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    "Well ladies! Here we are - finally I have you where I want you! It has taken quite a number of years but I have finally caught you both and I have devised a punishment fitting for all the years you have tormented the staff and students of this school!", gloated Miss Nadine.
    "I want you both to turn around and place your forehead on the desk, then I will administer your punishment!", ranted Miss Nadine.
    "Ooops!", thought Tenja and Angel.

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    Ignore my initial rating... It seems I can't do much right on the first try with my phone because I'm so clumsy with it. :XD:

    Anyway, this is a fun one! I never had a teacher who dressed like that, however. There is no justice in this world. >_>;;;

    I mean... *Ahem* nice work! :XD:
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    Thank you! I never had a teacher like that either! I guess I am just projecting fantasies into the past!:)

    I was hoping to have the picture as the main feature and link to this post from my gallery picture ala @TawnyT however, I ended up with the picture as an attachment. :(
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    You meant like this?


    With this steps it will work:

    1. upload your image like a normal image
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    3. Enter in your story-content following line:
    4. Replace "xx" with the copied image location and it should look like [IMG][/IMG]
    5. Submit your content
    6. Copy the Link location on bottom right after your content which looks like:      #3  Reply
           In this example right-click on '#3' and "Copy Link Location"
    7. Go back to your uploaded image and add to your description:
                                  [URL='XX'][Read more ...][/URL]
    8. Replace "XX" (excluding the apostrophe) with your copied link location. -> DONE
    Hope this helps ;-)
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