Episode 1 Larra's African Adventure - Chapter 16 Tragedy and Triumph

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    Chapter 16 Tragedy and Triumph
    Larra and James stared about them in alarm. They were alone in the strange and magnificent cave temple that they had discovered. Their friends were only a few feet away, but separated from them by a massive stone that they could not hope to move. Who or what had released the stone that had trapped them, and what other dangers threatened?

    The answer was not long in coming. A deep voice boomed out of the shadows. “So, White Witch, I see you have returned. This time you will not escape.”

    Larra’s blood froze in her veins. She knew that voice, and it filled her with terror. “Chui! He had survived!”

    A tall figure moved into the sunlight. “Yes, White Witch, I am still alive. But you will soon be dead.”

    Larra stared aghast at the impressive black man. He stood at least six feet eight inches tall and was powerfully built. Larra thought he looked somewhat more gaunt than she remembered, but he was every bit as menacing. The giant African beckoned, and a half dozen warriors, their spears raised menacingly appeared from out of the gloom of the cave.

    James and Larra moved almost together. In an instant Larra’s Browning was in her hand and James’ revolver was in his, but as they moved so did the warriors, and their deadly spears flew toward Larra.

    Larra dove to avoid the attack, firing as she moved. The maneuver would have worked perfectly, had her foot not slipped on a pool of water. She saw two warriors go down, dropped by her bullets, but a spear hurtled directly toward her. A blur interspersed itself between her and the deadly missile. She heard a sharp cry. It was the last sound she ever heard James make.

    James’ body lay on the cave floor before her, a spear projecting from his chest, and blood spurting from a massive wound. It was an injury that Larra knew instinctively no man could survive. “Oh no!” she screamed. “No, no, no!”

    James had sacrificed himself, taking the spear that had been meant for Larra, but he had paid for that heroic act with his life. Without thinking, Larra threw herself upon his body. All thoughts of defending herself were gone, she only wanted to help her lover. “James, James…,” she cried.

    Within seconds the black warriors were upon her. Chui’s powerful voice roared through the cave. “Do not kill her. Take her prisoner!”

    Larra found herself hauled to her feet, her arms held tightly by two powerful warriors. Larra was too dazed and grief-stricken to fight back. She heard Chui shout another command. “Her feet, get her feet!” Immediately, her legs were seized by two more warriors, and she was lifted off the ground, her body stretched between four muscular black men.

    Too late, Larra’s sense of self-preservation overcame her terrible grief, and she began to struggle violently. The warriors holding her were caught off guard. They had expected the weak efforts of a feeble woman and they discovered that they were holding a leopard. Larra tore her left leg free and thrusting mightily struck the warrior who had been holding it just under the jaw. The blow hurled him backward in a senseless heap. A fifth warrior jumped into the fray, managing to seize Larra’s ankle as she pulled her leg back for a second strike. His grip however, was not strong and Larra almost broke free again. Chui himself now entered the contest, wrapping his arms about Larra’s upper thighs and immobilizing her. She was now in the grips of five strong men. Contracting and expanding her body, Larra heaved with all her might. Her efforts actually pulled the mass of manhood back and forth. It was like trying to hold onto python. Still, the combined weight of her black captors slowly began to tell. Strong as she was, she could not continue to move over a thousand pounds of muscle forever. By now Larra’s struggles had resulted in her body becoming soaked in perspiration. The buttons on her blouse had been torn open, revealing a thin shirt that covered her brassiere. Both her undershirt and bra were so drenched in sweat that the outline of her inviting nipples could be seen through the fabric. Slowly, her struggles weakened until she lay completely still, temporarily too weak to move.

    Chui released his hold on the now quiescent woman. Moving toward the center of the cave he gestured toward the altar. “Move her into the light,” he commanded.

    The four warriors still holding Larra carried her to a spot just in front of the altar stone, which was raised about two feet off the floor. Chui then moved between Larra’s legs, which the two warriors holding her had pulled apart.

    Leaning over he leered into her face. “So White Witch, I have captured you again. And this time you will not escape.”

