Birds of Prey Episode 1 Birds in a Cage - Chapter 8 Hawkaaah!

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    Birds of Prey

    Episode 1 Birds in a Cage

    By L’Espion [email protected]

    Chapter 8 Hawkaaah!

    Selina groaned as she was penetrated for the third time in less than an hour. She and the other captives had been put on display in Kovalchuk’s interrogation room. The chaos created by Batgirl had been confined to the main part of the warehouse. Kovalchuk’s quarters, offices, and the room they were in had been left unscathed, due to the fact that all of them were heavily reinforced with steel plate.

    Her belly was pressed against a metal bar that curved out from an upright metal frame. Her captors had shackled her wrists to the upper part of the frame and her ankles to the lower part so that she was bent forward, her shapely backside presenting an incredibly inviting target for either anal or vaginal violation. Her captors could take her either way or both if they chose. The man who was pumping eagerly into her had chosen her “Nice warm pussy,” but it didn’t really matter. Both of her orifices were so sore that she was close to screaming with every thrust.

    She wasn’t alone in her ordeal. The three heroines had been shackled in a manner identical to her. They were arranged in square, Huntress across from her, and Black Canary and Batgirl facing one another. All of them had one of Kovalchuk’s thugs enjoying them from behind. It was hard to believe that the situation could get much worse, but she knew from what had happened when they had first been shackled in their present position that Kovalchuk had something even nastier planned for them.

    Huntress gasped as an orgasm rippled her abdomen. It was a form of defense, that orgasm, something her body did to lessen the brutality of what had been done to her. Without it she would long ago have been raped raw. Now when one of Kovalchuk’s men forced his way into her there was an immediate response from her body and her juices flowed, protecting her from the pain of the rape. It wasn’t exactly pleasurable; nothing could overcome the shame and degradation of being taken against her will, but at least she no longer suffered the way she had when she had first been violated.

    “Slut,” her assailant sneered. “You’re no better than a five-dollar whore.”

    Helena ignored the insult. She had received too many of them to feel any shame, and it didn’t make any sense anyway. Did five-dollar whores still exist? Certainly not in Gotham. She gasped again as the man riding her gripped her hips and pushed as far into her as he could. He was particularly well-endowed and was doing his best to make this rape a memorable experience. Except that it wasn’t. The first half dozen times she had been raped had been horrific. Now he was just another cock inside her; one of several she had already experienced in this current session.

    To her left Barbara squealed in pain. She was being taken anally and her assailant was making no effort to be gentle. Since her attack on the warehouse Kovalchuk’s men had focused their attention on the Batgirl. Her violent rescue attempt had killed and injured more than a score of Kovalchuk’s men as well as destroying a considerable amount of illicit merchandise. As a result they had taken great pleasure in “Teaching the Batbitch a lesson.” Barbara had been beaten and raped to the point of unconsciousness before Kovalchuk had called them off. That had been a few of days ago. Since that time they had all been left alone while Kovalchuk had attended to other business and the warehouse was put back in order. Now he was back and asking his favourite question.

    “Tell me how to find Oracle,” he demanded. “And then all of this will stop.”

    Of course, that had not happened and Kovalchuk had wasted little time in securing them the way they were now. The gang rapes had begun soon after that, but not before Kovalchuk had personally adorned their nipples with rings identical to those he had used on Catwoman, and then he had gone one step farther than that, forcing a metal ring into each fold of their labia majora. After all the pain she had been through Helena didn’t really think the tiny rings would hurt much, but they were a great deal more painful than she had expected. However, she had endured the piercings stoically as had the other women.

    Their lack of response had angered the crime boss and he had immediately ordered their group violation. “Maybe this will get a rise out of you.” It was more humiliating than painful; at least so far. There were always ways to make a rape worse as Black Canary was finding out.

    The thug violating her had started out with several hard thrusts into her vagina; enough to get her juices flowing and then had switched to her anus. Canary had fought the intrusion, clenching her sphincter muscles and denying him access. As a result her assailant had used a dildo to open her up and then had followed that instrument himself. Gagged so that she couldn’t use her Canary cry, Dinah had screamed into the ball gag as she was taken, her body bucking and her large pink-tipped breasts bouncing wildly. It was a sight that had men lining up to take her next. Unfortunately, some of them were going to have to wait longer for their pleasure than anticipated.

    “Enough of this shit,” Kovalchuk growled. “I want to know who Oracle is. “Hook them up,”

    Reluctantly the men ravishing the heroines stopped what they were doing and carried out Kovalchuk’s orders. The crime boss had decided on a particularly painful session. Alligator clips were snapped on to each of the rings on their nipples and vulva and then the wires were attached to the same power source he had used on Catwoman.

    “This won’t kill you, but it is going to hurt like hell,” Kovalchuk said. “Tell me what I want to know and then all of this will end.”

