Casey at the Bat

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    Mudville wanted a rematch for its honor
    of that long ago fateful day.
    but they had few offers to play.
    until one really good team gave this offer

    Mudville would have only naked females
    hobbled and chained by iron with rust,
    their team number branded on each butt.
    and would win if just one scored off a male.

    By the ninth the score was one hundred to none,
    and the opposition had pulled its outfielders.
    and Mudville had only one remaining lass,
    for the others had been beaned in a breast,
    or tripped rounding a base by a male's best
    for the lengthy humping of her cute ass.
    And though the crowd enjoyed this,
    it wasn't winning the day, was it?

    The home crowd despaired,
    the game was over, time to go.
    it did not matter
    how well she looked bare,
    for Casey was related to that batter
    that had been so bad so long ago.

    She took the first pitch inside,
    that brushed along one nip for a strike.
    then the next pitch hit the plate
    and wedged up between her thighs.

    "Ball one", the call was made
    and the ump took the ball away
    and checked it out for a substance
    and put it in his pocket to relish another day.

    She stood there without shame,
    nor panic, nor even a hint of batting skill.
    for the next ball was straight as an arrow
    and the bat on her shoulder did not waver.

    The crowd gave out a shout
    "at least swing and strike out
    just like your great ancestor had."
    One hundred pound Casey got mad.
    and shook her cute ass and heaved her cute tits
    offering the pitcher something to hit.

    Casey swung as hard as she could.
    and out to first and also to third
    went the splintered wood.
    Not a sound from the crowd was heard
    as they rose and solemnly stood
    as the ball sailed out long in center field.

    Casey wavered for a moment then ran.
    Her hobbled feet in four inch stridings
    she seemed in motion so slow
    though her cute breasts were jauntily bouncing.

    The crowd gasped from the grandstand.
    tinker, and chance, and evans ran out
    colliding as each reached for the ball.

    The ball was not thrown in from center field
    until Casey was rounding third for home,
    where three awaited her and the ball.
    She sped her turtle's pace
    until a glove caught her face
    and another punched hard into a breast
    and another launched a jab to her nest.

    She fell in an awkward heap
    as the three were determined to tag her
    if not with the baseball,
    then with the bats they held between their balls.
    The pitcher pitched to her home,
    the catcher in the back of her home
    and the third baseman to what was left to yield.

    With five hundred pounds in or on her,
    there would be no redemption of Mudville's honor.

    Somewhere bookies are happy faced,
    but in Mudville they are in a slump.

    The entire town stood shocked in place.
    for standing beside the humping lump was the ump
    who scratched his head as if stumped,
    then peered down and saw it close.

    "Safe" was the call, since no one had the ball.
    And Casey, though vigorously rocked by the three,
    had managed to touch home plate with her nose.
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    I love it. Your sense of humor and ability to paint a vivid image with words are awesome, as always. :XD: