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    "It's time to relax, Slave 45367," Jasper said, once the hoover platform was in the air and he'd set the trip on autopilot.
    That's easy for you to say, she thought, you're not being shipped to the prison planet, Hades III, to serve your sentence as a sex slave.
    She couldn't see Jasper, since the manacles around her wrists were were being pulled down to her gravity boots by an energy cord that had been adjusted far too tight to be comfortable, especially with the wind blowing at her body and hair. But suddenly she could feel his gloved hand slipping between her legs. The prisoner pants that she was wearing had an open crotch that left her private parts completely exposed.
    "It's going to be a very long trip," He said as she shoved his fat finger inside her. "We'll have to find some way of amusing ourselves."


    "Stop," she cried, "You can't do this! I was your commanding officer."
    "Now you're just my prisoner," he said as he began to pump his finger up and down. "And I've been looking forward to doing this to you ever since I first laid eyes on you. That's why I planted those illicit drugs in your locker."
    "You? That was you?"
    "You might as well learn to enjoy it, Slave 45367. It's not like this will be the last time a man gets to play with your body." Now his other hand was squeezing the cheek of her ass and then another finger was forcing its way into the sphincter of her ass. "The trip to the spaceport takes nearly eight hours--so we have plenty of time to see how many times I can make you cum."
    "No, please! Don't do this; I'm begging you."
    "Consider yourself lucky they put this cage on my cock," Jasper replied. "Otherwise I'd be fucking you the whole way there. Unfortunately, too often the merchandise arrived damaged... but they haven't figured out how to stop me from using my hands yet--and although I expect you'll be pretty sore when you arrive, you wont be so badly damaged that they'll need to give you medical attention."