Episode 1 Larra's African Adventure - Chapter 12 The Ordeal

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    The Adventures of Larra Court

    Episode 1
    Larra’s African Adventure

    By L’Espion [email protected]

    Chapter 12 The Ordeal
    Larra stared wide eyed at her captor. Her breathing was ragged and her magnificent bosom rose and fell with each shuddering breath. “Please, Chui,” she begged. “Why are you doing this? Is this the way of a Maasi warrior?”

    Chui did not answer. He simply stared at the ravishing white woman with undisguised lust. His eyes drifted over her perfectly formed body. Never had he beheld such beauty! He caressed her hair, feeling its unfamiliar softness. It reminded him of the fine pelt of a leopard. His hand then moved down to the flawless oval face, gently stroking Larra’s high cheekbones. Larra attempted to turn her head away from his molestations, her violet eyes blazing out at him with both hate and defiance. Chui reached behind her and seized her long braid, forcing her head to remain still. What spirit this white woman had! And how exquisite was her beauty! Her white satiny smooth skin was flecked with tiny motes of color. Chui had never seen freckles before and the delicate speckles that adorned Larra’s body fascinated him. Each tiny brown dot was so small as to be almost invisible and they in no way detracted from her beauty, but rather enhanced it.

    Chui’s fingers continued his exploration of Larra’s person. His hand swept over her pouting lips and proceeded to stroke her swan-like neck. He then used both hands to fondle her strong shapely shoulders, running his finger tips gently along her perfectly formed collarbones. As his caressing fingers swept lower, Larra once again tried to shift away from this violation of her virgin body. No man other than her father had so much as kissed her and now she was being subjected to the most degrading treatment at the hands of her black captor. Her attempts to avoid his attentions, however, amounted to no more than arching her back and leaning back on her haunches. This simply made her vulnerable body even more desirable. Chui simply moved closer, so that his knees were pressed against hers, and then moved his large hands over her firm high breasts. They seemed like ripe melons waiting to be picked.

    In spite of her efforts at self-control, Larra could not help letting a small gasp escape her lips as his hands descended upon the ripeness of her bosom. She attempted to lean even further back, so that her torso was almost parallel to the ground. Chui simply followed her by leaning his body over hers. Gently his hands kneaded her pliable white breasts. He gave a cry of astonishment at their soft firmness. Never had his hands fondled anything like them before! They were the breasts of a fully mature woman, but they were as firm as those of a fifteen-year-old. This was going to be most enjoyable. Well worth drawing out for as long as possible.

    A small cry escaped Larra’s lips, a cry that she instantly regretted due to the sign of weakness it indicated. She must remain strong, but she felt far from strong in her precarious position. She tried to sit up and duck her body beneath Chui’s questing hands, but the huge African squeezed down on her breasts, easily holding her in place. Now his touch was no longer gentle and his hands closed brutally on her twin mounds, squeezing out the flesh between his fingers. Larra stifled a low moan. She must hold out against this torture!

    Chui had pulled her body erect once again. Using his thumbs he gently rubbed her budding pink nipples, feeling them harden under his touch. Giving in to impulse, Chui lowered his head and took the nipple of her left breast between his teeth. Larra’s entire body tensed, but she was unable to move away from this outrage. Slowly, Chui ran the tip of his tongue over the nipple, stimulating it until it became fully engorged. Then deliberately he closed his teeth on the swollen teat waiting to see Larra’s reaction. Despite the wracking pain he knew she was experiencing, the helpless woman made no sound other than a slight intake of breath, and a further tightening of her body. Chi was amazed, any other woman he had treated like that had given way to hysterical screaming. This goddess made no sound whatsoever.

    Chui pulled himself away from Larra’s swollen nipple. He was now fully aroused, but he was in no hurry. He would take this woman in his own good time. Part of the enjoyment was drawing out the pain and humiliation of his impotent victim.

    He moved his hands down her naked torso, caressing her velvet skin. Her waist seemed incredibly small. As his hands ran over her hips he moved them to her shapely rear. He took one curvaceous buttock in each hand, marveling at their muscular firmness. Pulling her toward him he forced his own knees between hers, driving her legs as far apart as her bonds would allow. Larra fought against this intrusion, but her efforts were feeble. She was no match for the giant black warrior in her weakened condition. Still, Chui was amazed at her spirit. This woman simply would not give up! He had taken many women in his time and none had fought him this long. He was going to enjoy her final submission immensely.

