Bad Day in Good Hope

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    “Just tell me in your own words, Miss” he smiled and placed the cup of tea on his desk.

    "I was digging thru my purse to find another quarter for the parking meter when the first deputy walked up and said I was under arrest."

    “Ah, you failed to make full purchase of the parking spot, that's a twenty five dollar fine.” the judge smiled at her.

    Well, as I said I was still looking for the last quarter and I took out my comb..."

    “Ah, concealing a weapon. Fine is five hundred dollars.”

    "I showed him the comb. That's when he radioed in that he needed immediate back up." She turns to glare at the deputy.

    "Aah, drawing a weapon on an officer of the law, ninety days jail term, thousand dollar fine." He takes a long sip of the tea admiring the way her hair curls up at the shoulders.

    "I waved it at him. It's JUST a comb."

    “Ah, attempt to attack officer with deadly weapon, minimum two year term, ten thousand dollar fine.” He places the tea cup back down, admiring the light blue eyes and the upward curve of her nose.

    He grabbed me, one hand on the hand holding the comb, the other gripping my left breast. Turned me around and face down over the top of my car. Said he had to search me. Took the comb away and brought my arms together to cuff them. Then he began to raise my skirt and haul down my panty. I squirmed of course as he dug his fingers into my sex. A crowd was gathering to watch as the first back up car arrived. That officer got out and put his gun up to my neck, told me not to make a move. But how could I not make a move with a hand searching my pussy?

    “Ah, resisting arrest. Another three years and five thousand dollar fine. Officer Maloney, did you find anything in your search?”

    "Uh, the perp is not a virgin and but still rather tight.” The officer said squaring his shoulders, proud to give evidence.

    “Do you have any comments about this officer's search for other deadly weapons?”

    "I don't have any deadly weapons, certainly not stuck up my pussy. Your desk sergeant will confirm that, he put his full hand in after I was brought into the station"

    " Cavity searches are always the priority for the desk sergeant, can't have illicit materiel coming into the station, but lets get back to you in the street causing a crowd to gather. Causing a disturbance, ten days in jail, or a fifty dollar fine, I'll wave the fine in your case."

    " I wasn't causing a disturbance or resisting arrest. I was trying to make him understand I was trying to pay the parking meter.”

    “Officer Carter, this crowd, did it interfere in your work at any time?”

    No, they were quite calm, listening, watching, some filming it for instant viral status I'd say." Squaring his shoulders, his gun still aimed at the back of her head, slightly fluffing her hair whenever she turns her head.

    “So you were protesting, Miss? Do you have a license to hold a protest gathering on a city street?”

    "Of course not, I was parking my car."

    “Fine is four hundred, no, sorry, raised at last months city council meeting. Five hundred dollars. Now go on, Miss.”

    " A third officer arrived and he tore open my blouse and undid my bra and concentrated his search area on my breasts, as if they could hold any illicit materiel."

    “Officer Hendricks, what did you discover in your examination of the suspect?” The judge admired her firm delights.

    "Other than the best damn natural breasts I've ever come across, nothing else.”

    “You have nothing to say about the nipples?” The judge said eyeing her raspberries over the lip of his tea cup.

    "Well, just I'd like to spend more time sucking on 'em. The way they just stick straight out. Could take a good stud or two."

    “Good advice, I'd say, Miss. Now exactly how did you lose all your clothes.”

    "Well, the second officer thought I had something hidden in my hair. It was a barrette to hold the hair off my eyes."

    “Officer Carter. What is your version of this?”

    " I understood the perp to say she had a Beretta hidden in her hair. I took it upon myself to draw the item out of her hair and have the other officers strip her to discover any other items hidden in her other hairy region."

    “And did you find any other items like this light blue hair barrette that matches her pretty eyes?”

    "No sir, nothing in her shoes, socks, panty, skirt, blouse, or bra. And she's a natural blonde."

    “Is that correct, Miss?”

    "Well, yes, they more or less yanked them off and dropped them on the street."