    Larra simply glared back at the huge black man. Chui pulled aside his loincloth. “Do you remember this, White Witch?”

    Larra shuddered. Of course she remembered! She stared with horrid fascination at the stump of what had once been a magnificent penis. Brutal memories of her rape at the hands of Chui came flooding back. In her desperate efforts to escape she had severed Chui’s sex organ, reducing the proud phallus to a pitiful stump barely four inches long.

    “I will pay you back for this. You will take a long time to die. Do you want to know what I am going to do?”

    Larra merely glared at him, meeting his taunting face with a steady stare. She was helpless, but her captors might make a mistake and that would give her a chance to escape and a chance for revenge. Revenge! Her thoughts turned to James and she almost wept. If she got out of this, she would certainly take her revenge!

    Chui continued his jeering monologue. “I am going to kill you as slowly as possible. First I will cut off your beautiful breasts, and then I will dismember your body bit by bit until there is nothing left of you but an armless and legless corpse.”

    Here Chui paused for effect. “And then, White Witch,” he continued, “you will die as I slowly pull your entrails from your body. I will let you keep your eyes and ears so that you can see and hear what is being done to you.

    Chui sneered at the helpless female. “But first,” he gloated, “I will let my men have a little fun with you.”

    Finishing his statement, Chui laid hold of Larra’s belt and unbuckled it. He pulled open her pants to reveal the lacy undergarments that covered her loins. Then, he untied her bootlaces and removed her boots and socks. All of his actions were slow and deliberate, drawing out the pleasure of humiliating Larra to its fullest.

    Moving his hands to her torso, he slowly unbuttoned the rest of her blouse, noticing in satisfaction, the tensing of Larra’s body as he undressed her. Larra willed herself not to struggle. She could not escape anyway, and would need all of her strength when the time arrived to attempt her escape.

    Her blouse was now fully open. Nodding to the men holding her, Chui watched as they pulled the blouse off each of her arms, dropping it on the floor. Chi next turned his attention to her thin camisole. His powerful hands simply tore it apart, revealing Larra’s prominent breasts which were still covered by her bra. Exclamations of wonder came from the men on either side of her. “So white, so white…” she heard them say, as they commented on the whiteness of her flawless skin.

    “Yes, she is so white,” said Chui, “but soon we will give her something to change her color.”

    The men holding Larra chuckled ominously, and Larra felt a growing cold in the pit of her stomach.

    Chui’s hands lifted the cups of Larra’s bra from her breasts and then with a powerful tug tore the bra in half, leaving her totally naked from the waist down. Cruelly, Chui took one of Larra’s breasts in each hand and squeezed hard, forcing the firm but soft flash through his fingers.

    “Ahh!” Larra gave a little gasp, but otherwise maintained control. She would not show fear or pain to this brute! For a minute Chui continued his torture of her breasts, waiting for some sort of reaction. Receiving none, he changed his point of attack and yanked her pants down and off her legs. Her lacy panties were now the only item of clothing covering any part of her body.

    Larra lay quite still, conserving her energy. She wanted to struggle with all her might, but knew that to do so would be to waste her strength. She needed to wait for the right time. Her self-control, however, was made more difficult by the obvious fact that the men on either side of her were completely aroused, their large phalluses pushing against their loincloths.

    Enraged by Larra’s calm demeanor, Chui tore her panties from her body. “Spread her!” her ordered, harshly.

    The two black holding Larra’s’ legs pulled her legs back until her knees were level with her hips.

    Eehhhnn!” A groan escaped Larra lips. The pain was excruciating, as her leg joints were almost dislocated. Only her incredible flexibility made it possible to move her legs to that position in the first place. Reaching up and giving Larra’s naked breast one more cruel twist, Chui stepped aside and motioned to the man that Larra had kicked. “Take her!” he screamed.

    The warrior that Larra had knocked senseless had now recovered. He sported a bruise on his jaw and an angry scowl on his face. Removing his loincloth he moved towards Larra’s exposed vagina. Her legs were pulled so far back that the lips of her vulva had been pulled apart. Taking her would be easy.

