Birds of Prey Episode 1 Birds in a Cage - Chapter 6 Declawing the Cat

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    Birds of Prey

    Episode 1 Birds in a Cage

    By L’Espion [email protected]

    Chapter 6 Declawing the Cat

    Selina stood with her ear to the metal door of the machine room, but the only sound she could hear was the hum of the machinery behind her as it went about its job of circulating air through the warehouse. For all she knew there might be a dozen of more of Kovalchuk’s men on the other side of the door or it might be completely empty, but there was a way to find out without opening the door. However, she would have to act quickly. Her rat confederates were becoming restless and her grip on them was weakening. She reached into one of her pouches and took out a tiny drill along with an equally tiny diamond bit. Within a few seconds she had drilled a hole through the door and pushed a millimeter thick fiber-optic cable through it. With practiced skill she linked the cable to her night vision goggles and surveyed the room on the other side of the door.

    “Bastards,” she muttered. She could not see all of the warehouse, but she could see enough and as luck would have it she had a perfect view of the objects of her search. “Caged like rats.” The cage containing the Black Canary and Huntress dangled in the centre of a large open space. It was an obvious trap, but Selina had no intention of leaving the naked and helpless heroines in the cage any longer than she had to. “Besides,” she said to the writhing mass of furry creatures that now filled the machine room, “they won’t be expecting you will they?”

    “Get ready,” she sent. “We’re going hunting.”

    But first she crossed over to a large electrical panel and threw the main switch. The room went black and Selina dashed to the door and heaved it open. She charged through it accompanied by hundreds of her squeaking friends. As she had hoped shutting off the power had plunged most of the warehouse into darkness. Here and there emergency lights provided dim illumination; enough that she didn’t need her night vision goggles. Of course, that meant the men stationed around the warehouse didn’t need them either.

    A shout of “There she is; get her,” let her know that she had been spotted. However, in her dark costume Selina was not an easy target and the horde of rats that surged out of the machine room was totally unexpected. As Kovalchuk’s goons sprang their trap and surged out of their hiding places they were met by a sea of squealing biting vermin.

    Various shouts of “Bozhe moi, tchyo za ga`lima! and other more vulgar expressions let her know that the rats had produced the desired effect. These quickly gave way to shouts of fear and then gunshots as the stunned thugs panicked.

    Selina took advantage of the confusion to clear a path toward the cage, taking out three of Kovalchuk’s men in the process. By now they were shooting at everything that moved, but there were just too many rats to make any sort of impact and Selina was an impossible target. She darted here and there, using her speed and agility to take down several more men while she moved steadily toward the cage. She finally reached a spot directly below it and using her whip snagged the lower bars. It took but an instant to swing up to it and clamber on top.

    By now the warehouse was in complete chaos. Rats continued to pour through the open door of the machine room in a seeming unending stream and the sound of screams and gunfire echoed through the warehouse. The confusion gave Selina the time she needed to act, and she began to cut through the metal bars below her, using yet another tool; in this case a diamond edged wire that quickly cut through the bars. In just a few moments she would have an opening large enough to free the caged women. They crowded the space below her anticipating the time when the opening would be large enough to escape.

    “Damn am I glad to see you,” Huntress shouted through the bars. Completely nude, she was hardly the fierce predator so feared by most of Gotham’s underworld, and Canary was even worse, unable to speak due to the shock collar around her throat.

    But in a few seconds they would be out of the cage, and with the help of the rats and a few other distractions Selina still had in her belt they would be away and free. It was at that moment that things went suddenly and disastrously wrong.

    A powerful jet of cold water struck Selina full in the chest. Its impact was strong enough to partially open the top of her costume, revealing the delicate curves of her breasts. But it did far more than that, picking her off the top of the cage and hurling her to the floor of the warehouse.

    The drop wasn’t far, but she landed in a very uncatlike manner, slamming her back into the hard concrete. She had just enough presence of mind to push down with her feet and hands as she landed to take up much of the impact. But the breath was still knocked out of her and she lay helpless as the hose was turned on the rats. Almost instantly the crazed vermin turned from raging killers into a squealing frightened mob that scattered in all directions. A large number of them headed back the way they had come, but the majority simply headed for any place the fire hose couldn’t reach. Within moments Selina was abandoned by her allies and as she staggered to her feet the hose was once again turned on her.

    The frigid jet hurled her across the warehouse, bouncing her over and over off the concrete floor until she eventually slammed up against the wall, the powerful blast pinning her there. She struggled fruitlessly, howling with rage, as the water stripped away her utility belt, and blasted open more of her leather costume, tearing off her brassiere and baring her torso to the waist. And then suddenly the icy blast was cut off as Kovalchuk’s goons swarmed toward her. After having been savaged by rats many of them were not in a particularly good mood. Unfortunately, for the first few that arrived neither was Selina. Her equipment might have been gone, but she still had her cat-quick reflexes, feline toughness, and her razor edged claws. She lashed out at her attackers, sending several of them reeling, with bloody gashes. She took down several others with vicious kicks and punches.

    But as soon as she downed one attacker another took his place. Several of them got in glancing blows that staggered her. It gave them enough time to come up with a weapon that could finally take her down. Two metal prongs hurled toward her just as she spun to deliver a powerful kick. They struck her in her left breast and delivered one-hundred-and fifty-thousands volts of low-amp electricity. Her body jerked like a puppet on a string, her scream strangled in her throat and then she was seized by a dozen willing hands, and the remnants of her costume stripped from her.

    She recovered somewhat and struggled furiously as her arms were bent behind her. She was bound, each wrist to each elbow and then forced to the floor in a kneeling position. Her captors would have violated her then and there had not Kovalchuk finally arrived. “Do not touch her,” he ordered. “I know this suka. She has given me much trouble and I am going to do more than just fuck her.”

    “Do what you want, you gutless bastard,” Selina hissed. “I’m not beaten yet.”

    “Oh, but you will be. Before I’m through you’ll wish our paths had never crossed.”

    “Bastard,” Selina gasped as she trained at her bonds.

    Her movement drew Kovalchuk’s eyes to her quivering breasts. “Yes,” he said. “I think we’ll start there. “Bring her. I want this properly filmed.”

    While Huntress and Canary watched in abject helplessness Selina was escorted to the at the back of the warehouse, one of Kovalchuk’s goons on either side of her. They took her to the control room just off Kovalchuk’s rather luxurious hideaway. He generally did not stay in the warehouse, preferring his opulent mansion in Gotham’s Crest Hill neighbourhood, but it was fully equipped for everything he found necessary, including a fully functional interrogation room.

    Right now, however, interrogation was not on his mind. Just watching the exotic and defiant cat-woman being brought up the stairs had given him an erection worthy of a stallion. “Put her there,” he ordered, pointing to a large table, “and spread her.”

    She began to struggle furiously at those words, an action that aroused him even further. He was now painfully erect and he quickly unbuckled his belt and dropped his trousers and shorts. He stood over her, taking a moment to admire her wild beauty. She was not as tall as the huntress, but she had the same feral splendour. Her breasts were large, beautifully rounded, and tipped with erect pink nipples. Long, powerful legs, a narrow waist, accentuated by a hard flat stomach and flaring hips, and a carefully cultivated pubic area completed the picture and drew him into her like a magnet. Without any preparation he seized her hips, pulled her to him, and plunged into her.

    He had expected that she would be a hard fuck, but to his surprise in spite of her amazing tightness he found that she was fully lubricated. “Shlyukha,” he grunted. He should have known by now that all of these supposed heroines were little more than whores.

    Fighting always aroused her sexually. It was a weakness Selina had never been able to overcome. Even in the most extreme danger or perhaps because of it she could not help becoming aroused. It was a dangerous weakness, but one she had usually managed to overcome; except in the case of the Batman. But Kovalchuk was not Batman, and as he thrust into her she was filled with shame as her body betrayed her.

