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    I have written vignettes and full stories for several artists along with my comments here and over at DA. I have gifted stories and not asked for recompense except adding an online friendship.
    I also have no art talent, stick figures is about it.
    So, with that in mind, I was wondering if someone would render the following into art for me. It is to be a present to my new lady.
    she sits on a rickety table, her curls disheveled, holding a coffee mug in one hand, the vapors floating up over the chain that constricts her breasts, the other hand tugging at the chain that rolls against her open sex. though not gagged she has nothing to say, acceptance of what has happened, waiting to give the viewer the mug, with a slight glint of interest in what is next, whether intercourse, more bondage, or punishment.

    Please message me, and I will gladly write a story for any new artwork you are contemplating. Thanks.
    Should I get more than one rendering I will hold a poll as to which one the community thinks is best.