    “And you made no effort to pick them up I suppose. Littering, hundred dollar fine for each item, that's eight separate items. Does that include the comb, purse, and barrette?”

    "uh, no, sir, those were bagged as evidence."

    “And where is the clothing now?”

    "I believe a street sweeper disposed of them." One of the officer's informed.

    “So, was the clothing sorted for recyclable items? No? That's a fine of forty-seven fifty. You're lucky, Miss, the recycle fine goes up next month. So the young lady here was naked upon a city street?”

    "uh, that would be correct, sir although she was still wearing my handcuffs."

    "Handcuff's are not considered wearing apparel, Maloney. A leather body harness, nipple chains, any ropes would be considered clothing." The judge sighed, imagining her wearing such items.

    "They took my clothes. I wasn't given an option."

    “okay, so, obscene display on public property. Thirty day jail term, thousand dollar fine. Did she at any time perform in such a manner as to generate comment by the crowd”

    " Well, certainly, she was wiggling that cute ass all the time I was searching her."

    “Cabaret license to perform naked? No, thought not. Hundred dollar fine. Public performance of a lewd act. Another thirty days, and thousand dollar fine. Anything else, officers?"

    " Yes, sir, she sent a nice spray and created a pond which subsequently drained into the city sewer.”

    “Contaminating city property, another hundred dollar fine. And did any of this get on any of you?”

    "Well, sir, I did get a few drops on the toe of my shoe."

    “Disrespect of an officer of law, thirty day term, hundred dollar fine. Just the one shoe? Ah, well just the one fine and term then. Now then after being brought to the station and checked in by the desk sergeant, detectives Morris and Parks conducted their interviews. Detective Morris what in your thirty years experience on the force say about this young lady's attitude.”

    "She steadfastly refused to bring us coffee let alone make it for us. She was obstinate about the cavity searches, all fourteen of them. We had to cuff her spread on the bars in the jail cell during the more intense and vigorous interrogations. At one point she said “I'll get you all.”

    “And you took that to mean?”

    " She had plans to attack, wound, harm, destroy, kill, maim, and or terrorize not only the city's police force but the whole world."

    “Sounds like terrorist talk. We will have to seize all your financial records and assets. And being a terrorist it will take years before you ever see a lawyer, let alone one who has any ambition to get you off. What do you have to say to all this, Miss?”

    "After the fifth search up my rear, which was becoming rather boring, I said I will get you all coffee. They did not listen. Only turned me around and went to work on my front, again."

    “I see.” The judge rises for a moment to adjust his pants belt before resitting. “So, our police officers are boring and do not listen. Well, I think I have heard enough. Obviously a mistake has been made so let us all go back to the parking meter. I will dismiss all charges and cancel all fines. Do you have that last quarter for the parking meter?”

    "I'm not sure, I didn't finish looking thru my purse."

    “Is that it, officer?” The Judge is handed the evidence bag and looks thru the purse.

    “So, not only can you not pay the parking meter, but also the fine. That means we can confiscate your car and all credit cards. However, it also means you are naked, and without any funds in this city, which means you are a vagrant. I sentence you to six months hard labor plus all fines to be paid.”

    " How am I suppose to pay for the fines if you seize all my money?"

    “Well, if you are thinking of paying it off with prostitution I should inform you that that is a two hundred dollar fine per event. Of course, what you might charge above that amount might go towards the payment of the fines. In the meantime, Officers, please double the chains on this dangerous criminal then please take her to my house and get her started on the six months hard labor, rebuilding the stone walls around my garden.”

    "This is a travesty of justice..." she manages to get out before being gagged, fondled, double chained, fondled, led out by a twist of one of her fine raspberries while being fondled and with a gun pressed into the crack of her ass for the officer's safety. Then tossed into the waiting police SWAT van to be fondled on the way to the Judge's house, where she will endure more fondling during the stone work until the Judge returns home to inspect her work and perform several cavity searches of his own thru out the duration of her sentence.

    In the meantime the judge lets the quarter found in the purse spin on his desk top. “I do love tourists. Next!”