Along Came A Spider

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    B2220.jpg b2227.jpg b2228.jpg b2229.jpg Alice James is 28, 34c-24-34, blonde hair,green eyes. A dispatcher for Metro 9-1-1.\

    My new toy was delivered today....

    A special Robot spider, custom built by one of my devious friends. Came complete with one of those little net book 'puters, loaded with the control software. It's loaded with all the latest gadgets, facial recognition software, human body target software, and weapons! It can inject with one of two needles, the main “gun” is located on top of the unit, with a shorter back up on the underside, it can also shock like a tazer or stun gun, but that limits it's power supply so it is only a last resort.

    Time to check this baby out. I checked my dungeon, no suitable subjects. "Damn"! Picking up my cell phone, I called my 'boys'.

    “Hey! Where the heck are you? Not branching out on your own are you?”

    “No Boss, we're out scouting, for the next time. “ Came the reply.

    “The time is now.” I said. “whatcha got?”

    “Give us an hour, we 'll have a 5 foot 6 Blondie, with a great shape, which is hidden, get this boss, under a Metro Dispatcher's uniform at the moment! We know how much you like babes in uniform” the voice on my phone said.

    “Well pick her up!” I responded, trying not to sound excited.

    “She's at the 7-11 near her house, we'll get her when she gets home, less attention there. Like I said, we'll deliver in about an hour.' said the voice on the phone.

    “All right, I have my new toy to try out, so don't be late!” I barked, then disconnected the phone. I connected my new beastie to it's quick charger, and selected something to fill it's injection tank.

    Out on the town, my boys watched Metro Dispatcher Alice Miller leave the 7-11 and get in her car. They followed her home, driving by as she closed her garage door and went in the back door to the house. They turned the van around at the corner and pulled up in front of the house.

    One of the boys got out carrying a flower box and a clip board, stopping to slap a magnetic sign on the side of the van facing the house saying “Central Florist”.

    He walked up to the door and rang the bell.

    Alice was just about to go down the hall and change when the bell rang. She paused at the living room window to see a florists van parked out front. She opened the door to see a man holding a big bouquet of flowers and one of those metal clipboards with the storage compartment on the bottom.

    “Alice James?”he said.

    She nodded “Yes”

    “I have these for you.” he said holding out the flowers.

    Alice took the flowers, but before she could open them, the man said:

    “Please sign here” holding out the clipboard and a pen.

    Alice placed the flowers on the back of the sofa, and took the pen. The man held the clipboard

    in front of her, and as she reached out to sign, he shoved the board into her chest and touched a secret button on the bottom.

    Hidden in the bottom compartment was a powerful stun gun, when the man touched the button, two needle sharp electrodes sprang out from the end facing the dispatcher, and into her breasts, then the shock was delivered.

    Alice gave out a little shriek, and collapsed to the floor moaning, and convolsing.

    Her attacker stepped fully in the room and closed the door. This was the signal to the van driver to pull into the driveway and to the garage door at the rear of the house. He slid the side door open and pulled the sign off the outside.

    Back in the house, the attacker first watched the blonde jiggle,her 34c's moving uncontrolably under her uniform, then flipped Alice over on her stomach, placed the electrode tips to the base of her neck and fired the stun gun again and again.

    Alice cried out and convulsed with each shock, finally passing out .

    The man tore open the flower box, producing several extra large zip ties, which he used to bind the dispatcher's arms and legs. He picked her up and dragged her towards the rear door, and the waiting van.....

    True to their word, and faster than the Pizza guy, forty five minutes later, the guys dragged a bound,uniformed blond down the hall and into the dungeon.

    “Set her up on the post guys” I called from the lab, where I was setting up my new toy.

    They laid her on a table and cut away the zip ties then began to wind ropes around her body, a couple of turns below her boobs and then a turn above. This formed part of a harness, which would be used to hold her up against the post on one side of the room. The clipped these loops together with a snap ring, and tied the loose end in a knot. Then they continued winding the rope around the dispatcher's upper body, now including her arms. Next a short rope around her wrists, and another at her knees, this one also included a snap ring.
    Lastly, they added a leather belt around her waist, cinching tightly over the belt on her skirt and under her vest. This belt had an attached ring at the middle of her back, to which they added a last snap ring. The guys then lifted her off the table and moved towards the post.

    The post was a massive 6 x 6, cemented into the floor and bolted to a joist in the ceiling.

    In reality, it supported nothing, but looked like it could hold up the whole building.

    On each side, metal rings were attached at regular spacing from top to almost the floor.

    They guys stood the unconscious blond against the post and attached the snap rings in her bondage to the appropriate post ring, so that, even unconscious, she was held in a standing position, with out looking tightly bound. The belt , hidden under her vest took most of her weight, the rope harness just kept her upright.
    They guys, feeling proud of their work, walked away, and into my office, control room, evil lair, whatever you want to call it.

