Episode 1 Larra's African Adventure - Chapter 14 The Recovery

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    The Adventures of Larra Court

    Episode 1
    Larra’s African Adventure

    Chapter 14 The Recovery
    Kampala, Uganda, January 1931

    Larra awoke in strange surroundings. For a brief instant panic seized her. Had she been captured again! But then she remembered. “No,” she thought, “I am safe. I have been rescued. I must be in the home of one of my saviors.”

    She looked about her. She was lying in bed under a mosquito net. The room she was in was well lit and a large ceiling fan whirred slowly overhead. Right next to the bed was a chair and sitting in the chair was a young black woman dressed in what looked like a nurse's uniform. When she noticed that Larra was awake, she jumped up and ran to the door of the room. “Bwana James, she is awake!” The girl shouted.

    Almost immediately a tall dark-haired white man strode into the room. Larra recognized him as James Allenby, one of the white hunters who had gone to look for her. “Thank you, Sara,” Allenby said to the black girl. You may go.” With that the young black woman left the room.

    Allenby turned to Larra. “Glad to have you back with us, Miss Court. It was touch and go there for awhile. You have been unconscious for several days. I trust that you are feeling better.”

    Larra was aware of how insecure she felt. James Allenby was a very handsome man. He was tall, tanned, and broad-shouldered with a narrow waist and large powerful-looking hands. Larra suddenly felt very vulnerable. It was obvious that this man had been close by throughout her illness. She wondered how long she had been under his care.

    Allenby answered the question for her. “I won’t stay long,” he said. “You have been in a state of delirium for five days. I expect you desperately need food and water. I just want to be sure that you are on your way to recovery. You are much too beautiful a woman to leave this world before your time.”

    Larra suddenly became very aware that she was lying in bed, too weak to move, in a strange man’s house. She also realized that she wasn’t wearing much more than a thin nightshirt.

    Summoning her resources, Larra was able to speak hesitatingly. “I...I think I’m alright...now. I feel very…tired.”

    Larra tried to rise, but fell back, too weak to move. Allenby rose quickly and went to the door. “Sara,” he commanded, “attend to Miss Court. She needs food and drink. I think a think broth and some tea would be the best things to start with.” He turned back to Larra. “Sara will look after you for now. I will look in on you when you have a bite of food and have had a chance to rest a bit more.” With that Allenby left.

    She remembered now. She had been with the white hunters on her way back to Kampala when she had suddenly taken ill. It had caught her completely unawares and had left her far too weak to walk. Her rescuers had carried her the rest of the way. She was still very weak. She let her head fall back on the pillow and closed her eyes. In a few seconds she was asleep again.

    It took a few days for Larra to recover from whatever tropical bug she had picked up. Possibly it was no more than a psychological reaction to her ordeal, but whatever the cause she was bedridden during that time. She had ample opportunity to ruminate on her experience. Her first archeological expedition had been an unmitigated disaster. Not only had she not achieved any of her goals, but she had been subjected to a humiliating physical and mental ordeal. When she had been rescued almost every inch of her body showed evidence of her hardships, being covered with bruises, contusions, cuts, scraps, and numerous insect bites. Small wonder that her rescuers had been skeptical about the story she had told them. But her most serious injuries were psychological. She had begun her safari filled with confidence in her own abilities. She had returned a shattered woman, her confidence gone, her usual self-assurance destroyed. She retreated into herself emotionally and became quiet and withdrawn.

    It was Allenby that buoyed her spirits. For the next few days he popped in and out of Larra’s room. He never seemed to be far away and Larra came to welcome his attentions. As food and drink restored her strength he was able to visit with her longer. Eventually, she left her bed and was able to go on short walks with him.

    Allenby escorted her about the grounds of his home. It was located near the edge of the dusty little colonial capital of Kampala, and offered some privacy. From time to time friends of Allenby dropped in for a visit, most interested in Larra’s state of health. Her return from the wilds of Africa had created considerable excitement in the isolated little town. It was not every day that an exotic adventuress was carried back into town after experiencing some mysterious mishap.

