African Adventure
    Chapter 6 Prisoner

    Larra’s head felt as if it was strapped in a vise. She attempted to get up and was almost overwhelmed by the flashes of pain that shot through her skull. She moaned and tried to rub the back of her head with her left hand. There was something holding her arms. Groggily, she opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was a dark-skinned foot. She tried to raise her head and then powerful hands seized her arms and pulled her into a kneeling position. Larra would have keeled over if she had not been held up. She tried to move her arms again. She could not. Gradually, as her head cleared she became aware of the fact that she was securely bound.

    A three-foot wooden staff had been placed in the small of her back and her elbows had been bent around it so that her wrists could be pulled to the front by a rope tied across her belly. To prevent her from slipping the wooden staff out an additional bond secured her elbows and upper arms to the staff. The result was to make her back arch and thrust out her gorgeous chest. Somehow during or after the battle with the black warriors her blouse had been torn open. Now her firm, beautiful breasts were completely exposed, her soft pink nipples hardening slightly in the morning air.

    Seeing that she was completely awake, the warrior on either side of her grabbed the end of the wooden staff and used it to haul her to her feet. She was then jerked along behind the warriors as they moved off by a rope tied securely around her neck. Forced along by the pull of the rope Larra staggered down the path, trying to keep up. Several times she fell, but each time was jerked roughly to her feet. Fortunately, their progress was not too rapid. This was due to the fact that the warrior whose knee she had damaged could only move slowly, limping painfully at the rear. Still, for the exhausted Larra, this march through the rainforest was another brutal ordeal. Soon her burning body was once again dripping with sweat. It poured down her forehead and into her eyes, blinding her. It formed rivulets across her chest and dripped from her exposed nipples. She was dirty, hungry, desperate for water, and aching from the ordeal of the last two days. In addition, she was completely helpless and in the power of strange men who were taking her to some unknown destination.

    Unexpectedly, the forest opened up. Before her the almost fainting Larra dimly saw a palisade. It appeared to be a large African village. As she was dragged through the gates she found herself surrounded by a horde of poking, grabbing black humanity. It seemed that everyone in the village wanted to touch her and to pull at her hair and clothes, almost as if the villagers did not believe she was real. Pressed by people form all sides Larra found herself staggering. Suddenly, through the crowd, she thought she spied a familiar face. Was it Tipu? The crowd whirled her closer and she saw that it was. Then there was a slight parting and she beheld Tipu’s head stuck on a pole! And beside it was another head, that of Alfred, her head porter, and then the head of another porter and another. Her horror deepened as she stared wide-eyed at the head of her maidservant, Nancy. Then a wave of darkness washed over her and then she knew nothing.

    When Larra awoke, she felt comfortably cool. She seemed to be in someplace dark. Someone seemed to be caressing her body. Suddenly, she was wide-awake. She tried to get up but found that she could not move. Her arms were pinioned at the elbows. As she struggled to rise she determined that a metal shackle had been placed around each of her arms, just above the elbow. Each shackle was connected by a short length of chain so that her elbows were pulled together. Although each shackle fitted her arms only loosely, a second chain ran from the center of the first chain to a leather collar around her neck. This left her unable to move her arms freely enough to get out of the manacles. Although it left her hands free her elbows were pulled tightly toward the center of her back, thrusting her breasts forward and making it difficult to breathe. She struggled for a few seconds and then realizing the futility of the situation she stopped and remained still. By this time she was able to determine that the gentle caressing that had shocked her into wakefulness was the touch of a damp cloth as it was passed over her body. She was being washed by a black woman.

    Her eyes had now adjusted to the dark and she was able to determine that she was inside a native hut. The wall seemed composed of the usual wattle and daub and the floor was of packed earth. She was lying on a bed of straw covered by a sheet of cotton cloth. Once again she attempted to get up. The black woman put down her cloth and helped her into a kneeling position. She felt her long glorious hair trailing down her back. Someone had undone her braid and had combed out her splendid mane. Now that she was in a more upright position she realized with a flicker of fear that she was completely naked except for her bonds. Her magnificent bosom heaved, her large, rounded breasts quivering slightly as she tried to shift into a more comfortable position.

    She found herself breathing quite heavily. She was panting like a dog as she strained to suck in air. She forced herself to slow her breathing, using her karate training to exercise control over her body. The black woman, who was almost as naked as she was, held a gourd up to Larra’s lips. Larra drank greedily. She was quite dehydrated. She emptied the gourd and then emptied it again after the woman refilled it. The third gourd she was offered was filled with something other than water. It tasted, she thought like warm milk, and she remembered that a staple food of many of the African people in this region was milk mixed with cow’s blood. Cow’s blood! Was that what she had just drunk? She didn’t care; she needed food to help rebuild her strength. Somehow she had to escape.

    With a shudder she thought of the horrors she had seen in the village courtyard. Poor Nancy. She wondered if she had suffered much before she was killed. The poor, innocent girl. She had done nothing to anyone and yet had been cruelly murdered. Larra vowed that if she ever got out of this mess she would do her best to avenge Nancy and the others of her safari.

    Right now though, it didn’t look like she was going anywhere. First she had to escape from her current predicament, provided she could escape. She had not yet been killed. What did her captors have in store for her?
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