    Moving his left hand to the small of Larra’s arched back; he moved his right hand over her hip, down her left thigh and on to the dark bush that concealed her pubic mound. Once again, Larra struggled, her breasts heaving with the exertion. Chui thought that he had never seen anything so beautiful and arousing.

    Cupping her mound of Venus, he located the lips of her vagina and inserted his large middle finger into the tight opening. Larra let out an inarticulate cry of protest and rose on her haunches, fighting the violation of her body. Her struggles were of no avail. Chui pushed his finger deeper, finally encountering her maidenhead. It felt as tight as a drumhead. Breaking through that barrier was going to be both difficult and enjoyable. He pushed lightly against it, gauging Larra’s reaction. Other than attempting to pull her pelvis away from his probing digit, Larra made no response. She had recovered her composure, realizing that the more she reacted, the more she pleased her captor.

    Chui withdrew his finger, and gently pushed Larra onto her back. He positioned his body in between her parted legs, his weight forcing them even farther apart. Larra gasped at the pressure being applied to her pelvic region. With her ankles still bound, her legs were wracked with pain. She gritted her teeth and awaited Chui’s next move.

    His face was now very close to hers. Grasping her long braid with his left hand, he held her head steady while he began to kiss her forehead and face. Larra tried to turn her head away, but Chui pulled brutally on her braid, forcing her head back, so that he could run his lips over her throat. With a feeling of revulsion, Larra realized that he was licking the sweat from her body. This continued for several minutes, with Chui’s tongue traveling down her neck to her upper chest and then returning to her face, which he licked like a dog. His tongue finally penetrated her ears and his teeth nipped at each earlobe. His questing mouth then moved back to her throat. He ran his lips along the line of her jaw and then moved his mouth to her lips. As he did so, he squeezed down hard on her left breast, all the strength of his powerful fingers crushing the yielding flesh in a sadistic grip.

    “Mmmmpppppphhhh!” A muffled moan escaped Larra’s clenched teeth. Chui’s painful grip on her breast was a warning of dire consequences should she attempt to bite or in any other way resist his unwelcome kiss. Steeling herself, she allowed the giant to continue.

    His kiss was surprisingly gentle. Larra expected him to mash his mouth on to hers, but he actually caressed her lips with his. Helpless to resist, Larra permitted him to go on. Chui now took her lower lip between his, tugging on it slightly. Then he moved his mouth completely over hers and pushed his tongue into her mouth. Larra was so shocked at this intrusion that she almost bit down on his questing organ, but she was reminded of proper behavior by a painful increase in pressure on her breast. Once again, she lay still.

    Chui’s tongue explored the inside of Larra’s beautiful mouth. Stroking her own tongue with his, and then running its tip back and forth along her perfect teeth. Larra felt as if her mouth was being raped, but could do nothing. She resisted the strong temptation to bite down. Any resistance of that sort and Chui’s vengeance was sure to be swift and terrible.

    Chui then withdrew from her mouth and continued running his tongue and lips over her face. He kissed her eyelids and ran his lips down her cheekbone and back once again to her delicate ear. Then, seemingly satisfied with his oral grooming, Chui lowered his mouth to her trembling breasts, licking them all over. He paid special attention to her firm nipples and tightening areola. Larra found to her shock and disgust that her body was being titillated by this attention. She was responding sexually to her molester despite her horror at the situation.

    Chui’s mouth engulfed the nipple of her right breast. At the same time his right hand squeezed down on the yielding white flesh of her left breast, massaging the soft yet firm tissue as if it was a rubber ball.

    The black giant’s tongue flicked over Larra’s pert nipple, constantly stimulating it. Then he began to suck hard on her breast, his large mouth completely covering her nipple and areola. Larra gasped, as she felt her blood being drawn into the tip of her sensitive teat. Chui kept this up for quite some time, alternating between her left and right breasts with his mouth and hands. By the time he finished Larra’s breasts were fully engorged. Chui had sucked so hard that tiny drops of blood had been brought to the surface of her nipples. Each continued touch on her now over-sensitized pink buds caused extreme pain.