    “OK boss, were done” one said.

    “Are you sure?” I replied. "This is a high tech dungeon with all the modern video conveniences".I switched on the closest camera to my new captives position to inspect my goods.

    Oh wait, yea here.” the other said, handing me three thumb drives and a flash card.

    “Let me look first.” I said taking the drives and inserting one into a laptop.

    Now, I trust my “guys” (about as far as I can throw them) so I insist the wear these little “lipstick” cameras and a solid state recorder on their captures. Each guy wears one mounted in a baseball cap, and there is one mounted in the van covering the transport area. The flash card records the camera mounted in the clipboard. This not only keeps the guys honest (no playing with the goods), but allows me to enjoy the capture without being there.

    I watched the footage of Alice's capture, the expression on her face when the stun gun first hit her was priceless. As I watched the recording from the clip board cam, I asked “How'd you know her name?”

    “Easy boss, this isn't the first day we watched her. We have been setting up some of these babes for awhile, making a list of possibles and how to get them” replied the first.The second one chimed in “ In blondie's case, we went on the Internet. Metro dispatch has a web site, and a link to it's personnel, with pictures and their metro email address. It was simple to match up the faces!”

    “Ok.”I said, tossing an envelope at the guys. “She'll do, how many more do you have on your list?”

    “Out of 140 people working at Metro dispatch, we found 15 other, single, childless, good lookers,so far, we think we can pick up easily.” said the first confidently.

    “Fifteeen more just at metro, don't you think the cops will see a pattern here?” I replied.

    “Nah, it's a revolving door over there, we're not going after them all in a row, we have others, besides we'll figure out when they get time off and take them on weekends or at the start of vacation. It'll look like the went missing elsewhere. Besides we have others that will keep you interested in the meantime" Replied the second.

    “Alright get outta here, and don't get drunk, like the last time. I may need you again soon”

    I watched the guys leave the room offering their usual thanks and jabs at my fun and games to follow.

    Time to personally inspect my new “play toy”

    As I said, this is a high tech dungeon, when the guys left , I closed the doors behind them, and added a sleeping gas to the air, to insure she offers no resistance until I am ready.

    Looking at a computer screen, I saw that the room air had been purged, and was safe to enter.

    I clicked on my cell phone's walkie talkie.“Eve, meet me in room 3, I have a new one.”

    “Okay boss, I need my stuff, right?” came the reply.

    “I think she'll need a touch up” I said and closed the phone.

    Walking in the room I was treated to this sight as I walked around the unconscious form bound to the post:
    Honey blond hair to her shoulders, about 5 foot 6 tall, nice shape, I guessed 34 c 24 34, wearing the standard issue metro dispatch winter uniform, a light blue, long sleeved shirt with their 9-1-1 insignia on each shoulder, a navy blue skirt,vest, and ladies cross tie. On the vest was the silver Metro dispatchers badge over her left breast and a silver name bar with “A. James” engraved it in. Plus, she was wearing black boots, sensible square heeled ones.

    I lifted her head by the chin. Opening one eye with my thumb, I saw nice green eyes, no contacts either. Just then Eve came in with her “kit”.

    The boys had roughed her up a bit, her eye make up had run from tears, her lipstick was smeared, and her uniform was disarrayed from the struggle ( and the fondling one of my boys gave her, that I saw on his camera footage )

    Eve was my assistant, my “partner in crime”. She knew where the bodies were buried, literally, (she buried some of them herself) and helped me play with most of my “toys”.

    Eve had been a hair dresser in her previous life, and knew how I liked my acquisitions to look like, before I started to play with them.

    She produced a plastic piece of gear that held Alice's head level while she worked on it, it also hooked to the post. While she cleaned the make up off the dispatcher's face, I returned to my office and selected a screen grab off one of the guy's cams of Alice answering the door. I printed it out and brought it to Eve. She looked at it and nodded, then got to work. I returned to the work shop and fed the thumb drive screen grab into the spider control software. Now, if this worked as advertised, it would seek out Alice by facial recognition, which might be useful in the future.

    When I returned to the room Eve had just finished Alice's make up and was removing the hold up device so she could fix her hair. Then she adjusted the uniform as best she could, given the woman was wrapped in rope. Finished, she grabbed a hand full of Alice's hair from behind and pulled her head upright for me to inspect. I nodded and she let the dispatcher's head drop back down. She walked in front of her and grabbed Alice's bound breasts giving the area where her nipples should be a hard pinch, and a slight moan and inhale was heard from from her.

    Smoothing the hair she had grabbed, Eve purred “She'll be fine, she's waking up now. What are you going to do with her? I'd like to have a session with her, my crop would love to beat on those boobs.”

    “Sorry babe, this one's an experiment, you may not get the chance, come back to the control room in an hour, I'll start the real show then” I replied as she walked out the room with a disappointed look on her face....