    Allenby understood that Larra did not wish to speak of her experiences, and did not press her on the subject. But he willingly conversed with her on any other topic that she cared to discuss. He was amazed at Larra’s breadth of knowledge and sharp intelligence. This twenty-two year old was not the empty headed female that Allenby had found most young women to be. The more he knew her the more he became enamored of her. “But,” he thought, “Larra had been under enough stress. She did not need his unwanted attentions at this time in her life.”

    Larra, on her part, found Allenby to be very good company. He was one of the few men she had met who was actually willing to engage her in intelligent conversation. He was willing to treat her as an equal rather than some sex object to be desired and chased. After recovering her strength, Larra had tried to leave the hospitality that Allenby provided, but he was able to convince her that there was no place in Kampala that offered the privacy and quality of accommodation that his bungalow did. She allowed herself to be persuaded and stayed with him, after insisting that she be allowed a few hours privacy each day. Allenby readily assented to the request, although his curiosity was certainly piqued. What was this mysterious, incredibly beautiful, and intelligent young woman doing in her time alone?

    Larra used her private time effectively. During her illness and convalescence her body and martial skills had deteriorated considerably. She was down from her fighting weight of 135 pounds to only about 110. Although, most men were still captivated by her wondrous beauty, Larra thought that she looked like a walking skeleton. She needed time and practice to restore her muscle tone and fighting skills. Every day she worked out for two hours. Her “dojo” was nothing more than an old tobacco shed, but it served to give her the solitude she required to practice her martial arts and build up her strength. Day by day she gained both weight and skill, improving her muscle mass and slowly renewing her combat skills. Allenby was astounded by the transformation in the young beauty. If he had been impressed by the loveliness of the young woman before, he was truly amazed now. Where before Larra had merely been strikingly beautiful, she was now a living goddess.

    By the end of April, Larra felt fully restored. Allenby began to show her the “sights” of colonial Kampala. There really wasn’t very much to show. The colonial capital was nothing more than an isolated backwater. It contained a few “watering holes” that were off limits to most “decent” women, and very little else. Still, Allenby enjoyed showing the lively young woman around the town. Not only did he find Larra physically extraordinary, but he also found her mental abilities to be equally impressive. She was fluent in several languages, including classical Greek and Latin, and her knowledge of antiquities was unparalleled. She knew more about the ancient past than anyone Allenby had ever met. She also had a quick wit and ready laugh. Yet, Allenby noted that she sometimes drifted into a somber reverie. There was something troubling Larra that was just beneath the surface of her sparkling personality.

    For her part, Larra found herself growing more and more fond of Allenby. She had never spent any time with a man before. All of her life had been dedicated to training and study. She had had no time for male companionship. She found Allenby to be quite different from any man she had encountered. Not only was he darkly handsome, standing over six feet two inches tall, but she also found him very kind, considerate, and patient. His knowledge of the people, wildlife, and geography of central Africa was impressive. She knew that he was the guide that she should have taken with her on her first safari, instead of trying it on her own.

    By May, Larra was well into organizing another expedition. This time Allenby had agreed to go with her and her safari would be much more heavily armed. Much of the equipment she needed had to come from Europe. Because of this she found that she and Allenby often had time on their hands. A good deal of this free time was spent in short excursions into the African countryside. Allenby was able to show off his considerable tracking and hunting skills, and although Larra was not amused by the wanton killing of animals, she was a willing participant in these trips, if for no other reason than to stay close to “James.” Both she and Allenby were now on a first name basis, having gotten over the awkward Victorian formality that had been the norm for the first part of their relationship.

    The fourth week in May was a special day in Kampala. It was the celebration of Queen Victoria’s birthday, even though by this time the Queen had been dead for over 30 years. As a result, there was a special gala celebration at the governor’s mansion in Kampala. As leading citizens, or at least celebrities, Allenby and Larra were both invited. For the occasion Larra had a special dress imported from Nairobi. By European standards, it was hardly haute couture, but it would serve its purpose. It consisted of a black, full-length, form-fitting gown that showed off Larra’s gorgeous physique superbly. It was cut low in front, with a V-shaped neckline that concealed only about half of her magnificent bosom. Her hair was piled high on her head, instead of being contained in her usual waist length braid. Setting off the whole arrangement was a simple gold necklace with a diamond pendant that further served to accentuate her beautiful neck and exquisite breasts.

