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    Laurel West was the night shift guard at a multi customer warehouse,
    she was 32, 5 feet 5, 120 lbs, 36c-24-35, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Wearing a uniform of gray and maroon shirt, and maroon skirt. Laurel had worked for the company for 5 years.

    (This is community storage space for smaller customers) tonight it would be broken into by a group of thieves looking for something very special computer components.

    The group had hired two women to take good care of the female guard.

    Both women showed up wearing leather mini dresses and high heeled black boots.

    When questioned about their ability to operate in minis,

    one replied " Hey, no problem we're both black belts in several forms of martial arts, she's a minimum wage rent a cop!"

    ”She'll be easy!” replied the other.

    The two women went off in search of their prey, while the rest of the group went off to the high value section of the building.

    Laurel rounded a corner to see two dark skinned women dressed in red walking rapidly down the aisle toward her.

    " Hey! Stop! What are you"... the guard's question was cut short by one of the attacker's boot being buried in Laurel's gut.

    Before the blonde could drop to her knees from the blow, they grabbed her.

    It took 15 minutes for the blonde to succumb, her attackers took turns, demonstrating their skills on Laurel's body.

    Kicks, chops, punches, flips and smashes rained on the guard.

    Her gut and 36c's suffered the most. they removed Laurel's duty belt, cuffed her hands behind her back with her own cuffs, and beat her boobs with her baton. Laurel fell to the floor moaning and begging for them to stop.

    One of the attackers picked up a rag, and used it as a gag, slamming her knee into the guard's crotch, splitting her skirt, to get her to open her mouth. After tightly tying the gag around her head, the attackers took turns, one holding her up, the other beating her body.

    One of the regular burglars appeared at the end of the aisle, and made a cutting motion across his throat.

    The girl holding Laurel grabbed her head, and with a quick twist, snapped her neck, ending Laurel's pain. Both girls held an arm and tossed the dead guard face first into a full window, next to an office door at the end of the aisle. Laurel's body shattered the glass, and folded over the window frame. The shards of glass shredded the front of her uniform shirt, exposing bloody and battered boobs partially encased in a push up bra.

    That is the way they found her in the morning....

    The thieves got away with almost half a million dollars in equipment...

    Police are still investigating..
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    Many years ago, before I met Kim, she had attended a stunt school, passed it too! A lot of the stuff we did in our role play games worked because of what she had learned, then taught me. Kim's final exam was a fight scene where she played a cop ( of course the uniform lover would want to be a cop) who chased a bad guy who the got the drop on her and she was beaten to death, and tossed into a patio door ( "candy glass" - stunt glass)
    then, after some strangulation, her body was dumped off a deck into a lake (high fall)

    So this story was based on that scene...