    “Sobakayob,” Helena replied. “I wouldn’t trust you if you swore on the grave of the mandavoshka that birthed you.”

    “Stupid cunt,” Kovalchuk said. “Have it your way.” He turned on the power.

    All four heroines screamed in unison; except Canary, of course. But her agonized grunt was clearly heard through her gag. And then the pain was gone as Kovalchuk turned off the power. He allowed them a few seconds to recover and then jolted them again. “Tell me,” he demanded. “Tell me.”

    “Go to hell, you perverted freak,” Barbara shouted. “You’ll get nothing from us.”

    “You think so, lapochka?” Kovalchuk asked as he squeezed Barbara’s swollen breast. “Everyone has a breaking point. And eventually I will find yours.” He turned the dial again and watched the heroines writhe in torment.

    Almost an hour later they had still told him nothing and in fact the Batgirl had passed out and the other three were not far behind. “Incredible,” Kovalchuk commented. “They are tougher than men. I may have to resort to a most extreme measure. Get them cleaned up and put them in the cage. I will deal with them when they have had a chance to recover.”

    It was several hours later when Kovalchuk returned to his prize captives. During that interval they had been able to shower, comb out their hair, and have a meal before being returned to the cage. Burned out by what had been done to them all of them huddled together and slept for the remainder of the time, not awakening until the cage was lowered to the floor with a bone-jarring thump.

    Jolted out of their exhausted sleep the four captives stared apprehensively through the bars at the men surrounding them, wondering what was going to happen next.

    “I was hoping that it would not come to this,” Kovalchuk said. “But I am out of patience. Tell me what I want to know or one of you is going to die, and die most painfully.”

    Barbara’s gut clenched in fear. She had allowed her friends to suffer enough. Several times she had been on the verge of telling Kovalchuk what he wanted to know. She had no idea what would happen after that, but she had a very good idea. There could be only one reason for wanting to get hold of Oracle and that was to use her skills to hack the web. She had held back until now, but she couldn’t let any of her friends die, not even the pain-in-the-ass Catwoman. But before she could speak, someone else did.

    “Screw you,” Selina said. “You’re going to kill us all anyway. We’re not telling you anything.”

    “Actually I was planning on turning all of you into very expensive whores,” Kovalchuk said. “But now one of you will have to go. And since you have volunteered it’s going to be you.”

    “Do what you want, Ivan,” Selina sneered. “I expect you’ll probably get your rocks off watching me die. That’s what you’re into isn’t it? Necrophilia?”

    “Get the bitch out of the cage,” Kovalchuk ordered, his face reddening. “She wants to die; then she’s going to get her wish.”

    Selina did not go without a fight. But there was not much she could do against the shock batons that were pushed through the bars of the cage. They served to disable her and keep the other three women at bay as she was hauled out onto the warehouse floor.

    She still fought, but the repeated shocks had rendered her almost helpless as they dragged her across the floor. They didn’t take her far, just to a forklift that stood waiting with its forks raised six feet off the floor. Quickly they chained Selina’s wrists to the raised forks and then shackled her ankles to the base of the machine. Kovalchuk himself took the controls and began to raise the forks, stretching out Selina’s body until it was pulled taut.

    “No,” Barbara screamed as the forks continued to move upward. Kovalchuk had slowed the movement until it was moving only a half-inch at a time, but the forklift was hardly a precision instrument. It jerked upward and Selina screamed as her joints were pulled apart. Already her exquisite body was tight as a drum, her tendons and ligaments close to being torn away from her bones.

    It was too much for Barbara. “Wait,” she screamed through the bars. “I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you. I’m….”

    She stopped as the floor began to vibrate beneath her feet.

    Everyone else felt it too. “What the hell…?” one of Kovalchuk’s goons muttered. The vibration increased and then came a low rumble like that of a huge engine. The sound increased and Kovalchuk dropped down from the forklift, drawing his gun. The rest of his men had their weapons out as well. They faced toward the sound, nervously fingering the triggers of their firearms.

    And then the repaired back wall literally exploded as a gigantic red object smashed through it. It was an enormous wheel some fifty feet or so in diameter and more than ten feet across. It was studded with massive cone-shaped spikes that stood out six feet from the rim. Two cupolas were mounted on either side of the wheel each one sporting several cannons and machine guns. It came to a grinding halt, barely twenty yards from the cage holding the remaining three heroines. The guns swiveled menacingly toward the assembled thugs.

    Hawkaaaah!Screamed from a speaker somewhere in the metal monster. None of Kovalchuk’s gang waited to see what would happened next. Taking to their heels they fled in any direction that took them away from the red menace.

    A burst of machine gun fire swept the floor of the warehouse, just ahead of a group of fleeing thugs who were headed for an exit. “Ya’ll hold it right there,” a speaker blared. “Or the next shots go right up yore backside.”

