berseh Quits!

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    berseh Quits!

    When shall I come again, Master?
    When the clock strikes thrice.

    "Thrice? Who writes this dribble?" berseh commented, just hanging around the studio set, by her wrists, her cute toes turning the page of the script on the table. She shook her head which of course shook every other desirable part of her naked, glistening, capable, did I mention desirable body.

    A voice called out. "Miss berseh, studio C wants to know when you'll be finished here."

    Another voice called out from the other side of the studio. "Miss berseh, it's studio Q wanting..."

    "Q? That's it, I QUIT."

    The director, the script prompter, the producer chomping on his unlit cigar, and even the man up on the ladder positioning the spotlight, not to forget the camera man behind her, the one in front of her, the one beside her, and the one on the floor aiming his camera upwards towards her luscious form, all were struck dumb. Did she really say that? In one fell swoop hundreds of people would be put out on the bread lines. Was this the end of the world?

    Someone thought to lower her to the floor and another helped undo the wrist ties. She looked around, gave a bow to the crew, which the cameraman on the floor managed to get her last, supposedly, close-up. Then she headed for the dressing room. "Where's my agent?"

    A shadow came out of a corner. The 40% succubus said nothing, only beady eyes staring thru the fog that formed around the shadow.

    berseh looked around. The director had shriveled up into a large prune. The producer a fat rat. The man on the ladder looked like a yam she had seen in the grocery store the other day.

    "Well, maybe I'm being a little hasty." The shapes began to return to their previous forms. She turned back to the set. "Rewrite!"

    I was allowed to sleek in from the outside outhouse and scribble new lines. Then booted back out.

    Her wrists were retied and the man who clapped the clapper board patted one of her marvelous buns then stood between her and the nearest cameraman, all of whom were already filming every desirable sway as she rose off the floor. "Her Master's Club Coffee, scene one, take twenty two."

    That night she lay on her bed, tired out from all the exertions her beautiful, and if I may, desirable body had endured. She watched the last of the late shows when the commercial finally came on.

    "With coffee this good I'll be up all night." She said in the ad.

    She yawned and turned the tv off and rolled her stunning nude body onto one side, scratched one of those magnificent buns, and fell asleep. While the other bun began to glow with the outline of a seven fingered hand print.

    What new horrors await berseh? Will she succumb to new dastardly schemes to get her naked and, yes, more desirable? Then be sure to see the next exciting chapter:

    berseh's Victory Dance on the Scaffold of Doom Beyond the Valley of....
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    Hihi! Your adulation style and the story are very funny! Nicely told to. Her flip flopping mindset very, uh.. Realistic, as in RL.

    :D So my behind is adorable? My, Why... Maybe I should think about showing it?
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