Birds of Prey Episode 1 Birds in a Cage - Chapter 3 Horror Show

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    Birds of Prey

    Episode 1 Birds in a Cage

    By L’Espion [email protected]

    Chapter 3 Horror Show

    Dinah was sweating by the time she reached the third floor of the dilapidated tenement where Barbara Gordon, sometimes known as Oracle; and now reborn as Batgirl had her headquarters. She had no idea what Barbara wanted; just that she had received an urgent message to get back to HQ as quickly as possible. She’d parked her Kawasaki Z1000 in the alley garage next to the building and run up the four flights of stairs to the floor she wanted. All sorts of thoughts had run through her mind as she had headed home, none of them particularly pleasant.

    Had something happened to Barbara? Her voice, although calm, had an element of distress that Dinah, through long friendship, could easily detect. Was it possible that she had suffered a relapse? Barbara’s recovery a year ago from a shattered spine had been nothing short of miraculous and the heroine was still working on returning her physique to the strength and agility she had once possessed at the height of her crimefighting career.

    Perhaps she’s just overdone her training. She did have a tendency to push herself too hard, lifting weights that were far beyond a gradual return to fitness. At least she still continues her hacking skills. That forces her to sit down for a few hours between sessions.

    She keyed in her entry code and pushed the door open. The keypad was concealed in the door frame. To a casual observer it was just a tenement door badly in need of repair and complete with peeling paint. It completely hid the fact that the wooden facade was secured to an inch of steel plate.

    Inside the small apartment was much like anyone would expect it to be, with peeling wallpaper, water stains, and a wooden floor badly in need of refinishing. However, the furnishing were definitely out of character with the rest of the apartment. The small living room was crammed full of high quality weight training equipment, and the single bedroom featured a multi-consoled computer setup that took up most of the floor space. The only proper furnishing in it was a small cot that occupied one corner of the room. Barbara was seated on a swivel chair that allowed her to view several screens at once and she spun toward Dinah as she entered.

    “You okay?” Dinah asked.

    A fleeting moment of surprise swept across Barbara’s face. “Sorry,” she muttered. “I should have given you more information. But this is not about me. It’s about Helena.” She swallowed hard, obviously finding it difficult to speak.

    “She’s not....”

    “No, she’s alive,” Barbara interrupted, guessing the direction the Canary’s thoughts had run. Death was always a possibility in their line of work, all of them having cheated death several times.

    Dinah waited. Barbara was clearly upset and it was best to let her say what she had to say in her own time.

    Barbara took a deep breath. “Someone knows about me; knows who I am. Not my real name, of course, but they know I’m Oracle and somehow they have found a way to contact me. Perhaps through one of my contacts or my own carelessness. He sent me this AVI file.” She stopped and took a deep breath, obviously struggling to control herself. But it was not fear she was experiencing, Dinah realized, but rage. Rage that had her on the verge of losing her self-control completely.

    “Show me,” Dinah prompted.

    “I... I can’t....” Barbara began.

    “Show me. I can’t help you if I don’t know what we’re dealing with.”

    Barbara clicked her mouse on the keyboard in front of her. She flicked it again and the video clip filled the thirty-inch monitor. A man’s face filled the monitor. He had short iron-grey hair and two of the coldest blue eyes Dinah had ever seen.

    “Zdravstvujtye, Oracle he said. “I expect you are surprised that I know what you call yourself, and even more surprised that I was able to contact you. You should know that you are not the only one with hacking skills. However, that is beside the point. I have recently come into possession of something I expect you would very much like to get back. Let me show you.”

    At that point the man’s image faded and was replaced by a scene that centred on a large table. As they watched several men moved into view. Between them they held the struggling figure of a tall dark-haired young woman. She was exquisitely beautiful, a feature that was all the easier to determine due to the fact that she had been stripped to the waist. Dinah gasped as she realized who it was. “That’s Helena! My god, Helena!”

    She watched in horror as the men holding the heroine muscled her to the top of the table and then began to strip off the remainder her clothing. At that point the image froze.