    “You like this, da?” Kovalchuk said as he forced his way deeper. Selina had not had a man in quite some time; not since that chance encounter with Batman on a Gotham rooftop several months ago. But this was nothing like that. She had welcomed everything Batman had done to her and had opened herself willingly. Kovalchuk was violating her; subjecting her to a humiliating and quite painful ordeal as his overly large organ penetrated her, and nothing her body did to accommodate him gave her the least bit of pleasure. It was a painful rape pure and simple and it seemed almost endless as he rose above her plowing deeper into her with every stroke until she grunted with pain.

    It finally ended as he climaxed with a shout of satisfaction. But Selina’s relief as he pulled out of her was short-lived. He gulped a handful of blue pills and to her horror, his glistening phallus began to swell once more.

    “Amazing, these little pills,” Kovalchuk said. “With them I could fuck all day and all night. Turn her over. Let’s try the other side.”

    No! Selina renewed her struggles as the men on either side of her turned her face down on the table. They held her there, using their weight to press her breasts against the tabletop while Kovalchuk came up behind her.

    “Such a fantastic little zhopa,” Kovalchuk commented as he placed his hands on her firm buttocks. He gave them a hard squeeze before pressing himself against them and sliding his hands under her breasts. He arched her body back, his fingers digging painfully into her breasts, his fingers finding her nipples and pinching them hard.

    “You bastard,” Selina gasped. She tried to twist away, but there was nothing she could do to stop the painful massage. However, mauling her breasts was not foremost on the Russian’s mind. He had now fully recovered his erection and he intended to put it in the most painful and humiliating place he could think of. He moved his hands away from her breasts and while his henchmen held her quivering body he spread her buttocks with one hand and squirted a tube of lubricant into her anus with the other.

    “If your ass is as tight as your cunt I’ll need that,” Kovalchuk observed. He gripped her hips, steadying her and then began to probe her backside.

    It took him a while to work his way into her. Even with the lubricant to help, penetration was difficult and Selina’s frenzied struggles did not make it any easier. But slowly he had his way. Selina suppressed a whimper as he began to slide into her. If she had experienced anything more painful she could not remember the occasion. It felt as if she was being split wide open and she had to exert all of her self-control to stop herself from screaming. Bit by bit he slipped into her, working his huge phallus back and forth, gaining a quarter inch or so of penetration each time until he was fully inside her, stretching her wider than anything she had ever experienced.

    The pain was incredible; but mixed with it was a glimmer of pleasure that gradually increased until she was panting as much from her own arousal as she was from the brutal penetration. And then the pain began to subside and the pleasure magnified until she wanted to yowl like a cat in heat. It took all of her willpower to hold back her carnal howls, but she could not suppress her gasps of pleasure or the involuntary movement of her body as she responded to each of Kovalchuk’s thrusts.

    Sooka, I’ve got you,” Kovalchuk exclaimed as Selina finally gave in and cried out with every thrust. Finally she was crying out uncontrollably until with a final carnal scream her body shuddered with a series of orgasms that left her completely drained. Shortly after, Kovalchuk finished with her and stepped back from the defeated heroine. He had beaten her, but he was far from finished with her. It was time to find out what the cat-bitch knew.

    Of course, with a captive of Catwoman’s caliber he had no intention of using his more brutal or disfiguring interrogation techniques. She would be worth a fortune on the white slave market, particularly to those who desired women with a bit of fight in them. He’d taken a few like that himself and had found breaking them to be very satisfying. He wasn’t going to break this one, but he was going to teach her a lesson and have a bit if fun with her at the same time.

    “Hang her up,” he ordered, pointing to a large rectangular metal frame.

    Several of his henchmen moved to do his bidding. They removed the ropes from her wrists, making sure that they kept a firm hold on her while they did so. Padded leather cuffs were secured to each wrist and she was chained to the top of the frame. Then her legs were pulled apart so that she was shackled in the classic X position so many heroines found themselves in.

    Despite the exhausting punishment she had received, Selina’s body was quivering with rage, a vision that Kovalchuk found most exciting. “Enjoying yourself, you gutless pig?” she asked.