    Roughly the large black warrior thrust two fingers into her tight vagina. Larra gasped involuntarily. His fingers hurt immensely, as her vagina was completely dry. The black grunted in disapproval. “She is not ready,” he complained.

    “Make her ready,” Chui replied.

    The black removed his loincloth, and holding his phallus like spear, advanced on Larra’s exposed genitalia.

    Unable to control herself, Larra strained her body, attempting to move away from the warrior’s assault, but the other four blacks held her tightly. There was a chorus of cruel laughter as the young white woman attempted to avoid her fate.

    Larra tried to compose herself, but gave way to panicky struggles. Her bosom heaved and her large breasts quivered as she strove to avoid the advancing warrior’s massive penis.

    The black warrior looped his arms over Larra’s thighs and seized the cheeks of her backside in his hands, steadying her for his attack. “Oh God,” thought Larra, “not again!” She tightened her vagina. It was a trick she had learned when she and James made love. She had found that the increased tightness drove her lover wild and Larra had almost perfected the technique in the months she and James had been lovers.

    The black man’s huge sex organ pushed past Larra’s labia and encountered her constricted vagina. He went no farther. Try as he might he could not penetrate her. Again and again, he slammed his massive phallus into her. The pain was severe, but Larra denied him entry.

    Chui saw what was going on. Moving behind Larra’s assailant, he seized hold of both her ankles and pulled mightily, adding his strength to the thrusts of her ravager. The extra pressure forced Larra’s vagina open and the massive organ broke through.

    “Aaaahhhh!!” Larra screamed. “Ohh Noo! Stop!” The black warrior had penetrated her to a depth of four inches, before Larra’s tightness stopped him again. He then withdrew almost completely before thrusting into her once again.

    “Aaaahhhaaahhh!,” Larra screamed. The pain was intense. The black man was now plunging in and out of her with a regular rhythm, each time penetrating her a little more. Five inches, five and a quarter, five and a half … Each tiny gain was absolutely agonizing.

    Larra bit her lip hard enough to draw blood. She must not cry out again. She must not give them that satisfaction. “Uunnhh! She was in torment. Her breasts were now being mauled by the warriors holding her arms and legs. Her pretty pink nipples were pinched and twisted and her large breasts were squeezed mercilessly. It was hard not to scream out at such treatment.

    Eight inches, nine, ten… The black man rammed himself home, climaxing in a fierce orgasm. Almost immediately, one of the men holding Larra’s legs took his place, and the whole vicious story repeated itself. This time there was not as much pain, as Larra’s vagina was now wet from the ejaculant of the first rapist. Still, however, her tight vagina greatly excited her assailant. “Oh,” he exclaimed. “She is so tight. Like a young girl.”

    It was then the turn of the next man and the next, and the next. The last man was the worst. He rode her like a man breaking a wild horse. The men holding the young woman allowed her to buck and heave as she tried to escape the brutal ordeal, and the last intruder ploughed into her repeatedly, leaving her vagina raw and bleeding. In all Larra was raped five times. With incredible self-control she bore up through the ordeal, waiting her chance, but as the final assailant withdrew from her ravaged vagina, she was still being tightly held. The warriors that had captured her held a good deal of respect for her ability, and were taking no chances.

    Chui stepped forward once again. He was enraged by Larra’s self-control during the rape. Her occasional moans and cries had not been enough. He had wanted to see her scream and beg the way she had the first time he had taken her.

    “You are strong, White Witch,” he hissed, “but we will see how strong you will be when I cut away your breasts.” And reaching out, he clamped his huge right hand on her left breast and pulled it upward, stretching the delicate tissue as far as he could. In his left hand he readied a sharp knife, preparing to carry out his gruesome threat. Larra struggled once again, but was still helpless in the grip of the four strong blacks that held her.

    Larra smelled smoke, and noticed that the one black who was not helping to hold her had started a fire. Larra wondered at this until Chui explained. “I would not want you to bleed to death, White Witch,” he sneered. “We will cauterize your wounds with fire.”

