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Are you interested in participating in some kind of event on Erolair?

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  1. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Professional Tea Addict ♥ [__________________________] Author [Varied-Genre] aesthetic

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    I'd like to open the floor to community members for ideas about events! This can be for any medium accepted on the site (visual, written, assets, etc.). We can talk themes, requirements, prizes, and anything else you're interested in! I'd like to see what our community is interested in, so that we can start hosting events several times a year to keep people excited and engaged.

    Keep in mind that these do not necessarily need to be contest-style setup. Perhaps all people who enter could just be in a pool to win prizes from or we could award some sort of prize to everyone who enters, that sort of thing. Also, a note, I can make temporary or permanent ranks for participants or winners. So, for example, if I wanted to give out a certain feature on the site for a year to people who participated, I could make a rank with that feature and award it to all people who participated for the appropriate duration.

    Permanent ranks are always possible. Get creative! I want to see what you are all interested in! :meowlove:

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  2. Kevlar31 Active Member

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    What about different holiday times?
    Easter (too late this year) - with Easter themed competition, including all genres, the same for Halloween, Xmas and my Birthday (joking - Punkae's Birthday).
    International BDSM day? (is there one? If not ...)
    Valentines Day?
    International Futanari Day? (Again is there one? If not ...)