    Chui knew that he was hurting her. That was part of his pleasure. But the only sign that his victim gave of the suffering he was inflicting was her heavy breathing, and a bright sheen of perspiration that broke out all over her body. What control this woman had! It would be such a delight to break her spirit! He intended to prolong her pain and humiliation for as long as possible.

    Larra flexed her arms, trying to find a weakness in the strips of cloth that bound her. So far Chui had merely humiliated and mauled her, but she knew that would not last. Sooner or later he would be too aroused and then he would have his way with her. She could not bring herself to use the word rape. The thought of being sexually penetrated by this beast was simply too frightening. Larra’s experience with men had been very limited. Since leaving Japan, her beauty had attracted a number of men, but she had always kept her distance. She had wanted no romantic entanglements. She had always expected that one day she would meet a man that she would be attracted to, but had thought that any relationship would be on her terms. She had never contemplated having sex with anyone. Now, it appeared, she was to be taken by force.

    The thought terrified her. She wondered what it would be like to be taken with her hands and feet tied, pinned to the ground by a violent and brutal captor. She almost trembled at the thought, but could not put the terrifying vision out of her mind. By now her entire body was covered with sweat, much of it generated not by heat, but by fear. As Chui’s hands molested her body she felt cold all over, and the pit of her stomach felt as if in contained a chunk of ice. It took all of her self control to stop herself from screaming and begging for mercy. It was especially difficult, as Chui began to work his way lower.

    Keeping both hands on her breasts, Chui continued to lick her shimmering body, moving his mouth toward her flat belly. Once there, he inserted his tongue into her navel, probing and sucking at the irresistible depression. All the while, he continued to squeeze her breasts and to pinch and twist her nipples. The pain he caused her breasts was almost unbearable. Larra suppressed a whimper, shifting her body slightly in an attempt to free herself. Chui grunted his satisfaction at the response. The White Witch was close to breaking!

    Removing his powerful hands from her breasts, Chui wrapped his arms about her wondrous thighs, forcing them even further apart and exposing the lips of her vagina. Chiu’s mouth was only a few inches from the opening of her sex organ. Larra fought against what she knew was coming. She knew that such resistance was hopeless, but she could not simply lie back and let herself be violated. But Chui was ready for the expected resistance. His arms clamped around her legs like vices, bringing his mouth into contact with her labia. Larra strained her powerful legs, arching her back even more than it already was. The effort forced her upper body completely prone and spread her legs even farther apart. Her resistance had actually made his defilement of her body even easier. Panting, she strained her arms in an attempt to break her bonds. Her large, trembling breasts bounced from side to side as she struggled. All of this was to no avail. Slowly, almost agonizingly, Chui’s tongue moved past her labia. Eventually his mouth completely covered her pubic mound. Then his long tongue plunged inside her vagina, licking and stroking its interior walls and stimulating her clitoris. Larra felt neither pain nor pleasure at this intrusion, but she did found it utterly humiliating.

    Chui took his time at this new activity. Shamed and frightened, Larra could only endure his attentions. She knew that her molester was attempting to arouse her sexually, but she was far too terrified to be stimulated in any way. She was aware, however, that Chui was providing considerable lubrication to her vaginal sheath. It would make her violation that much easier for him. She tried to relax her body, preparing for one final act of resistance, hopeless as she knew it would be.

    After what seemed like hours to the humbled woman, Chiu pulled himself away from Larra’s body. Rising on his knees before her he slowly undid the leather thongs holding his loincloth. As the covering fell away, Larra had to choke back a cry at the size of Chui’s huge phallus. It was a full twelve inches long, and as thick as her wrist. It seemed impossible that such a huge organ could fit inside any woman.

    Chiu studied Larra’s reaction. The slight flicker of fear that swept across her face and the increase in her rate of breathing openly delighted him. “Now, White Witch,” he gloated,“ I will make you a woman!” With that he seized Larra’s ankles and lifted her feet into the air, so that her saucy bottom was exposed. Then reaching between her legs from underneath, he forced them apart and pushed his arms, head, and finally his torso between her still bound legs. Larra found that her legs were now wrapped around Chui’s waist, exposing her sex organ to his massive erect penis! It was so neatly done, that Larra did not even have time to struggle. But now, she fought and bucked like a wild horse, attempting to avoid the coming rape with every fiber of her being!

