Artist help subforum?

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  1. Exclamation New Member


    I have been searching for a forum where people can share their own creations with other more experimentated artists and I was wondering if there is any chance to see a section like this on this forums. I come from "another-famous-artist-community" but they wasn't very helpful... Even if they doesn't allow you to upload something due to the "quality standard" nobody was going to help you so it was a little non-sense...

    Anyway my main goal is to improve, so I think it could be very cool if we can help each other.

    Thank you!
  2. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Professional Tea Addict ♥ [__________________________] Author [Varied-Genre]

    Hey, we can help with this! I'm really happy to see this suggested because it's a great idea. Thank you so much for your contribution to making this place better!

    You can now go to the Art Help! forum and post away, any level of quality for art will gladly be taken, and you can feel free to tag people you know or just leave it up for people to run across! I'm always up for helping someone, so don't be afraid to do and @Punkae if you'd like me to see!