A Lesson In Confidence

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    “Oh, hello, I'm Marvin, and I'll be your kidnapper this evening.”

    She looked up from her menu at the shabbily dressed, nervous young man. “You're what?”

    He reached in a pocket for a scrap of paper. "You are Shirley Furbelow?”

    She sipped her wine, glaring at him thru her octagonal glasses. “Yes, I am.”

    “Ah, well, then I am here to do the, uh, Speed Strip, Tie, and Ransom.”

    “You must be kidding. I'm here waiting for my boss, we'll be discussing a new project.”

    “Uh, yeah, he said you'd say that."

    She rose, her strapless gown held up over breasts by anti-gravity it would seem.

    "Listen Mervyn..." "Marvin." "Whatever, I do kickboxing down at the gym.” And she flared a long athletic leg from the slit in the near floor length silk gown.

    “Uh, yeah, I was told by the manager at the gym how to counter that.” And he immediately did.

    Shirley Furbelow suddenly found herself face down on the tablecloth as her hands were brought behind and a handcuff snapped onto one wrist. The several couples in the restaurant looked on with various degrees of curiosity but no inclination to interfere.

    “Excuse me, but what is the name of your service?

    He repeated the name.

    “Then shouldn't you strip me first, then tie me?”

    He let her up. “Oh, yeah, sorry, just my second time.”

    “ How well did the first time go?”

    He was looking for the handcuff key in his pockets. “Uh, I got a whopping big black eye for a week. But it worked out in the end. Here's the key...”

    And he fell backwards onto an empty chair, dragging the linen and two place settings from the next table down on top of him along with the creation of a whopping big black eye for a week,.

    “Oh, now look what you've done. I'm just an average guy trying to do my job. Work with me will you?” He said being helped up by a nearby waiter.

    She was half gloating, half disgusted. “Oh, what the hell." She gave a slight roll of her sholders and her gown fell straight to the floor, revealing what the men in the room all sighed about and the women simply commented 'those can't be natural'.

    “Do I have to take the thong off too?”

    “Uh, no, I think I can do that.” He started to put his hands on her thighs only to get his foot entangled in the dropped tablecloth. Instead his hands grasped her breasts and she fell backwards onto her table, knocking the wine glass off, spilling onto her dropped gown.

    He released his grip. “Sorry.” He stood back up then turning in a circle to announce, “They are really real, really.” The men sighed, the women went back to their salads or ordered another vodka gimlet, double this time.

    She leaned over and picked up her dress. “That'll need a good cleaning.”

    “Oh, I have a cousin who can get that right as new, don't worry, I'll pay for it.” He said picking the gown up and folding it gently.

    “Out of the ransom money you're getting?"

    “Uh, well, the service will get that, I get paid by the hour.”

    Her disgust softened. “Then shouldn't you be tying me now to get the money I'm going to make you pay for a new dress.”

    “New one? Oh, well, I guess. Uh, turn around.”

    “The thong?

    “Oh,yeah.” His hands once more went down to lower her thong, which wasn't adequately covering what it should anyway but still a round of applause from the men as the thong dropped to the floor. The women tried to ignore the event.

    Shirley smiled, not a bit embarrassed, in fact even did a slight curtsey. Then held out her hands.

    Marvin clamped the other cuff on and then started to lead her out of the restaurant.

    “Wait a moment. What's the name of your service again?”

    Once more he repeated it.

    “Nothing there about taking me anywhere.”

    “Well, that's an assumption of the usual manner. Take you to my hide out in a secluded abandoned old warehouse and toss you into the garbage pile, put today's newspaper up to the side of your face, take your picture, and send it to your husband and...”

    “...and he will do nothing. I divorced the sucker last month, don't you do any research on your targets?”

    “Well, just a moment. The service said...”

    “You're stripping and tying me up for money from that worthless husband I took for all he's got. Now uncuff me and when my boss gets here we'll discuss making a modest payment to you for some better clothes. Ah, here he is now.”

    A conservative suited middle aged balding man entered and paused. “Shirley, what is going on?” He rushed to her and gave her a hug, not so much as to comfort her but just to get those men-sighable breasts against his chest.

    “This person is here to strip, tie, and then ransom me.”

    Her boss put a hand on her bare ass while looking at Marvin. “Hand over the keys to these cuffs, then get out of her, never come back, find another job, just go.”

    “But Uncle Walter...”

    “You were suppose to be out of here by time I got here, Marvin.”

    Shirley pulled away from her boss. “Wait a minute, S.S.T.& R., that's one of the company's subsidiaries. You sicked him on me.”

