Dancing with the Devils

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    Time to pay up,” the red faced demon said with a grin.

    “Back Azriel! I command you!” Melissa shouted in a sudden panic, as the demon stepped across the magical barrier she'd meticulously created for her summoning.

    “You no longer command me, human,” Azriel said. “And I've come to collect my due.”

    “But you can't do that,” Melissa protested, “I haven't finished seeking my revenge.”

    “And my revenge is about to begin.” Azriel grabbed her by the arm and began to drag her out of the crypt (where she'd been working her vengeance for the past few months) into the pale light of the full moon. When she resisted, he pulled at her blue dress, ripping it from her body as if it was made of crepe paper. “Time for you to meet my friends—including the man you forced me to kill not that long ago. You might say he's died to meet you.”

    “But... you can't be doing this,” Melissa insisted, despite the evidence to the contrary. “How did you cross over my magical barrier?”

    “The symbols you drew are designed to create a physical barrier,” Azriel explained with a hearty laugh. “But you are no longer physical.”

    “What are you talking about?” Melissa screamed, as the other demons, who were waiting by the headstones began to scratch and paw at her body.

    “How ironic,” Azriel said. “You were using me to kill your enemies—but when the wife of one of your victims came to seek her own revenge, you didn't even notice when she put a bullet in your head

    Melissa was clawing at the demons herself—although her fingers didn't have the claws that theirs did, so her clawing was far less effective. “No!” She screamed in disbelief. “It can't be; I don't believe you.”

    “That's okay,” Azriel boomed, with a hearty laugh, as he joined his demonic companions. “We'll have the rest of eternity to convince you; and my fellow demons assure me that they have all sorts of evil things planned for your luscious body.”