    Chui let her struggle. He was really enjoying himself. Then, slowly he lowered his weight onto the woman’s writhing body. Gently, he rubbed the tip of his penis against the lips of Larra’s vagina. Larra’s wild struggles became even more frantic. She should have been completely exhausted, but from somewhere she found a reserve of energy and writhed and thrashed like a wild beast. But Chui would not be denied. He waited until Larra’s struggles subsided and she lay helpless before him her eyes wide with fright and her breath coming in the convulsive gasps of someone on the edge of complete physical collapse. She had fought as hard as she could and been defeated. Now she could do nothing but wait the finish of her ordeal.

    Chui continued to rub the tip of his penis against Larra’s vulva. Seminal fluid issuing from the tip was lubricating her still dry labia. Slowly but steadily Chiu increased the pressure. Larra panted, trying to hold back the scream that was building up in her throat. She could feel her vagina being gradually forced open to admit the massive organ. She was very tight and Chiu’s entrance into her vagina was not easy. But Chiu was in no hurry. He had all day, and he intended to draw out the pleasure of his deflowering of the trembling virgin as much as possible.

    Larra felt the glans of Chui’s penis penetrate the outer defenses of her vagina. To her chagrin she felt a tear running down her cheek. Her self-control was weakening, she was beginning to weep as the horror and degradation of the situation increased.

    Chui noted the tear with pleasure. He was beginning to tame this White Witch. Soon she would be begging like a little girl. He was now within her body and she was totally incapable of halting him. Ever so slowly, Chiu continued his assault. He seemed like an almost gentle lover, but his forced intrusion was causing Larra considerable pain. The size of his member spread her vagina to unexpected limits. All she could to relieve the pain was to move her already widespread her legs even further apart. Slowly, Chui began to move his penis in and out of Larra’s vagina, further stimulating his already swollen sex organ, and adding lubrication to her dry vaginal canal. All the time his thrusts penetrated deeper and deeper into her most treasured of physical assets. Finally, he reached her hymen, and pressed against the final barrier of her virginity. At this point Larra began to whimper, her tears now flowing freely, both from pain and the violation of her person.

    Almost against her will she heard herself begging Chui to stop. It was what he had been waiting for. Now his triumph was complete!

    “No!” Larra whispered. And then louder, “No! Please! Stop! She was now crying uncontrollably, her body wracked with great heaving sobs. Somewhere she found an untapped reserve of energy and attempted to twist away from the assault.

    Chui grinned maliciously and increased the pressure. His huge sex organ drove against her hymen.

    “No! No! Please stop! Please stop! No! No!” Larra begged. “Nooo! Aaaaaggghhhh!!!!” A piercing cry burst from her lips as he broke through her hymen, taking from her what could never be restored. Larra was completely defeated.

    As tears poured dawn her anguished face, Chui pushed deeper, bringing still more pain. “Aaahhhaaaa!!” Larra’s mouth opened in torment, her features distorted by the intense agony of the rape. In fact her deflowering was made worse not only by the mammoth size of Chui’s sex organ, but also by the fact that her vagina was unusually tight, even for a virgin.

    Chui was now plunging deep into her with powerful controlled thrusts. The screams of his hapless victim merely served to excite him further. He would show this White Witch what true punishment was. He would draw out this experience for as long as possible.

    By now Larra was shaking uncontrollably, her entire body seeming to go into shock at her sexual subjugation. She was screaming and crying; all semblance of control gone. Her martial arts training had deserted her and now she was simply a helpless female undergoing the worst ordeal that a woman can endure.

    “Aaaahhhaahhhggghhh” Chui had penetrated his full twelve inches and was now biting down on Larra’s swollen right breast. It was more pain than she had ever known. She felt like her insides were being torn apart. But Chui was not finished with her. He delayed his orgasm for a full forty minutes. Ravishing her again and again, until finally she stopped screaming out of sheer exhaustion. Over and over again he rammed his engorged member into her, raping her bleeding vagina raw. And still he pushed deep into her, astonished at her tightness. For the final half-hour of her ordeal Larra lay quietly, weeping and moaning as her body was repeatedly punished. Finally, with a loud cry, Chui ejaculated, finishing the rape with his ultimate act of degradation. Disentangling himself from the whimpering, weeping woman, her tossed her ravaged body away from him and collapsed on the ground.
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