Episode 1 Larra's African Adventure - Chapter 13 Larra's Revenge

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    The Adventures of Larra Court

    Episode 1
    Larra’s African Adventure

    By L’Espion [email protected]

    Chapter 13 Larra’s Revenge
    Too weak to move, Larra lay on the ground crying quietly. She had been completely subjugated by the brutal African. Blood trickled from her ravaged vagina. Her insides felt like they had been set on fire. She was still securely bound. Her struggles during the rape had merely served to pull the knots more tightly. Slowly she began to pull herself together. Crying would not bring back her lost virginity, nor would it help her to escape. Her natural resilience and toughness now helped her to recover. She had to think of a way out of this deadly situation.

    Chui lay a few feet from her, seemingly overcome with exhaustion. He breathed deeply and slowly and seemed to be asleep. Larra was sure that when he awoke he would kill her. Now that he had had his way with her, she would be of no value to him. She did not in any way imagine what Chui’s real plans for her were.

    An hour passed. Larra had still not found a way out of her dilemma. Her bonds had not yielded despite her best efforts. She shifted her body, attempting to move to a more comfortable position. There was something hard beneath her hip. Twisting around, she was able to bring her hand into contact with it. It was the little knife that Butterfly had given her! Chui had tossed it on the ground after slashing off her clothes.

    Chui was beginning to stir. Larra sat up and forced her free hand behind her back. Bound at the elbows she had little freedom of movement, but she could move her arms enough to bring the blade of the knife into contact with the strip of cloth that bound her. The sharp blade sliced through the cotton cloth easily. Larra felt her arms break free. However, Chui was now sitting up and looking directly at her. Larra kept her arms where they were, despite the fact that her prominent breasts were thrust out before her in a most inviting manner.

    “So White Witch,” Chui boomed. “I see you already ready to receive me once again.” He got to his feet and Larra saw that he was fully erect again. Despite herself a spasm of fear flashed across her face. She knew how cruel that instrument could be.

    Chui did not seem to notice that Larra had freed herself. He moved toward her, his massive erection bobbing slightly. “Yes, White Witch,” he gloated, “It is time to receive your punishment. I will ride you like a lion mounts a lioness. You will be the bearer of my children. Together we will make a new race of warriors, taller and stronger than any others. You will bear fine children.”

    With that, Chui reached down to seize her hair, intending to drag the helpless woman toward his bloated sex organ. At that instant Larra struck. Her left hand darted out and seized his immense phallus and her right struck with the knife. It was like cutting through a tough chunk of salami. The knife sliced through eight inches of the giant penis, completely severing it from Chui’s body. For a brief instant nothing happened and then with an incredible scream of rage and pain Chui stumbled backwards, clutching at what remained of his sex organ. Blood spurted in a great fountain from the severed root of his manhood, showering Larra with gore. In horror and disgust, Larra tossed the end of his shriveling penis onto the ground. Incredibly, Chui stooped and picked it up and attempted to reattach the severed member, all the while spraying blood in a wide arc around him. Then, still grasping the two separated parts of his once huge phallus, he staggered off into the rainforest, his high pitched shrieks rending the air. Gradually his cries diminished as he moved off and he became weaker from loss of blood. Eventually they ceased altogether.

    Larra watched him go in horror and relief. She felt sick at what she had been forced to do, but at the same time felt a certain exaltation that she had not been completely beaten. Despite being put through a horrible ordeal that had come close to breaking her spirit, she had triumphed in the end.

    Larra cut the bonds that held her ankles and struggled uncertainly to her feet. Her battle with Chui and her treatment at his hands had left her very weak and shaken. She found that she could hardly walk. Her loins burned with every step. It was obvious that she was going to be very sore for some time. Walking slightly bow-legged, she attended to gathering up her few possessions. She realized that she must be quite a sight. Her naked body was smeared with dried blood and covered with bruises and abrasions from her battle with Chui.

    “This won’t do, Larra,” she thought ruefully. “It’s not very ladylike.” Despite her predicament she managed a grim smile. She had to get moving, in spite of her weariness and her injuries. Chui’s tribesmen might be close at hand.

    Within a few minutes, she had managed to replace her loincloth, and by cutting up Chui’s discarded loincloth, she was able to once again fashion a crude halter-top. Picking up her spear, and tucking the small knife into her waistband, she was ready to move off. Chui’s water gourd still had some water in it. Thirstily she drank what was left and took the gourd with her just in case she should come across another source of water.

    She moved off through the forest, keeping to her plan of moving east and downhill. The trail she was on seemed to be better worn than the one she had been following. She took this as a hopeful sign. By now it was late afternoon and the forest heat was sweltering. Stinging insects buzzed about her and she had to step off the path to avoid poisonous snakes and scorpions on several occasions. Larra found herself tiring very quickly. Soon, she was staggering down the trail, rather than walking. A heavy rumble forecast the coming of the daily downpour. Soon huge drops of rain were splashing down around her. The storm soon built to a deluge as sheets of rain pounded the forest. Larra was too tired to even take shelter. She simply stood in the middle of the path and let the torrent wash over her. Opening her mouth she drank until her belly was swollen. Then she filled her water gourd simply by holding it in front of her. The water splashing over her body seemed to revive her as it washed her clean, rinsing away all traces of the blood and grime that had covered her. The storm passed and she felt cool and refreshed. Now, however, she was aware of the gnawing of hunger in her stomach. She was no longer dehydrated, but she was starving. The ripe fruit she had been carrying had been lost in the fight with Chui, and it had totally escaped her mind when she set off. She needed to eat, and soon. She also needed a place to rest. Night was coming and she needed some place to hole up away from the forest wildlife.

