By the blue window

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    At first she had been a bit surprised when he said he would really like her to bend against the window, with only her top covered while he went out. He cajoled and pleaded she takes off her skirt and panties, saying one of his secret fantasies was looking up from the sidewalk at a girl by her window, knowing she was half exposed, that it would be a first for him.
    Would she grant him this favor?
    She hesitated a second or two, and agreed.
    Why not?
    She had met him two days ago and he had been surprising anyway, so she felt going along with games was a fun way to get to know him more.
    He insisted that whatever, she would just stay like this, the upper part of her body visible until he came back.

    But then when he left, she didn't understand why he took with him her skirt and panties that she had dropped on the floor. She was not sure she liked it either when she clearly heard the sound of the key on the door, not forbidding access to the rest of his appartment.
    Soon though she saw him in the street, under the window, pretending he was just looking at the shops, but lifting his eyes to her, once, twice, more. She could see his efforts not to smile to her.

    She surely hadn't expected it but, looking at other passerbys in the street just three floors below, as she was rubbing her thighs against each other, listening to the silky stockings, feeling the cool air on her behind, well..
    Playfully, sure that if she was careful, no one else than him could guess, she opened her little blouse and sent a kiss at the delighted face he made.
    She smiled when he very casually walked into the bakery that was almost across the building he had left her in.
    He came out empty-handed.
    Two minutes later, when she heard the entrance door discreetly bang, she realized she was quite aroused by then, so she took a deep breath, modified her pose, doing her best to be sexy and ingenuous at the same time (you people know what I mean).
    Soon, as she heard the key unlocking the room, she turned her eyes, smiling, to the door.

    She didn't give much attention to the cane in his hand when, to her shocked disbelief, she saw the stern, severe black-clothed couple behind him, looking at her.

    - So what do you think, he asked them? You buyers?
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    Intriguing writing, and I like the introduction of the cane in the last line, as well as the couple. Not quite sure what “You buyers?” refers to. Is that the question for the readers, for the couple, or the idea was to leave it up to us?
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    Thank you very much Laspe, for your comment and for having come here in the confined, forlorn "stories" department.:)
    "You buyers" is a question asked to the couple.
    This was my very first try at writing a story in english, and my very first try at writing a hopefully erotic little story.
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    Got you on the question, and you are very welcome.
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    I loved this story the first time I read it in the other universe. Your stories are just exciting and captivate the readers each time. Especially the feelings you convey are just great.

    I love your stories my darling. :heart:
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