Another Victim...

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    Leslie was 29, 5 feet 7, 34c-24-34,blonde hair and green eyes. She worked at Metro 9-1-1,as a dispatcher for less than a year, she had been a nurse before.

    Leslie was “riding along” with 2 cops, learning the streets and the “lingo”of the officers. They were dispatched to a murder, and Leslie got to seethe police at work. The victim was a 32 year old flight attendant. She had been bound and gagged,then beaten. There were 2 witnesses, one very distraught,the cops thought it would be a good idea to transport them to the station as quickly as possible, it was a busy day and support would be slow to arrive, leaving Leslie behind to watch over the scene, until the Coroner, or the detectives arrived.

    Leslie agreed, and one of the officers made a quick check of the apartment before they left, Leslie locked the door behind them. The blonde didn't know that the killer was hiding in a bedroom closet, ready to escape when he had the chance, but the blonde would ruin that. Leslie was looking out a widow, when the attack happened. Suddenly, a cable tie was wrapped around her neck, and pulled it tight. So tight, it collapsed the woman's throat.

    Unable to breathe, the blonde dispatcher fell to the floor, grabbing at the cable tie, in a failed attempt to remove it. Her attacker, the murderer, took the rope from the first victim, and used it to bind Leslie's arms behind her back. She tried to resist him, but he was strong.

    He took the opportunity to rape the dying blonde, ripping open her vest and shirt, roughly pulling her bra down, so he could play with those 34c's while he pumped away with his large 12 inches at the dying blonde beneath him. Her last memory was the large member inside of her, filling her with his juices.

    The killer stood up, letting the last drops hit the dead dispatcher's mouth, afterword zipping his pants.

    He looked down at the dead blonde, she was a good fuck, he guessed she didn't get much sex, she was so tight. His thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of the Coroner's van, he made his escape down a rear stairway....he was never brought to justice...