    Suddenly, she smelled smoke. She must be close to some sort of village or camp. There could be no natural fires after the storm that had just passed. Cautiously, she set off toward the smell. Within a few minutes she heard human voices. She went very carefully now. She did not want to get caught again. Slowly she crept through the forest. Now she was very close to the sounds of men talking. At that point, she heard a noise behind her. She whirled around and found herself confronted by a heavily armed warrior, but this warrior was carrying a Lee Enfield and it was pointed right at her! Larra was now aware that there were other men closing in on her from all sides. “Oh God,” she thought, “not again!”

    Her head began to whirl. After all she had been through to be so easily taken! As she swayed unsteadily on her feet, waiting for the inevitable attack she discerned a different sort of shape coming toward her. This one seemed to be wearing khaki and his skin seemed white. She heard a shout: “Allenby, come quick, I think it’s her!” And then Larra fainted.

    Larra found herself lying on a cot in a white canvas tent. Someone was holding something cool on her forehead. She turned her head and gazed into the eyes of a tanned blue-eyed white man. He was dressed in hunter’s garb and he was studying her intently. “Welcome back Miss Court, I trust you are feeling better?” He spoke with a clipped upper class British accent.

    Larra now recognized him as one of the experienced White hunters she had encountered in Kampala; one of those who had told her that she was foolish to undertake an expedition into the African interior by herself. Larra did not reply, she felt utterly exhausted. The hunter spoke again. “Don’t try to talk. I was just making idle conversation. You are safe with us.”

    At that point another white man entered the tent. “Ah,” he exclaimed, I see sleeping beauty has awakened.” The first hunter put his finger to his lips, cautioning the second man.

    “Don’t be facetious, George,” he said. “It is apparent that Miss Court has been put through some sort of ordeal. We should let her rest.”

    He turned back to Larra. “I expect you are wondering why we are here. We set out two weeks ago when your boys – or what was left of them – came hightailing it back into town. Luckily, George and I were just about to set off on a safari of our own. It just required a change of plans and the addition of one or two more armed hunters and we were ready to go. We never actually dreamed we would find you though. At least not this easily. Sheer luck I guess. Your lucky star must have been shining on you today.”

    “My lucky star!” thought Larra. It did not seem to her that she had been especially lucky, but when she thought about it perhaps she had. She might still be with Chui – and Chui might still be alive!

    She tried to sit up and found that she was completely nude, covered with only a thin sheet. She fell back on the cot, turning a most becoming shade of crimson. “Sorry about that old girl,” said the first man. “You seemed quite beaten up when we found you and it seemed best to clean you up and make you as comfortable as we could. We’ll get you some clothes. I believe that Ponsonby may be closest to your size.” With that the two men left the tent. Almost immediately a black porter entered and continued bathing her forehead.

    Larra gently pushed his arm away. “Enough thank you,” she said in Swahili. “Please get me something to eat.” The black attendant quickly left the tent. Larra heard some discussion outside and then a few minutes later, the attendant was back with a bowl of some sort of stew. Immediately behind the first man came a second with a set of clothes. Although she felt like upending the food bowl into her mouth, Larra forced herself to dress first, after waving away the attendants. Then she sat on the cot and tried to eat in as dignified and ladylike a manner as she could.

    She was about halfway through her meal, when she heard a tap on the tent post. “An English voice inquired: “May I come in?” A few seconds later a third white man entered the tent.

    “Hello,” he said, I’m John Ponsonby. You have already met Allenby and Carter. I’m just checking to see if you need anything more. We are going to turn in. We plan to head back to Kampala tomorrow.”

    “Another bowl of stew would be nice,” replied Larra. “And a night’s sleep.”

    “Righto,” Ponsonby replied, seemingly very cheerful. “See you tomorrow then.” At that he turned and left the tent.

    The next day, true to their word the white hunters broke camp and headed east. Larra was not allowed to walk, instead she was carried on a litter by two black porters. As the expedition made its way along the trail, the white men walked beside her and made conversation. Eventually Larra told most of her story. She left out the details of the rape, and Chui’s brutal ending, simply stating that she had somehow managed to get away from him. There was complete silence as she finished her recital, but she could see from the countenances of the men around her that they knew she was holding something back.

    Eventually, Allenby spoke. “You are to be congratulated on surviving so grim an experience. I’m sure I don’t know what I would do if I was captured by savages. But what are you going to do when you get back to Kampala?”

    Larra looked the man directly in the eye. “I am going to go back to the Maasi village,” she said. “I have some unfinished business there.”
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