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    Hi again, this time I'm doing something a little different but the same rules apply. I'm really not looking for corrections, improvements or comments. Just read and maybe don't enjoy this time just read and reflect. I'm willing to answer any more personal questions people have just DM me or something.

    There is a man. A man who has an extraordinary gift. He is an amazing musician, able to make those who have no musical understanding enjoy the vast complexes that music has to offer. He allows individuals to not even notice the bizarre time signature changes. Those with musical knowledge are able to admire the vast intricacies of his musical expertise. His songs have, and will, stand the test of time. Although he has reached the pinnacle of a musical career, recording multiple records with his fellow band members, and thus earning vast sums of money with his success, his life has not been without hardship.

    This brilliant man who lives his life in the lime light is so withdrawn from it all. The uncomfortable focus fame provides him is one he shies away from. He looks to live a normal life the best he can. To simply enjoy his own privacy and really, to read a good book.

    His life fell apart in a single year. The over use and exaggeration in modern years would lead you to believe that his life falling apart would be his band not being too successful for a period of time, or he got a divorce. You would be wrong. This soul who has done more for the listeners of his music than he could ever come to realise lost everything he held dear to him. His daughter, so cruelly taken in a car accident. His wife then snatched away the very same year thanks to disease. What is a man to do without his second half? What, I ask you, is a man supposed to do without his child whom he would give more than his own life for? I ask myself this and I have no response, I have no answer. Yet, in all his brilliance, all he did was simply get on his motor bike and ride. He rode over 55,000 miles, through America hiding in plain sight. Searching for a reason to live. Somehow he found it.

    He has since gone on to record more music and thus touch the lives of so many more people. Watching him play live for me personally silences all other demons in my life. I simply sit, listen, and enjoy. The thing that strikes me most, is that he lost so much yet here he is, doing what he loves, smiling and laughing and again happily married. I think it’s worth noting, if nothing else, that no matter what happens we can move past it and smile. Life is always worth living and always worth enjoying.

    I would normally prefer to leave the identity of this person anonymous, but they aren’t a character I’ve created, they are simply Neil Peart. To me he is a legend, he is my first hero. He is the first person I look at and think, I want to be like him. I don’t want to be famous, I want to have his drive and his tenacity, his desire to constantly improve himself and be able to drag myself through the darkest of times that life can present us with. As he has so aptly put himself;

    “Some days were dark, Some nights were bright, I wish that I could live it all again.”