    Larra found the whole affair rather dull. It seemed to be full of colonial stereotypes: the pompous major; the snobbish grande dame; and the stuffy government official. Allenby mingled well with the assembled guests, but he had been part of this social milieu for years. Larra found herself, surrounded by numerous ogling males. All of whom pretended to be eager to make her acquaintance, but who were really more interested in just getting a look at her dazzling cleavage. After awhile, she just wanted to leave. The evening wore on, eventually reaching a point where she and James could exit without seeming rude. They had driven to the affair in James’ rather worn 1913 Wolseley. The ancient car was serviceable, however, and it was able to get them back to James’ bungalow.

    The drive back was spent in silence. Larra seemed lost in thought. James sensed that she was a little depressed, but was unable to fathom the reason. Descending from the car, James escorted Larra indoors. He took her arm and led her to the door of her bedroom. “Well, Miss Court,” said James in an upbeat manner, “It is time to say goodnight.”

    Larra looked up a James. They were standing very close in the darkened house. James had dismissed the servants and they were quite alone. Gently, James took her hand in his and bent his head slightly to kiss her. Their lips met in their first kiss. Larra closed her eyes, at first enjoying the sensation. Then suddenly, he mind was overwhelmed by the nightmarish vision of a huge black man forcing his lips onto hers. Larra felt her gorge rising, choking her. Reflexively she turned her head away. The touch of James’ lips had brought back a flood of hideous memories. Confused, Larra found herself stammering an apology. “I’m sorry James,” she quavered, “I...I…”

    At first startled by her reaction, James realized that something was wrong. “It’s all right Larra,” he said quietly. “It’s all right.”

    “It’s not your fault.” Larra stammered. “Please forgive m...” At this point Larra burst into tears. Her composure disintegrated, and she wept uncontrollably.

    James said nothing, but simply placed his arm about her and led her over to the settee. There he sat her down and James gently held the sobbing woman, lightly caressing the back of her neck. After a few minutes Larra began to calm down. “Is there anything you would like to tell me?” James said.

    Larra took a deep breath and then almost immediately began to weep again. Between sobs, she gasped out the missing details of her story, the part of her adventure that she had been too ashamed to tell. She described how she had been captured by the savage Maasi tribe and held prisoner for over a month in barbaric conditions. She also told of her escape and her recapture and brutal rape by the cruel African warrior known as Chui, and how she had managed to kill him and stagger off through the wilds of Africa until she had met up with James’ rescue expedition. She was sobbing and gasping so heavily that it took her over an hour to give the details of her ordeal. After that, she wept hysterically, burying her face in James’ chest. All the time James quietly held her, continually stoking the back of her neck.

    Eventually, Larra seemed to cry herself out. Her voice still shaking with emotion, Larra pulled back from James. “Oh James,” she stammered, “I’m so ashamed.”

    “Ashamed?” replied James, “How can you be ashamed? You did nothing to invite such a brutal act. Your actions were heroic, not shameful.”

    Larra’s bosom heaved convulsively. “I was taken like an animal. I wailed and screamed like a frightened schoolgirl.” Her tears were flowing freely once again, seemingly flowing from some bottomless reservoir. The front of James’ shirt was completely soaked.

    James now understood that much of Larra’s trauma was due to the way that she had reacted to her brutish treatment. Somehow, she felt that she had not behaved as strongly as she should. He did not know how to respond. All that he could do was continue to hold her. Larra buried her head in the front of his dinner jacket, her body jerking convulsively as she cried. After a time her sobs subsided, and she simply clung to him like a frightened child clings to a protective parent. After awhile Larra’s deep regular breathing told him that she was asleep.

    Tenderly, James gathered the sleeping woman into his arms and picked her up. Silently he padded across the room, carrying her as if she weighed almost nothing. Entering her room, he lay her lightly on her bed. Like a father tucking in a daughter he pulled her sheets across her and turned to leave. He felt Larra’s hand on his arm restraining him.

