"Digital Render" or "3D Render" tag -- preference?

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Do you prefer "Digital Render" or "3D Render", and why?

  1. Digital Render

  2. 3D Render

  3. I do not have a preference

  4. Other

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  1. tastethewine The Fanciest [__________] [________]

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    I know, but don't get the case for calling it 'digital'. I think I know the answer but I would like to hear its advocates explain it. To me, the unique creative process implemented by the tools you describe, begins with an interface that allows the artist to model a scene in virtual '3d' before 'rendering' a 2d picture from it. 3d rendering.
  2. Shelly Spencer Fairy Nuff [________]

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    And I thought it referred to animals processing plants where people use their fingers rather than saws and such.
  3. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Sleepless Tea Addict ♥ [_____________] Author [Varied-Genre] aesthetic

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    @tastethewine The only reason I suggested it as "Digital Render" as opposed to "3D Render" was because unlike with "Drawing & Painting", which can take place either digitally or traditionally, rendering is only able to take place digitally. Therefore, I figured we could reasonably just classify it as a digital render. Honestly, it was just my first thought and what my brain thought sounded best at the time. The particulars of it as you stated sound correct to me, but that was the thought process behind my suggestion, if that helps. I am only a writer and sketch/paint artist, so I can't speak to those who use rendering programs and their opinions on how it works and what term they prefer, but I can say I take responsibility for the term "Digital Render" first being used here on the site because it was I who included it in the tab links and then got some feedback privately saying maybe I should ask people what they prefer because some may like "3D Render" better. At that point, I opened the this thread with the poll, and the rest is history.
  4. Shelly Spencer Fairy Nuff [________]

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    In fairness in the uk the following would be called a rendered house. It also would be 3d as well...houses are 3d, so it would be a 3d rendering.... but it is not a digital rendering.* :p


    * Actually as it is digital photo of a house that is rendered... I suppose it could be considered a digital rendering too... (this is getting complicated)
  5. The Darker Side New Member

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    Is irrilevant to me but maybe "3D Render" is more straight to the point.
  6. tastethewine The Fanciest [__________] [________]

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    Thanks for that.