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    I'm Gerson Andrade, but can call me as Hasen. And I'm open to commissions,
    Sketch or Line art for NSFW (Ecchi, Hentai....) commissions or SFW.
    Can draw Hentai or Ecchi, nothing gore (but can Violence, like spanking, choke, brutal, rape...)
    BDSM is fine too.
    Work with any fandom, unless child and Kids.
    Can be OCs, real persons, with permission =)

    Can make Lineart Only ($10)
    Shadowed ($15)
    Full Colored ($35) 1 or 2 charactes, same price ;)

    For more than 3 jobs, I'll make a good discount for you ;)
    Here I'll post some exemples for you.
    One is just lines, shadowed, real person and full colored!
    Contact me here with PM, answering this post or via email:
    [email protected]

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