Episode 1 Larra's African Adventure - Chapter 5 The Fight

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    The Adventures of Larra Court

    Episode 1
    Larra’s African Adventure

    Chapter 5 The Fight

    Larra looked about her. She was not sure exactly which way to proceed. One direction in the tangle of vegetation looked much the same as the other. However, her stomach was complaining vehemently. First she needed to find some food. Water was not a problem. Tipping one of the large leaves she drank greedily from the pool contained in the natural hollow formed by the leaf. Then she headed down the forest path keeping a lookout for anything that appeared edible. It was then that she became conscious of the gentle swaying of her breasts. Without her bodice they had no support at all. She unbuttoned her blouse all the way and tied it neatly just below her breasts. Her nipples showed clearly through the thin fabric, but it provided much more comfortable support than her bodice had.

    “I should have worn my blouse like this long ago,” she thought. “That is the last time I am going to be tricked into wearing some Victorian contraption.”

    He stomach rumbled. “Yes,” she said aloud, “I know. Don’t worry I’ll feed you.”

    Moving through the forest, Larra kept her eyes open for anything that looked edible. There were insects everywhere, but she was not ready for that yet. This was a rainforest. There should be some edible fruit somewhere. After a half-hour of wandering she came to an opening in the forest... The vegetation here seemed to have been partially cleared. She approached cautiously. Was the clearing man-made or natural? And then she saw it – a tall broad-leafed plant supporting what clearly appeared to be a bunch of green bananas. Larra threw caution to the wind. This might be a dangerous place, but if she did not get food she would soon be weak from hunger. The fear and exertion of the previous day had worn her down. Her hunger pangs overwhelmed her. She moved quickly to the plant and tore off a half dozen of the unripe fruit from the bunch that hung before her. Then clutching her booty she scampered back to the forest.

    She found the peel surprisingly tough, but with a little twisting she managed to break the end off the banana and took a bite. “Ugh!” she gasped. It was like biting into a piece of wood. Then in a flash of inspiration she realized that she did not have a banana, she had a plantain. And plantains had to be cooked before they could be eaten. Frustrated, she was not about to give up. She still had her little bow. She would make a fire. By this time Larra was not thinking clearly. She was thinking only of food, not her safety. Had she not been so hungry she would not have considered building a fire so close to what was obviously a forest garden.

    In five minutes she had her fire blazing merrily. In fifteen she was wolfing down a plantain. It was a bit scorched, but it was food. She felt a twinge of pride. She was getting good at this sort of thing. And then the four warriors strode into view!

    Larra leaped to her feet, mentally cursing her stupidity. All she had needed to do was move a little farther into the rainforest and she would probably have been safe. Now it was too late. The warriors were too close for her to run, and in any case they would probably catch her. She prepared to fight. The warriors advanced confidently on her. They saw only a defenseless White woman and expected no resistance. Larra was glad of their overconfidence. She would have the element of surprise.

    They came at her single file, the first warrior actually reaching out to grab her, making no attempt to defend himself. Larra struck with all the force she could muster. Her booted foot struck him dead in the solar plexus. He drooped without a sound, a look of pain mixed with stunned surprise on his face.

    Before the second warrior could react Larra had bounded past her first opponent. His shield was partly raised so she leaped high and struck him full in the throat with her right foot. There was the sound of crunching cartilage and Larra knew that he was dead. The warrior made a strangling sound as his eyes rolled up into his head and he staggered back to fall in a heap.

    Now there were just two, but they had been given a few moments to prepare. The third warrior fell back, raising his shield for protection and pointing his spear in Larra’s direction... His attempt to gain space, however, brought him into contact with the fourth warrior, who was still pressing foreword. That slight distraction was all the opportunity Larra needed. Still moving rapidly she struck again, not high this time, but low. The edge of her foot drove into the top of the third warrior’s knee. There was an audible crunch as the knee hyperextended. With a scream of pain the warrior collapsed, grabbing at his injured leg.

    Now there remained but a single man standing. His eyes wide in shock, he simply stared at Larra for a second or so. He could not believe what he had just seen. In less than ten seconds a feeble White woman had killed and injured three armed warriors. This could not be happening!

    He did not remain staring long. The she-devil (for that was what the warrior believed he was facing) was advancing on him. He held out his shield and spear in a defensive stance. He must not let her get near him.

    For Larra, the last warrior presented a problem. She knew she had to close with him as quickly as possible. If she did not he would likely take to his heels and run for help. Fit as she was, she very much doubted that she could run him down. At the same time, he was fighting her very carefully. If she moved in too quickly his wicked spear-point would disembowel her. And so she moved in slowly, trying to keep close and looking for an opening.

    She never saw the fifth warrior. At the last second she heard a slight sound behind her and then the butt of a spear struck the base of her skull and everything went black.
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