    Alice awoke in a fog, she remembered being attacked by that guy with the clipboard but didn't understand where she was or why she couldn't move, but was standing. She began to test her bindings, then called out for help, but there would be no rescue....

    "Hello? Any one there? " Of course there was no response...

    As soon as she began to move, I switched on seven of the ten cameras in the dungeon that were trained on her. The other :three would be for the movements and actions of the spider. Each high def, digital camera fed into it's own computer with terabytes of storage, I can record ten hours of video and still have room for more.

    I watched her struggle for about a half hour, and the Eve returned.

    “So what's the deal?” she said looking at the main screen, which was showing Alice from the waist up.

    “How about this?” I said lifting a towel off my spider which was sitting on the desk.

    “What the fuck!” she shrieked, jumping back from the desk.

    “Don't worry, it's programed to go after her when in auto mode, right now I control it from here”

    I said tapping the net book. I attached the joystick to a port on the side of the computer, tapped a couple of keys and the spider shuddered.

    “Its on now” I said, moving the stick, causing the spider to walk a 360 circle for inspection.

    “Watch this, this spider stings” I touched a button on the controller and a six inch needle sprang out from the front of the spider. A drop of green fluid formed at the tip of the needle.

    “What's that stuff?” said Eve, looking intently now at the spider “What does it do?”

    “That, my friend might be why you won't get to play with her when I'm done. It is something new I picked up and if it works, you can have an interesting time whipping the uniform off her later, if not, well ... they say you can't beat a dead horse....” I said looking for the reason why the fluid was at the tip of the needle.

    “I'll bet I could!” snickered Eve, now looking at the main screen, watching Alice struggle against her ropes...

    “She's responsive enough now.” I said, picking up my toy. I walked to the hallway door to the dungeon and set my pet on the floor.

    “Show time! Wait until she gets a load of this!” I switched the spider on, walked to the net book and set him on manual control. “Let's have some fun!”

    Back in the dungeon, Alice awaited her captors, bound to a post. Her bindings were not overly tight, except for her wrists and ankles, but did not allow her to move from her standing position. She called out to her captors and struggled until she realized this was futile, she would just have to wait and see what was to happen to her.

    She looked at her surroundings again and again guessing at what each apparatus was for, but secretly imagining herself attached to it. This room was decorated like and old dungeon, with stone walls and floors, massive posts and beams with metal rings strapped to them, and rings bolted to walls and even the floor. She also noticed several drain grids in the floor, more than she guessed were needed in a room this size.

    Alice looked around the room at the apparatus spread around it. She recognized the massive rack, updated with an electric motor, the iron maiden, a saw horse looking thing with a massive gnarled male appendage looking thing sprouting from it, and a motor below it, she shuddered to think of what that would feel like, it would surely split her open. Towards another wall were high backed chairs, one looking like an electric chair, another without a seat, and two didoes attached to a motor. She saw a storage rack attached to another wall with all sorts of straps, whips, chains, restraints and ropes hanging from it. There were a couple of benches, with straps and again a motor driven dildo. And lastly a couple of pipe apparatuses which looked infinitely adjustable, and the other looked like it was set up to crush her boobs in, she hoped she'd never have to find out about them...

    Decorating all the walls were weapons, crossbows and cross bow pistols, old and new. Medieval weapons like axes, spears, daggers, and maces, modern weapons like an air soft gun, paint ball pistols, and cattle prods, even a tazer

    Then there were the cameras, three of them on tripods, one in front of her and one off to each side. As the bound dispatcher looked around she found several more up in the ceiling, and in the corners.

    Alice called out to her captors again, feeling they must be watching her, but no answer...

    '''Hello! Is anyone there? I'm a Metro Dispatcher,and they will be looking for me! (on Monday,when she didn't show for work.)

    Moments later, the steel clad door slid sideways revealing a similarly decorated hallway.

    Then she heard a noise, sounded like several small motors and clicking sounds. Rounding the corner and entering the room was what looked like a mechanical spider or crab, walking on six legs, the front raised out threateningly.

    Alice began screaming at the top of her lungs as the thing crawled across the floor towards her, her struggles to escape her bindings resumed with new strength.

    "Oh fuck no! I hate spiders!"

    The robot, who's body was about six inches long and three inches wide crawled across the floor to a point in front of her, raised up towards her and stopped in it's reared position.

    Alice's screams subsided to cries on “no..please... help... go away!” then moans as she struggled to escape, while watching the spider appear to look at her.

    Suddenly, the spider came alive again, the six inch needle springing out of a ridge along it's top, and it sprang at the bound girl.

    The dispatcher shrieked and began screaming again..”Go away! Noooo! Please! What did I do to you?! Let me go!!"

