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    Sorry for the vague title, I really don't know what to call this. Sometimes I feel the need to write about things. It's generally not very long when I do write, and it'll more than likely be just a descriptive sort of... thing when I do. I'm really not looking for pointers or praise, just read it and think about it if you want or you can just not read it and move on. Whatever floats your boat :Dd (That's a smiley face with it's thumb up). So, enjoy it I guess.

    Is there anything more beautiful than a corpse?

    A corpse is surrounded by peace. They become the center of attention when you enter the room. Silence envelops it. They lay for all to see, allowing those that once knew them to remember just how they treated them. Some say you go to heaven or hell, personally I’d say every time you are around a corpse you are in hell. You look at them and you realise you will never see them again, you realise that you’ve unfairly treated them like shit. That you’ll never feel their love ever again. A corpse will lay in silence and embody a life that has been and gone. The thousands of cells, the millions of molecules laying on a slab of steel make up an entire lifetime of experiences. An entire life time of laughs, loves, hurting and crying. The permanent silence which surrounds a corpse is part of what makes it beautiful. The silence prevents it from being ignored, from being outspoken, it centres all the attention on to the life that once was. A corpse is a beautiful thing, and I don’t know if a heaven or hell exist and quite frankly I don’t care, what I do know is that life is fleeting and in the blissful, beautiful presence of death you should do nothing but take a deep breath and rejoice that you get to continue to live and will one day be at such peace.

    p.s. Let me know if there is anything I've done wrong with this post. If there isn't I'll be amazed xD
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    This is really interesting! I think there's something equally jarring and enthralling about the macabre, and it's a very good topic for creative writing and art because it really does captivate an audience. :)