    “James, don’t go yet,” she whispered.

    Larra pulled the powerfully built Englishman toward her. Her hands went to his chest. “Ah, James,” she lamented, “I’ve soaked your shirt.”

    “Not to worry,” he murmured. “It will be that much easier for the maid to wash.”

    Larra gave a small giggle. “Stay with me, James.” She breathed. And she pulled him toward her.

    The light from the moon was streaming through the window clearly illuminating Larra’s inviting body. Her tear stained face gazed up at him. James thought he had never seen anything so lovely.

    He removed his jacket and sat on the edge of the bed. Larra lay enticingly before him. James reached out and caressed her cheek. Pulling his face towards her with both arms, Larra brought her lips to his. This time she did not turn away. Their kiss was long and lingering. When it finished Larra’s hands moved to James’s damp shirt and began to slowly undo the buttons. Her mouth sought out his lower lip and sucked on it. James returned her kiss passionately, moving his tongue over her lips and then prying them apart and delicately entering her mouth. Their tongues entwined. This time no memories flooded back into Larra’s mind to block her desire. This was not like what Chui had done to her. That had been forced and brutish, this was joyfully mutual.

    James’ shirt was now completely unbuttoned. Still continuing their exploration of one another’s mouths, Larra pulled James’ suspenders from his shoulders and then removed the shirt from his body, leaving him naked to the waist. Her hands then explored his chest and shoulders, fondling his muscular body.

    James’s hands had been busy too. He had removed the pins holding her hair, and her glorious thick mane spread out erotically across the pillows. Removing his mouth from hers, he ran his tongue along her cheeks tasting the salt of her dried tears. At the same time, he unclipped her necklace and laid it carefully on the side table. Then he untied the top of her gown, where it was held in place behind her neck. Larra lay back on the pillows as James’ tugged down the top of her gown, revealing her ripe full breasts. A slight breeze from the open window played across her body, cooling her skin and causing both nipples to become erect. James continued to pull Larra’s gown toward her waist, and then lifting her slightly, he pulled it over her flaring hips and down to her thighs. This action revealed that Larra was not wearing anything underneath.

    Larra’s hands now strayed to the buttons of James’ pants. Her strong dexterous fingers unbuttoned them one by one. James stood quickly, took off his shoes and socks, and let his pants fall to the floor, leaving him clad in only his shorts. By this time a very prominent bulge revealed that he was fully aroused. Larra took hold of the waistline of his shorts and pulled him toward her. Their mouths locked again, in a long, slow, smoldering kiss. Larra’s hands were now moving slowly over every part of James’ torso, stroking his chest, shoulders, and back. She felt the great strength of his powerful body as it pushed against hers.

    James’ mouth and tongue returned to Larra’s face. She closed her eyes and he kissed each eyelid. Then, almost methodically he kissed every part of her upturned face, ending with her lips once again. As their mouths engaged James’ hands moved across Larra’s shoulders, his fingers slowly moving over her delicate skin. At the same time Larra’s hands moved to the back of James’ shorts and slid over his muscular buttocks. Slowly she eased his shorts down his thighs, revealing his fully erect penis. With a quick intake of breath, Larra wondered at the size of James’ sex organ. While not as long as Chui’s it was fully as thick. With a spasm of apprehension, she remembered the pain Chui’s giant member had caused her.

    James felt Larra’s body grow tense. He guessed what was going through her mind. Moving his hands to her shoulders, he began a gentle massage. As he continued to rub her body, he shifted his position until he was eventually behind her. His hands flowed from her shoulders to her neck and back again. Then her kneaded her back, using both hands on either side of her spine. Larra found her self being pushed face down onto the bed. She tensed once again. What was James up to?

    James straddled Larra’s body, began moving his hands the entire length of her torso, from her shoulders to her narrow waist in a full body massage. Larra had no idea where James had picked up this technique, but it felt marvelous. Gradually James felt Larra’s body relax. The stress left her body and she lowered her head to the pillows her breathing becoming deeper and deeper as she began to fall asleep.