    “What?” Dinah asked. Then looked at Barbara. Her friend and companion was ghost-white and she was gripping the mouse so tightly that her knuckles showed white as well.

    Dinah placed her hand over Barbara’s. “Show it. Show all of it.”


    “I don’t care how horrifying it is,” Dinah said. “I want to see all of it. There might be something we can learn that will help us save her.”

    Barbara nodded mutely and the video began to play again.

    Dinah had to clench her jaw to stop herself from cursing at what the video showed. Despite the fact that the few seconds she had already seen made it obvious what was going to happen she had to exert all of her self-control to keep watching it, even as her stomach roiled in protest.

    She watched as the last of the Huntress’s clothing was removed. Helena’s tall, powerful body was already marked by a number of bruises and scratches and was beaded with the sweat of fear, but other than her heavy breathing she made no sound as two men pulled her legs apart and the man who had introduced the video moved between them.

    He was sporting an impressive erection and the camera made sure that every detail of the thick appendage was revealed, zooming in for a closer look as he prepared to penetrate the Huntress. Despite the fact that she was held by four men, her body thrashed wildly, her large beautifully rounded breasts quivering with every movement, and her long hair whipping back and forth. And still she made no sound other than her animal grunts and her now laboured breathing. Nor did she cry out when her assailant finally pinned her to the tabletop by placing his hands on her hips and thrust suddenly into her.

    Instead, she gasped, and arched her body, almost as if accepting the brutal penetration, even though it was clear to Dinah that the reaction was clearly one of pain rather than pleasure. Helena’s mouth was open, her head tilted back as a moment of agony distorted her features before she composed them again.

    Her assailant pulled back slightly and thrust again and again, each movement taking him deeper within the helpless heroine. How the Huntress kept herself from screaming, Dinah didn’t know. Only an incredible effort of will could have kept her silent while being subjected to such brutality.

    He was deep inside her now, as the video close-up revealed. Each powerful thrust drove his heavy phallus almost fully within her and the pain must have been agonizing. Dinah knew that the Huntress was far from virginal, but she was being raped, and in as brutal a manner as possible with no attempt to prepare the victim for what was being done to her. Still she didn’t cry out, remaining mute as her assailant continued to drive into her.

    It was obviously not the reaction her assailant had expected. He redoubled his efforts, pounding her mercilessly while at the same time leaning further forward to grasp her quivering breasts. The Huntress grimaced as he squeezed them between his thick fingers, but still made no sound until he finally lowered his head and bit her hard on either side of her right nipple.

    This time he got what he wanted. Shuddering in pain, the Huntress screamed; a long drawn out scream of pain and despair.

    There was no need to watch any more of the video, but Dinah could not look away as the savage ordeal continued. She remained focused on the hideous scenario, watching as Helena was raped not just once but by a succession of men who took her one after the other until the exhausted heroine lay still and unmoving as the last man enjoyed her.

    Finally the video faded out to be replaced by the face of the man who had spoken at its beginning. “My name is Arkady Kovalchuk,” he said. “I doubt that you have heard of me, Oracle, but rest assured I certainly know you. For some time your activities and those of your female accomplices have disrupted various business dealings of mine. I now have one of your “birds” in my hands and you have seen what has already been done to her. I plan to use her in this way every day that she is in my hands. There is only one way to save her and that is to give me what I want.”

    Here Kovalchuk stopped speaking and smiled into the camera for effect. “What I want is quite simple, your presence for hers. Surrender yourself to me and I will release her unharmed.” He smiled again. “Well, let’s say, no more harmed than being fucked repeatedly. Oh, and I should mention that I am not out for petty revenge. Your hacking skills have been well-demonstrated. I can use someone of your talents and you will be well-paid for your services. And as you have already seen there are fringe benefits to working for me. Reply to me on this link and we will arrange the exchange.”

    The video ended and Barbara turned to Dinah, her eyes filled with tears. “He wants me for her. Oh god, Dinah, what am I going to do?”
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