A Modest Proposal

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    It occurred to him as he sat at the table. Thru the restaurant's window he watched a motorcycle arrive, its driver clad all in latex, wearing a helmet with sun shield. The figure had feminine bulges confirmed when the helmet came off and long hair was shook loose. His eyes moved to the lady seated across from him.

    She ate her meal in silence looking up after each bite and sip of tea. How often had he watched her walk around his house in leather or latex wear, such as he knew she wore under this day's skirt. How often had he watched her shake her hair out of a hood. Her eyes asked what was he thinking.

    "I'd like you to wear something at the party." He answered studying her face.
    She looked down. Something new to to enhance, bind, or both to her breasts most likely, or to her sex. Or maybe he was going to change the rear plug. She looked up. "What did you have in mind?"

    "A mask." She finished her meal. she'd worn masks and hoods and thrilled at being clothed totally in tight wear that showed no part of her body but only her shape. She did hate bumping into things when blind folded but that was an annoyance that she might obtain anyway. She recognized his smile, he had another experiment to subject her to. She'd go along of course, obedience demanded that, but love also made it necessary.

    She motioned for the check and as she waited "What kind of mask? Like one of those oval Venetian masks that are held on the face by a plug that I would bite down on, keeping me silent?"
    "I think not. This will show your face."

    She paid the bill and quietly walked beside him to the car for the weekend trip to a cabin in the woods, where he had a workshop. She knew not to ask any more of his new project. And held the door open for him. She drove as he made sketches on a cell phone screen.
    "Stop at Bill's place, he's home." In moments they were in a garage workshop.

    Bill was a metal engineer. "Yes, I can do that, will take awhile. Let's measure her head now." Bill sat her on the edge of a table, her legs spread of course as he opened a drawer just under one leg. His other hand raised the skirt and touched the bulge in her latex panty. Although it really didn't do anything to her, he was a friend and she gave a pleasurable moan. He took out measuring tools. "I don't have any other custom orders right now, so come back next week, and I'll have a mock up."

    She spent the weekend in the cabin as usual, fully encased, looking out thru a plastic bubble when cooking for him. Hoses attached to her mouth fed her with the smoothies he made for her. But all she could think of thru the following days was what was he planning?

    The following Friday they ate at the restaurant and the same motorcyclist arrived. He watched her elegant figure enter and take a seat in the corner. "I'll be right back." He went over and talked to her for a few moments. The woman nodded several times. Then he returned to his seat.

    "Her name's Shelley. I asked if she would like to be our chauffeur for the party. She's interested." He said as the lady across from him motioned for the check, she'd suddenly lost her appetite.

    She wondered if this woman was replacing her, maybe whatever Bill was making was a going away present as she was passed on to someone she may never have met. That's how she met him, but love had entered into their consensual arrangements. Was that now ending.

    She did not drive him to the cabin that weekend, but only to Bill's workshop. A plaster cast in two pieces awaited her. Without openings. It was placed around her head with a simple flip lock on the top and just under the ears. She could her them talking.

    "Well, that's the general shape, what you're asking for will take some skillful artistry. But I can have it ready by the party. I will make it as lightweight as possible."

    Another week of worry and building apprehension. The same when he first hooked a hose up to one of her openings in a body suit. Yet she did not ask. Thinking of hideous medieval masks.
    On the day of the party both Bill and Shelley arrived at the house ready to escort the couple. The men wore tuxedos, Shelley in shimmering black latex that compressed everywhere it should to express her natural curves better.

    He came out leading his lady and the two women bowed to each other. She wore a sparkling suit without covering for her arms and back but flattening the center of her breasts to make them bulge out the side, with a solid thick band around her neck. She looked at Shelley who smiled back with envy.

    And then Bill revealed the item he had made. Not a mask, a head cage. Two hard bands ran behind her ears over her head and the latches were firmly shut. The rear unit was a mesh, and thru its small openings Bill and Shelley pulled out random strands of hair.

    The front unit was a dazzling steel oval that just touched the nose and closed under the chin. From just a few feet away one might think she wore a veil of fishnet, yet close up one could see the molded steel was one piece, the larger openings stamped in the heart shapes, though Valentine's day had passed. She turned her head to show how it held steady around her face and under her chin, without its own movement. She looked at Bill and said a simple thank you.

    The man who had request the cage gazed at her for a long moment until Bill reminded them of the party. Bill escorted Shelly out to the car where she changed from high heels into slippers to drive the limo.
    She sat in the limo getting used to the sensation of looking out thru the hearts. And for once she did not wear any accessories meant to enhance or hold her femininity. Though he did tie a scarf to her neck with something dangling from it, she assumed it was a key to the latches.

    At the party she was greeted with enthusiasm. Though eating was difficult, funny, and embarrassing, she proudly showed her cage off, answering the men's questions about how she felt inside it. "I can see, hear, speak, and drink with a straw. It does not compress as hoods do, but it still encases me. I love it." The women dressed in all sorts of latex outfits, ran hands over the cage. Bill had not charged for this one, but would recoup his costs on a dozen orders, each with different front openings.

    Then she was gently urged forward to a small platform. He came to her now, undid the item hanging from her neck and stood in front of her, a step down that she looked over his head. "As you all know, we've been 'dating' for some time now. Tonight I'd like to make it official." he turned and went down on one knee, taking her hand and offering the item, a ring. He proposed and she said yes, resting her cage on the top of his head.