    Larra blanched. It seemed to her that the end was very near. In only a few minutes her dismemberment would begin. She could only hope that she would give Chui as little satisfaction as possible and die bravely, but she suspected that Chui was right, he would soon have her screaming and begging for mercy. No one could withstand what Chui was going to do to her.

    Chui pulled a little harder on her already elongated breast. She felt the sharp point of the knife pushing against her soft white flesh. Larra broke out into a cold sweat and braced herself for terrible pain.

    Unexpectedly, there was a sharp crack, as of someone snapping a whip, and the warrior holding her left arm screamed and fell in a writhing heap. Then there was another crack and another. Each time, one of Larra’s captors cried out and fell to the ground.

    Suddenly Larra found herself lying free on the cave floor, while the remainder of the blacks, including Chui, fled in all directions.

    Larra slowly rose to her feet. The pain in her vagina was so great that she was hardly able to walk. Raising her eyes to the top of the cave she could make out several figures around the opening in the cave roof. One of them was one of the black soldiers who had accompanied her safari. He was holding a Mauser rifle, and Larra realized that somehow the members of her expedition had found their way to the top of the cave. Probably they had started looking for another way to get to her as soon as she and James had been trapped.

    James! Larra made her way uncertainly toward James’ body, blood running down her legs. She was certain that he was dead, but she had to make sure. When Larra reached James, she could see that there was no doubt that he was dead. The spear that had stuck him must have pierced his heart. His death must have been instantaneous. Kneeling beside him, Larra cradled his head against her naked breast and wept bitterly. The man who had consoled and revived her when she was at the lowest point in her life was gone. The man she had grown to love with a passion that surprised even herself had been taken from her. Larra was totally overcome with grief; the sound of her crying filled the cavern, as she sobbed uncontrollably.

    “White Witch!” The sound of Chui’s voice behind her startled Larra out of her lamentations. She turned to see him standing no more that five feet from her, spear in hand. “I see that I should not have killed the white man. I wanted to make you suffer, and if I had taken him alive you would have suffered as I tore him apart. Now there is only your death to appease me.”

    For a few seconds Larra crouched on the floor beside James’ lifeless body. Then an incredible rage filled her. It was a feeling that she had never had before. Before her stood the brute who had taken her virginity and almost broken her proud spirit; the man who had murdered her lover. She would take her own revenge!

    Chui stepped toward the defenseless beauty, his spear raised for the kill. With a surprising surge of energy, Larra leaped to her feet, jerking the spear from James’ body as she rose. She attacked him with such ferocity that Chui was taken completely off guard. Only with great difficulty was Chui able to prevent Larra from running him through. As it was he suffered a half dozen superficial wounds before he was able to counterattack. Larra was fighting like one possessed. Chui’s counterattack was beaten off with ease and she once again set upon him with a renewed ferocity. Again and again Larra’s spear point got past Chui’s guard, slicing into his dark flesh. Soon he was bleeding badly from a dozen wounds. Chui’s only option was to retreat and he was driven steadily backward. However, he managed to control his retreat so that he was able to slowly back up a narrow path that seemed to encircle the cavern. This gave him the advantage of higher ground and he was able to slow Larra’s onslaught. The narrower front that Chui now had to defend also helped him. Before, Larra’s great athletic ability had allowed her to move rapidly from side to side, making it very difficult to defend against her. Now she was forced into a frontal assault, which favored the defender.

    In this fight, however, Larra was not to be denied. Despite her terrible ordeal at the hands of Chui’s tribesmen, she fought as she had never fought before. It was almost as if everything was moving in slow motion around her. Chui’s feeble attempts to skewer her with his spear were blocked with ease, and she continued to penetrate his defenses. Chui was suddenly faced with the realization that he was facing death. For the first time in his life he felt fear. This she-demon advancing inexorably upon him seemed invincible. He could only save himself by continuing to retreat up the narrow path, but he knew that the path would come to an end sooner or later.

    By now, Chui and Larra were a good twenty feet above the floor of the cave. Chui was tiring fast. The White Witch seemed inexhaustible. She came on at him with renewed vigor. He knew he had to do something fast. With a speed aided by desperation, Chui turned and ran. His higher elevation allowed him to escape a spear thrust to the back and in a few moments he had moved several feet away from Larra. Then he turned and pulling back his spear he hurled it with all his might at Larra’s naked form.