    Several of the men ignore the warning and the next burst of fire blew three of them apart. A few others also continued to run for it, but were cut down with deadly accurate fire. It was enough to get the message across. Without being asked all of them, even Kovalchuk, went to their knees and raised their hands.

    “Now release the lady from the forklift,” the speaker commanded, “and open that cage.”

    The thugs ran frantically to carry out the orders. Within a few seconds all of the women were freed, and ignoring the fact that they were completely nude, went about the task of disarming the frightened thugs and herding them into the cage. It was a bit of a tight fit but they managed to cram all of them into it and then a door in the cupola of the wheel opened and Zinda stepped into view.

    “Sorry I took so long,” she drawled. “Took a while to get this thing out of mothballs and into action.”

    No one complained about the former Blackhawk’s tardiness. She clambered down from her perch and helped the heroines find something to wear. Then it was time to decide what to do with Kovalchuk and his minions.

    “Ah’m all fer dumping them in the harbor,” Zinda suggested. “It’s nothing more than they deserve.”

    It was a tempting suggestion, but one that Black Canary and Batgirl had to veto. Huntress remained silent on the matter as did Catwoman, but they did not contradict the other two heroines. “We’re not like them,” Barbara said. “No matter what they’ve done we can’t just kill them.”

    “What do you suggest then?” Huntress asked. “Do you think the authorities will actually deal with them properly?”

    “There is enough contraband and illegal drugs in here to put them away for several life sentences,” Barbara said. “I’ll deal with the video they made of our ordeal. And then I think you should get out of here before the police arrive.” As she spoke the sound of sirens could be heard in the distance. “I’ll stay here and make sure the men in blue aren’t bought off this time.”

    It made sense for Barbara to be the one to speak with the police. She was a recognized heroine crimefighter held in high esteem by the authorities and she had solid connections with Batman and Superman. Not only that, but her costume had been found intact and she would be able to make a proper presentation. Also she wanted a few minutes to deal with Kovalchuk’s computers. They had managed to capture the geek responsible for Kovalchuk’s network before he escaped. He readily revealed all of the passwords and Barbara intended to make sure that any material on the hard drives or in the cloud was completely wiped before she was gone.

    “Right,” Zinda said. “Ya’ll come with me then. It’s time to put this baby back where I got her.”

    Catwoman, Huntress, and Black Canary climbed aboard the huge wheel and a few seconds later they were headed out to sea. It turned out that damage to the waterfront area was minimal as Zelda had piloted the wheel across Gotham Harbour. She took them across the harbor and dropped them off at a lighthouse at the harbor entrance. From there she headed out to sea. “Ah’ll be back in a day or so,” she said. “Got to put this thing back in storage.”

    There was a cab waiting for them at the lighthouse; one Zinda had summoned from the control room of the wheel. It was a rather bemused cab driver who drove the three women to their various destinations, but he wisely asked no questions; an attitude that got him a hefty tip as he dropped off his last passenger.

    It worked out pretty much as Barbara had hoped. Kovalchuk and his thugs disappeared into prison; all of them receiving long sentences for drug offences and hijacking. Barbara had removed all evidence of the heroines’ ordeal from Kovalchuk’s computers, but very conveniently left open the records of Kovalchuk’s illegal dealings in everything else.

    What could not so easily be wiped out was the memory of what had been done to them while in captivity. But they were heroines; and heroines were more resilient than tungsten. Within a week or so all of them had returned to their usual activities, including a mysterious cat burglar who pulled off a spectacular robbery in one of the various mansions owned by members of Kovalchuk’s extended family.

    Barbara permitted herself a grin at the news. It appeared that somehow the burglar had managed to get hold of the access codes to the mansion’s high-tech security system. “Hmm,” she mused. “It appears that I am not the only one who can take advantage of an open computer network.”

    Selina Kyle sifted through the assortment of loot she had collected from the Kovalchuk mansion. Savouring the proceeds of her activities was her favourite activity in the world, next to having rooftop sex with the Batman. “I’m owed this,” she thought. It was partial compensation for what Kovalchuk and his thugs had done to her. She held up a diamond-studded bracelet. “This would buy me a pretty nice few weeks in the south of France.” She pursed her lips as she had a sudden thought.

    “What do you think?” Dinah said as she sipped her oolong tea. “Do we take her up on her offer?” She and her two companions were seated at a table in an outdoor café in Gotham’s fashionable downtown area.

    “Just so long as it’s not a bribe,” Helena answered. “I don’t want to be in that woman’s debt.”

    “I don’t know about ya’ll,” Zinda said, “But Three weeks in St. Tropez at a six-star resort is good enough for me.”

    “I’m in then,” Dinah said.

    “All right,” Helena relented, flashing a brilliant smile. “I just hope there will be someone tall, dark, and handsome to spend a bit of time with.”

    “Amen to that,” Zinda added. “Just as long as he don’t speak Russian.”