    The robot's needle retracted, and it moved across her boots, Alice tried to kick it away but was unsuccessful due to her bound ankles. She watched as the spider now moved along the floor to the wall, and crawled up it to a beam just below the ceiling . Then it moved along the beam to a point just above her. The bot raised it's front legs again and worked the needle in and out, sending the dispatcher into another screaming fit . The bot then made some movements Alice was unable to see, but suddenly it jumped off the beam towards her, and another long scream was heard. The robot spider stopped in mid fall attached to a filament

    it was making, and slowly lowered itself until it was level with the woman's shoulder.

    Alice continued to scream as the spider hung next to her, inches away from touching her....

    I jiggled the spider by twitching his legs and each time, the blond screamed. I decided I had played enough, so I set the robot on auto, and moved to the vid cams to watch the fun.

    Inside the Dungeon, Alice was screaming hysterically,"I will do whatever you want! just make it go away!!",

    The spider, which had been motionless for a moment or two now sprang back to life again, re positioning itself and turning the weapon end towards her neck. It was unable to spring the needle out far enough from where I had left it hanging, so it began a new set of movements, and started a swinging motion.

    As the robot spider swung to it's victim, it cut the cord to the beam above, and swinging free, grabbed on to Alice's right boob, the six legs pulling inward and clawing at the uniform vest to keep from falling off.

    "Ow! Let go,you are hurting me!!" "Let me go!"

    Despite her best efforts at shaking her chest side to side, the blond could not dislodge the robot, as it kept re-positioning it's legs, hooking them under her vest at her shoulder, and chest, moving them inward to hold, the sharp claws at the end of each leg digging in to the fabric of her vest and shirt, straining the silver buttons holding her vest together.

    The bot now began to close in on it's target, and move upward towards her neck. It reached out a claw and hooked her collar, but Alice's struggles caused the bot to close its claws inward to hold on again, one claw tore the collar and tie open.

    ....I watched this dance go on for several minutes as the bot would move a bit higher, only to have the struggles of the bound beauty cause it to slip, some times causing one of it's claws to tear a part of Alice's clothing further open. Alice strained to keep her head as far back and away from the spider bot as she could, but she was fighting a loosing battle. She had forgotten all about screaming,her only cries now were directed at her struggles with the robot attacking her.

    The bot stopped moving for several seconds, I had to look at the laptop to confirm it was still functioning, but then, it made a clever move. Unseen by Alice, it reached out with one of it's front claws and placed the point on her throat, right where the throat meets the chest, and pushed. Almost instantly, reflex action caused the blond to jerk her head downward. The bot also reacted and it's needle sprang outward and into the woman's neck!

    Alice let out an animal like scream, as her eyes opened as far as possible, the tears continuing to stream down her cheeks, smearing her eye make up further. Her scream turned into a garbled gurgling moan as the tank emptied into the needle and her bloodstream. Her eyes closed and her head fell forward pushing the needle further in. The woman began to tremble, as the chemicals coursed into her bloodstream, and unbeknownst to me, into her brain.

    Alice opened her eyes wide and began convulsing....

    The spider bot having completed it's task, retracted it's needle and then sprang backwards off the now convulsing body. It landed upright on the floor and then hid under a nearby table.

    Alice was now in full seizure, her convulsions far worse than her struggles before. As her head lifted I could see her foaming at the mouth, and this was not supposed to happen.

    Then suddenly as the convulsions started, they stopped, and she just went limp against her ropes. I deactivated the spider bot, Eve and I went in to check out the damage.

    Eve grabbed Alice's head by the hair and lifted it. Her eyes were partially open in a death stare, greenish foam still dripping from her mouth.

    Eve let go and pulled out her stethoscope. Ripping Alice's shirt open she began to check for a heartbeat - there was none.

    "She's dead." Eve said dejectedly. "What happened? Your toy get carried away"?

    I retrieved my toy from it's hiding spot. "The tanks are empty, that shouldn't have happened"

    I went back for the laptop. Checking the settings, I realized I had not set the dosage, and the default was to empty the tanks. After all, it was an assassin bot.

    "Oh well" I said returning to Eve, "It was a test, and I just didn't set it up right".

    "What are you going to do with this now?" she said patting one of Alice's now exposed boobs."Too bad babe, you'd have looked great squirming under my cat - o - nine tails."

    "I think I'll let the boys take care of this one, by the time they will be here, the chemicals should be inert and undetectable..." They both had their hands - err eyes on this one anyway."

    When the boys showed up, smelling of booze - I should have bet them on that, I told them to dispose of our blond dispatcher, she wouldn't be talking to anyone soon.

    I switched on a camera when the boys entered the room. They untied the body from the post and dragged her out into the hall. I switched on the hall camera just in time to see them tear the woman's uniform off in about 10 seconds, and carry her nude body into a nearby storeroom....

    I knew what was going to happen, I didn't need to watch....

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