    His strategy almost worked. His sudden retreat had surprised Larra, and as she scrambled after him, she let her guard down. Only her lightning quick reflexes enabled her to use her own spear to deflect the point of Chui’s spear away from her breast.

    With a cry of dismay Chui watched as his spear clattered harmlessly to the floor of the cavern. He was now defenseless. His plight, however, now posed a problem for Larra. Even bent on revenge as she was how could she kill an unarmed man? Chui’s cowardly act had actually worked in his favour. The burning hatred Larra felt for the black giant was not strong enough to overcome her moral scruples about killing someone who could not defend himself. As a result, she hesitated. What should she do now?

    Chui did not know what to make of Larra’s wavering. He was at her mercy. Why did she nor move in for the kill? He took a step back and stumbled over a large boulder. In an instant, he bent and raised the 100 pound rock over his head. He would see if the White Witch could block this!

    With a sudden shock, Larra realized her mistake. She should have finished Chui when she had the chance. She knew that she could not block so huge a stone with only her spear, and there was no place to move on the narrow ledge to avoid being struck. In an instant her position had turned from certain triumph to potential disaster!

    Chui shifted his weight forward as he heaved the stone toward the exposed woman, but as he did so, his foot slipped on the rock surface. Overbalanced by his effort he was unable to save himself and he toppled from the ledge and hurtled toward the cavern floor.

    Larra did not see him fall; she had hurled herself flat in a drastic effort to avoid being smashed by the huge rock that Chui was throwing. She only heard a startled cry as Chui toppled from the path, followed by a thump as the boulder struck the cavern floor, and then the most horrible scream she had ever heard.

    She scrambled to her feet and beheld an appalling sight. Chui had dropped some ten feet toward the floor of the cave, but his fall had been brutally stopped by a large stalagmite pointing up from the floor of the cavern. The tapered end of the stalagmite had pierced Chui’s anus, and buried itself in his vital organs. Screaming, he struggled to remove himself from the stone column that had impaled him, but his struggles only served to drive it deeper into him.

    Larra watched in horror as the black giant attempted to reach down and push himself off the stone spire that was ripping him open. Gradually, however, his struggles weakened, and his screams turned to sobs. Finally, he stopped struggling altogether. Larra’s second ordeal was over. Physically and mentally exhausted, she collapsed on the stone ledge and lay there weeping from exhaustion and sorrow.

    It took awhile for the other member’s of Larra’s party to break into the cavern where she was trapped. By that time she had recovered and had dressed herself in the remnants of her clothes. The other members of the expedition were all for returning as quickly as possible to Kampala with James’ body, but Larra knew that she could not go. Every step of the return journey would have been pure misery for her. She had to stay where she was and find something to occupy her mind. As a result, she stayed on for two months at the site, working diligently for up to twelve hours a day. She drove herself hard, finding some relief from her great loss in her work. Eventually though, nature seemed to catch up with her and she found herself becoming quite ill. Some days she was so nauseous that she could not get up until mid-morning. When the relief expedition showed up she allowed herself to be persuaded to head back to Kampala, where she could receive some medical attention.

    On the journey back her health seemed to revive. She often felt ill early in the day, but found that she recovered quickly after a few hours and was able to operate normally for the rest of the day. Still, the concern of the other members of the safari convinced her that she should seek medical treatment.

    The trip back was uneventful. Eventually Larra and her associates arrived back in the small colonial town, and Larra was taken straight to the doctor. She was given a complete physical, and the doctor performed a number of tests. Later in the privacy of the doctor’s inner office the physician announced his findings.

    “Miss Court,” the doctor said quietly, “You may be the most complete physical specimen I have ever examined. You are certainly the most beautiful.”

    Larra found herself blushing. “Have you determined what tropical disease I am suffering from?” she asked.

    “You are more healthy than I am,” he replied, smiling. “The only thing that is unusual about you is that you are three months pregnant.”

    Larra felt the room swirl around her and she fainted.
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