    James continued the massage, but now his hands moved lower, gliding over her firm derriere, and then moving all the way back up to her shoulders. As his hands came down he moved them under her armpits, brushing the sides of her firm breasts. As he continued the massage James moved his hands into more and more intimate areas of her body. His fingertips slid over her nipples, which quickly became hard and erect, and then descended the length of her body to the sides of her pelvic region. As his fingers brushed across her pelvis, just above her pubic mound, Larra gave a low moan.

    She awoke. She had been having the most marvelous dream, a dream in which she was safe and warm and being loved by the most wonderful man. When she awoke, she found it to be true.

    Larra rolled over, and pulled James down to her once again. She could feel his hard penis against her loins, but this time there was no fear. They kissed, and their tongues explored one another’s mouths for several minutes.

    James began to move his fingers in circles around each of her nipples, moving closer to each aroused areola and then moving out again. Larra found the sensation almost more than she could bear. She longed for him to take hold of her teats and fondle them. Her breathing became more and more excited as his questing hands began to drive her mad with desire. Just when she thought that she would scream he moved his mouth full over the nipple and areola of her left breast, while taking the right breast in his other hand and stimulating the engorged nipple further. Larra gave a cry of rapture, and arched her back, thrusting her pelvis toward him.

    Supporting himself on his left elbow, James shifted his right hand to Larra's hard flat stomach. His fingers flicked over her perfect navel and then moved farther down over her pelvic region. Larra gave a cry of pure pleasure and arched her back even more. The sensations running through her body were so strong that she could only cling to James while he continued to excite her.

    James mouth moved to her right breast. He was now straddling her body, his erect penis lying on her stomach. His hands began to rove over her thighs, moving slowly closer and closer to her vaginal region. He removed his mouth from her taut nipple and kissed her again. Holding her back with his left arm he used his right to cup her pubic mound. Larra’s entire body shuddered and she pushed herself against his hand. Then he gently inserted his index finger into her moist vagina, rubbing it slowly against her labia and coming into contact with her clitoris.

    “Oohh! Oohh God!” Larra cried out involuntarily. James’ continual stimulation was driving her wild. Slowly and deliberately, James began to stroke her clitoris. With each movement of his finger against her clit, Larra moved her entire body, pushing into the touch. Her almost continuous moans were now interspersed with little cries of pleasure. She had never realized that anything could feel so good, especially after her previous experience with Chui.

    James kisses were now moving steadily down her heaving body. She was completely bathed in perspiration and gasping like a runner at the end of a marathon. Her legs had spread wide seemingly without her bidding and James’ mouth kissed its way down to her wet vagina. His tongue licked at the lips of her vulva and then penetrated to her clitoris. A scream of ecstasy escaped Larra’s lips; she could hardly contain herself. Grasping James’ head she pulled it toward her, allowing his tongue to enter her more deeply. James continued to perform cunnilingus on her while at the same time reaching up and kneading her swollen breasts. Larra’s moans and cries turned to impassioned shouts, punctuated by screams of sexual pleasure.

    Larra writhed in uncontrollable lust, as James rose to mount her. His huge throbbing phallus rubbed against her labia. Larra let out a little scream and awaited his penetration, willing to endure the pain in the madness of her carnal desire.

    James rubbed his penis against the outer lips of her vagina, slowly forcing her labia apart. Then he gradually pushed into her, moving slowly and steadily. Larra readied herself for the burst of pain she knew would accompany his taking of her body. As his penis made its deliberate entry into Larra’s sexual organ, James continued his stimulation of her clitoris, bringing Larra to a heightened state of arousal. By now he had thrust into her a full three inches, stretching her tight vagina. To her surprise, Larra felt no pain, only greatly increased pleasure. She now began to realize the true nature of passionate love. It was not a man forcing himself upon a woman, but an ardent joining of two consenting partners, engaged in the ultimate act of tenderness.