    Uncle Walter was embarrassed. “The project I wanted to talk to you tonight is actually a way to get at all those millions you got off what's his name. The company's just about broke.”

    At that moment a raggedly dressed man entered and approached Mrs. Harriet Bunsgalore and her mild mannered insurance salesman husband.

    “I'm with Acme Kidnap and BDSM Service. Now stand up so I can strip and tie you up and you, sir, get ready to pay...”

    “Arnold? That you Arnold? It's me, Marvin. Remember, high school?”

    “Oh, hi, Marvin, I'm kind of busy here. Oh, wow, look at those....oh.” He sighed staring at Shirley, while leaning his hand down into Harriet's braless dress.

    “They're real, Arnold.” Marvin said rather glad to be able to make such an announcement.

    “Wow.” And Arnold took his hand out of Harriet's dress.

    “Hey, now, so are mine.” Harriet stood up and dumped her soup bowl on Arnold's head. As he fell to the floor his hand gripped her dress and hauled it down off her men-satisfied-nodding breasts.

    At that moment two cool looking dudes all in leather entered with curled bullwhips in hand. “You two, you're coming with us. Nobody try to stop us.” One let his whip out and gave it a snap.

    Shirley laughed. “Are you with a service?

    “Nope, we're freelancers.” The new man nearest Harriet said, then uncurled his whip and gave a quick flick towards Her. It expertly spun her around, snapping the hook on the backside of her skirt. She took a step back out of the clothes dropped on the floor. A second quick snap cut the narrow elastic band of her panty at her hip and the rest fell away. Her hands came down to hide her sex.

    “Oh, Harriet, modesty went out the door ten minutes ago.” Shirley said encouragingly. Letting her own thong drop as a sign of womanly solidarity.

    Harriet looked at her husband. “Well, Harold?” But he was rather bewildered. So she turned around for all to see. The men nodded approval again and the women simply wondered if they were chosen next to strip how would the men react.

    At that moment a waiter entered from the back with Harriet's and Harold's main entrees. He paused. “Clive?”

    “Oh, hell.” The new man nearest Shirley said.

    The waiter put the entrees down and gave the man nearest Harriet a good looking over. “So this is who you left me for?”

    “Get over it Maurice, I'm with Teddy now.”

    Teddy looked at his partner. “Now they know our names.”

    Shirley walked over to Teddy, her hand stroking the whip. “ Do you have a lot of experience in all this.”

    “Well, if we take both of you, it will be an even fifty that we've done and had some nice times with.”

    I suppose you have an unmarked, stolen, dark colored van waiting to take us to some abandoned, secluded warehouse for lots of mayhem to our fine bodies?”

    “Well, until the coppers come sniffing around. Then we let you go.”

    “Harriet, we're now in the clutches of experienced whippers. Not fumblers like those two." She gave Marvin and Arnold a stiff glare.

    “And maulers too?" Harriet asked. The cool dudes nodded. "Well, then I know I will be glad for a change, Harold is so boring.”

    Shirley smiled. “That's why I divorced mine." Then she asked Teddy. "You guarantee several hours of mayhem upon our defenseless bodies?"

    "Well, yeah, that's why we're here, bitch."

    "Oh, Harriet, what say, let's give these guys a try." Harriet nodded in approval.

    Walter saw the ruin of his company. "Shirley, Marvin here was first. You should go with him."

    Marvin, miffed, sat down. "You said I should go find another job. Some Uncle you are. Had to use my own van, couldn't use one of the company vans."

    Shirley looked at the other ladies. "Anyone else?"

    The other women looked at the men seated across from them. One stood up. "I'll tell you all about what they do so you can do it too, Stanley." She nodded at Shirley and began to undress. Two more quickly followed.

    "Our van won't hold all of you." Clive informed.

    "Oh, hell." Marvin stood up. "I'll help drive them to your secluded warehouse in my van if Arnold and me can stay and watch."

    "Uh, do you gentlemen mind if I make a call to my broker about my stock holdings in Walter's company? That should pay for all your services."

    “Maurice, could we have a to go bag for these dinners?” Harriet said picking up the nearest bottle of wine and heading for the door.

    Shirley paused before joining the procession out. She threw the gown at Walter. "Be a good guy and have that cleaned for me."

    Then she gave the remaining men a deep bow and a firm slap to her butt. "Come on Mervyn."
    "I'm Marvin."

    And that is how Marvin became a big time producer of bdsm movies and Shirley and Harriet became his best stars, alternating having mayhem done upon their defenseless bodies.

    (a rewrite of a story by erodite that had a worse ending than this)