Bitsy the Salt Lick

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    Colored by Trystl; original b/w art by JomsViking

    "Hey Bitsy, I think she likes you." The cow rustler said as he looked down at me and the newborn calf that was standing next to my hog-tied body--as if the damn thing thought I was his mother.

    "Mmmph!" I said as the calf began to lick my behind.

    "Must be the salt in her sweat," his partner chimed in.

    "Well, Bitsy... since he likes you so much, I think we're going to leave the little one with you."

    "Gives a whole new mean to the term salt-lick, doesn't it, Edgar?"

    The calf licked me again, his rough tongue grating over my oversized clit (which was currently very swollen after being fucked half a dozen times before and after being tied hand to foot). Then the calf butt his nose against my crotch. I could feel his teeth nipping at the edges of my pubic mound, although luckily he missed getting ahold of my clit.

    This, however, was more than enough to make my eyes go wide in alarm. I'd watched enough suckling calves to know what this behavior meant. And apparently so did the cow thieves.

    "I think the poor little thing thinks she's his mother," Edgar said with a laugh.

    "It's nearly big enough to be," one of the others noted as they all joined in, sharing the humor.

    "I've sure never seen a woman with a pleasure nub quite that big," one of the others added.

    The calf butt his head against my backside again, and it was hard enough to hurt a little.

    "Mmmph!" I cried out, and despite the way it forced my back to arch uncomfortably, I decided it might be best to dropped onto my belly in an effort to make my private parts a less inviting target. The calf, however, was obviously quite hungry and unwilling to give up so easily. He kept his nose between my legs, licking and trying to get his lips around my clit.

    "Damn, Edgar... do we really have to leave? I think we should stay here a bit longer and enjoy the show."

    Edgar nodded thoughtfully. "I suppose we could rebrand these cows right here," he said. "Why don't you fix us a fire and make us something to eat, Zed?"

    "Sure thing boss."

    "And you, Little Bit. I think we need to do something to give you a little more incentive, eh?" He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "How about this. If you can inch worm your way over to my sleeping bag before we rebrand these cows, eat our dinner and pack our bags... well then, not only will I stop this little thing from trying to suck, but instead of leaving you out here all alone, I'll take you with us when we leave. Zed doesn't really seem to care much for cooking anyway; and we can always use a cute little wench to keep us entertained at night."

    "Mmmmph!" I protested. That didn't sound like much of a deal to me.

    "On the other hand, if you fail, I'll hang you from your neck while each of us takes a turn buggering you; and then, before we leave (if you're still alive... and you will be, because most of your weight will be riding on our tools while you hang) I'll tie you with our legs spread open so that it's easier for our little friend here to find what he's looking for. Now get up on your knees again and start crawlin’.