    “Oh I am, my little kotyonok. I’m enjoying myself very much, and I intend to enjoy myself even more, but it will not be so enjoyable for you.” While he spoke he opened a small box and took out a curved pair of pliers and then a pair of gold semicircles. “I think these will do. Gold is such a good conductor of electricity and it is very unlikely to cause the wounds to fester.”

    Selina’s gut clenched as she realized what was coming, but her face showed only anger. “Do what you want. You won’t get anything out of me.”

    “We’ll see,” Kovalchuk answered as he set the first half circle into the pliers. “I think I’ll start with the left nipple first.” He pinched her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, pulling it out enough that he could set the ring into it; then he closed the pliers. It didn’t hurt as much as she feared. She classified it as only mildly excruciating as the ring pierced her ultrasensitive flesh and she kept her face completely immobile.

    “Tough little kiska,” Kovalchuk observed, but let’s try the other one.”

    Once again Selina took the pain of having the ring forced through her nipple without flinching, but the Russian mobster was just getting started. “Now for part two. I don’t think you will find this as enjoyable.” One of his bodyguards had wheeled a cart over to where Selina hung. On it was an electronic console from which two electrical leads projected. She knew at once what it was, but showed not the faintest flicker of fear. Even her breathing remained calm as Kovalchuk attached a metal clip to each of the rings. But her appearance was deceiving. Beads of perspiration beaded her body as she broke out into a cold sweat.

    Kovalchuk reached out to touch her cheek. “You’re not as tough as you would like everyone to think you are lapochka, but we will find out just how tough in a few seconds.” He adjusted the settings on the console. “Let’s start with a five second jolt, and then we can go from there.” He pushed a button and watched while Selina’s body twitched violently.

    It wasn’t the worst pain she had experienced, but it came close. It was, of course, most intense in her nipples, but it was agonizing everywhere else as well. She was able to keep from screaming, but just barely. But she knew it couldn’t last. Kovalchuk tried ten seconds next and then fifteen. He had her screaming inside of two minutes.

    “Not so tough now are you, kiska?” Kovalchuk jeered. “Now that I’ve got you warmed up it’s time to get serious. I want information. I know Oracle must have sent you. Tell me who he is and I’ll end this session.”

    “You’re asking the wrong person,” Selina replied. “But I wouldn’t tell you even if I knew.”

    “You’re lying,” Kovalchuk growled. “I know you were sent here on his orders. Why else would a pizda like you be here? But you will tell me what I want to know eventually.” He pressed the button again and sent another agonizing jolt of electricity through her.

    An hour later he was till pressing the button, but Selina had told him nothing other than the fact that she was now so hoarse from screaming that even if she decided to tell him what he thought she knew she probably wouldn’t be able to. “God-damned blyat, if you won’t tell me what I want to know I’ll find a better use for you.”

    He turned off the console. “Take her down, clean her up and then let her get some rest. I’m going to have some fun with her tonight.”

    Selina was so exhausted from her ordeal that she offered no resistance as she was removed from the frame. Her body was so racked with pain, that she could barely stand and the cuffs and irons that were placed on her were quite unnecessary.

    She was taken to a bathroom and given a thorough cleansing. In spite of her weakened condition her shackles were not removed, but she was toweled off, and her hair was combed out by one of the few women in the building. “You are very pretty,” the woman observed in heavily accented English. “Such lovely breasts. Ze boss vill haf such fun vith you.”

    The hell he will, Selina thought. But she was helpless to do anything to stop what was happening. As the woman finished with her several men came into the room. All of them were armed with electric prods.

    “Time to meet your friends, cunt,” one of them said. He motioned toward a door on the other side of the room. “Through that door, bitch,” he ordered. “Go peacefully or we’ll force you.”

    After her ordeal Selina was not in a particularly defiant mood. She would save her strength for later. Seething with rage, but obedient, she went to the door and opened it. She stared in stunned amazement at what was one the other side of the door, but only for an instant. The touch of a prod to her buttocks propelled her the rest of the way through the door and into the cage that held Huntress and Canary. Her heart sank as she realized she was truly caught. Trapped with the very victims she had come to rescue.
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