a valentine to a Lady

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    it's a usual day in the park for the retired man,seated under his favorite tree
    at the old wooden table with attached benches,
    playing his solitary game of checkers

    waiting for the lady who occasionally
    jogs thru the park, her ponytail flipping strong
    her legs pumping hard, her passive face
    ignoring him

    oh, how he wishes she'd stop and rest,
    he'd give her the simple red carnation he's brought
    not a rose, that signifies love, this is just to say hi.

    'hi', a voice says from the other direction.
    a different lady jogging to a rest
    upon the other end of his favorite bench.
    her curly hair is a mess,
    a man's shirt two sizes too big for her,
    slip on sneakers, and that's all she wears,
    except the tight rope that holds her upper arms
    behind her back keeping her hands free
    but unable to touch her most feminine aspects
    which are readily viewable,
    and most worthy of admiration.

    thin strands of hemp rope roam over her chest,
    holding one breast proudly forward
    while the strands have fallen off the other one.
    his glance at her majestic, perfect body
    moves to her fervent expressioned face

    "mind if i sit down for a moment?"
    her voice is gentle though catching her breath.

    "good morning, of course", then checking his watch
    "ah, good afternoon as it is."

    "afternoon to you too. have a I disturbed your game?"

    "absolutely not. shall I make a move for you?"

    "certainly, uh, the red one at the corner."

    "ah, a wise move indeed." as the red jumps three green.

    "come here often?" he asks, knowing she has not.

    "uh, no, just passing thru." she nods her head.

    "I have some lemonade" pouring from his carafe

    into a paper cup and offering it with a paper straw.

    she smiles and accepts the offer and likes the taste.

    "May I?" he asks as a gentleman should, she nods
    as a thank you for the needed sustenance.

    His hand cups the natural breast and thumbs the nipple,
    his heart beats faster at knowing the wondrous texture
    of a woman's body, soft and firm and warm.
    he wants to hold the other breast too but refrains.

    "I have a general idea of where I'm bound for."
    she says, once more looking around,
    giving him a location across town.

    his heart beat returns to normal.
    reseating himself to straddle the bench,
    he takes the carnation from its paper cup
    to show her directions with the wet stalk end
    between her thighs, moving ever closer
    to the finish line of her route
    at the crest of her lips.

    "thank you" she says rising up.
    leaning forward to kiss his forehead
    and feel this thumb diddling down below.

    "are you, uh, here every umm day?"

    "mostly everyday." and he rises too
    placing the carnation stalk between
    strands so that it lays snug under her chin.

    "happy valentine's day" he says.

    "thank you," as she hurries on her way.

    he watches as the man's shirt
    disappears behind the park hedges.
    then takes his seat once more,
    noticing the ponytail pause at the near path
    then turn away. he moves a green checker,
    glad he gave the carnation to someone this day.

    "you shouldn't play alone,
    and certainly not with just checkers."

    catching her breath to sit beside him,
    resting her proud breast on his arm,

    one of his hands moving a red checker for her,
    while his other hand begins a very long diddle,

    and the couple on the bench being careful
    not to crush the valentine present.