Captured Cop

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    From a role play story about an off duty cop who got a little too nosy, and stumbled into a Madam's playroom....
    Another Oldie, Security guard Laurie stumbles upon the Mistress' play room, now she's the new play toy.

    Her first night on the job alone, Laurie made the rounds in the old storage building. It had been sub divided into areas for several renters, small manufacturing companies, storage for some, art studios, and a couple of offices.

    The old basement had been divided in to 3 rental areas and the utilities room. The old guard had reminded her that what went on in the renters spaces were their business, not hers, she was there just as a fire and safety watch, not the building cop. During her training she learned that some of the tenants kept strange hours ( and some lived there – which was against the rules, but not our business) and the guy on the 3rd floor made “adult” films out of his space.

    When Laurie started her first trip in the building alone, she ended in the basement. Walking the hallway, she found an open door, not just unlocked, but open. She had heard music from there before, but her trainer reminded her it wasn't her duty, This was one of the tenants that kept "strange hours" .

    This time, an wide open door, and dark inside.

    She peered in, "Hello? Security!, is anyone there?" Laurie felt along the wall for a light switch...Something grabbed her arm and pulled her into the darkness...It was attacking her!

    She called for help, but remembered, no one was on the 1st floor,and the artist on the 2nd was playing her stereo loud, no one would hear her up there anyway.

    Laurie was being slapped and punched as she tried to fight off her attacker and claw her way towards the light and the open door. Suddenly she saw stars, and everything went black...

    When she awoke, she found she couldn't move. Her arms were bound behind her back, tied at the elbows and wrists. Laurie's legs were tied at the ankles, and a rope ran between her ankles and her wrists, pulling her into a hog tie. Tape was stretched across her mouth.

    The lights snapped back on.

    "How dare you snoop around here!!” a woman dressed in Leather snarled.

    The blue eyed brunette, tried to protest her innocence, but the tape tightly sealed her mouth.

    The tall dark haired woman produced a riding crop and swatted at Laurie's left breast,until her badge came loose and fell on the floor. She moved over the bound guard and stepped on her badge grinding her boot across it.

    “We have ways of punishing those who cant respect our privacy!” she snarled, placing the stiletto heel of her other boot against Laurie's right boob.

    Laurie realized it was going to be a night she'd never forget.