    James was now moving in and out of Larra, varying his speed, sometimes moving slowly and deliberately and sometimes moving rapidly with quick hard thrusts. Each movement of his penis took him deeper within her. Larra wrapped her powerful legs about his waist and pulled with all her might. She seemed to hear someone screaming uncontrollably, and then realized that the sound was coming from her throat. Her hands clutched at his back, her fingernails making long streaks as they cut into his skin. James, caught up in his own passion noticed nothing. He had never encountered such an astonishingly tight female before. The strength of this young woman amazed him as he felt her powerful body heaving with excitement beneath him. Larra’s impassioned cries now blended with his own, as he too began to climax. With a convulsive clenching of her vagina Larra reached orgasm. She fell back on the bed totally drained. The sudden sensation resulted in James reaching an explosive orgasm, and he collapsed on top off her equally exhausted. It was the most incredible sex he had ever had. He was amazed that a woman so young and untutored had the passion and power to create such an incredible experience.

    For a long time the two lovers lay in each other’s arms, too fatigued to do more than hold one another. Then they both drifted off to a deep and satisfying sleep.

    The sound of servants moving about outside the room and the smell of breakfast cooking awakened the lovers. James awoke first. For a time he simply gazed at the lovely vision cradled in his arms. Her thick dark hair spread across the pillows. He perfect breasts rose and fell in the gentle rhythm of sleep. Her honeyed lips were slightly parted and unbelievably inviting. James could not resist the urge to kiss her, caressing her lips with his. She stirred as she slowly awoke, and he kissed an exquisite pink nipple. Larra awoke languorously, feeling the pleasurable touch of lips on her body.

    “Ahh, James,” she whispered. “You have been my salvation.” And she took his head in her hands and kissed him with deep emotion.

    James moved his hand down to her inner thigh, and Larra immediately responded, taking his soft penis in her hand and squeezing it gently. Within a few seconds his member hardened once again. The next two hours were spent in a reprise of the events of the previous evening as Larra and James joined their bodies in a sexual frenzy once again.

    The next few weeks were spent in a state of bliss that Larra had never before encountered. She and James made love time and again. So infatuated were they that the start of Larra’s expedition was actually delayed by two weeks. Only the fact that James was going with her made it possible to leave. She and James worked on the preparation of the safari. There was much to do, but she and James kept on getting “distracted.” Eventually, however, they reached the day of departure.

    Larra and James were seated on mules, as were the other white members of the expedition. There were five whites in all, each one heavily armed. Accompanying them were fifteen black soldiers and 50 porters. Larra was dressed like the other whites in typical beige or tan hunting attire. The only difference was that she wore a light cotton blouse instead of a heavy shirt. Otherwise, the safari leaders were dressed uniformly.

    As the party set out James and Larra were riding side by side, slightly ahead of the others. James turned to Larra. “You realize the danger of this expedition don’t you, my darling?”

    “I should understand that better than anyone here.” replied Larra calmly, but she shuddered at the revival of suppressed memories.

    “There is a chance that we will never return, and I would like to give you this.” With that James placed a small box in Larra’s hands.

    Larra opened the box, filled with curiosity. Inside was a gold ring, set with a small diamond. She looked up at James, expectantly.

    “It belonged to my mother,” he said. “It was one of the few things that she left me when she died. I know that you are deserving of something much finer. But I could not think of anything I could give you that is so valuable to me. Will you accept it?”

    Larra was overcome with emotion. “James,” she stammered, stumbling over her words, “Are … are … are you asking… are you asking m… m… me to…to…”

    “Yes,” said James, finishing her sentence for her. “I want you to marry me.”

    “Yes!” she shouted. “Yes, YES, YES!

    Larra reached across the space that separated them and wrapped her arms around James’ neck, giving him a most passionate kiss, and almost falling off her mule in the process. The rest of the whites in the safari moved up around them offering their congratulations. Apparently James proposal was not unexpected, except by Larra.

    Larra placed the ring on her finger. She felt that her life was complete. She had never been so joyful. Her relationship with James had evolved into deep love. It was a part of her life that had been missing. She had never known her mother and her father had died when she was only nine. All her life she had been denied normal human relationships. Now her intimacy with James had filled that void. There was now meaning in her life beyond that of attempting to prove herself in the world of archeology.
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