2 — Survival Training

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    “Wake up ladies! It’s time to start your training as PREY!”

    Fanni sat up and rubbed her eyes then looked at the tall guy who was banging on a small, metal can as he walking down the center isle of the barn that had been temporarily converted into a make shift dorm room for the contestants.

    “My name is Sergeant,” yelled the man banging on the can; and his voice had the cadence of a drill sergeant. “As of this morning, your contracts are legally binding, making you officially rabbits!”

    Just perfect, Fanni thought, angry at herself for not even trying to leave the night before. If this Sergeant was telling the truth, it sounded as if she might have been allowed to leave last night, if she’d actually tried. Maybe that was why the woman at the door had smiled that way when Fanni asked about leaving. She’d never know for sure now.

    “That means,” Sergeant went on, “That there can be only two outcomes during your stay on this island! Either you will learn enough during you training period to avoid being captured or you will spend the next year of your life as a slave! Assuming you do not want to be a hunter’s slave, I suggest you pay attention and learn as much during this one-week training period as you possibly can! I and the other instructors will teach you what you need to survive and stay hidden on this island! Whether you are captured may depend on how well you can learn these lessons! So hurry up and form a line, rabbits! Your survival training is waiting for you!”

    One of the girls raised her hand tentatively. “Excuse me, but…”

    “Excuse me, sir!”

    “Ah… What?”

    “When you address me you will refer to me as sir! Is that understood, little rabbit?”

    “Yes sir.”

    “Then what’s on your mind, rabbit?”


    “Speak up, we haven’t got all day!”

    “I was wondering where my clothes were, sir.”

    “Clothes? Rabbits don’t wear clothes,” he said, walking uncomfortably close to the girl who had asked the question as he all but screamed. “From now until the end of your training you will wear only the clothes that God gave you! If God gave you a hairy bush, then you have my permission to wear it! At the end of your training, you will be allowed to wear boots and a few other bits of clothing, but for the most part, anything you wear, you will have to make or find once you are released into the wild! Is that understood, rabbit?”

    “Yes sir.”

    Sergeant turned back to the room at large. “Now line up and prepare to be placed in restraints.” He turned to the rabbit who had just asked the question. “Unless you have another question, rabbit?”

    “Ah… why are we being put in restraints?”

    “During your training, you will wear restraints because rabbits are wild animals,” he screamed, pushing his face belligerently towards hers again. “If not restrained, you might try to run away! And YOU will NOT be running away!”

    He turned back around so that he was addressing the whole room once again.

    “Wearing restraints (and not wearing clothing) will also help you acclimate to the necessities of your future lives—during which (in all probability) you will not be wearing clothes again for more than a year! If you dislike not wearing clothes, then I strongly suggest that you do not get caught by a hunter while on this island!”

    When the women had formed a line they were lead to the entrance of the barn. Waiting just outside the door there was a small table piled high with metal shackles; and a man waiting to help the women put them on. Each woman was given two sets of cuffs connected by a short length of chain. One set went behind her back just above the elbows; the other trapped her wrists in the front, keeping her forearms pinned tightly to her side.

    From there, they were lead back inside the mansion. The large ball room (where the dance had been held the night before) had been converted into a dining hall. There were three rows of tables on the dance floor, while the stage had been replaced by a podium and a microphone. The men from the previous night were seated at evenly spaced intervals around the tables, so that there was one empty chair for every man.

    “Better take a seat and eat up, rabbits,” Sergeant said into the microphone. He wasn’t yelling anymore, but his voice still sounded like a drill sergeant. “Except for water breaks, this will be all you get until the evening meal.”

    Obviously, the women were supposed to sit among the men. Fanni moved quickly, choosing a young hunter with a pleasant looking face; not so attractive that he would be conceited, but easy enough to look at. He smiled at her, obviously pleased with her choice. And Fanni sat patiently, while the other women found seats.

    “Each rabbit has now randomly paired herself with a hunter,” Sergeant said. “You are now officially this hunter’s pet for the duration of your training. Over the next seven days, the two of you will be spending a lot of time together. How much time is up to your hunter. Some hunters like to remove the shackles from their rabbits, giving them a certain degree of autonomy. Others treat their rabbits like a House Pets, as I like to call it. Most hunters like to attend the instructional units with their pets; some also enjoy the hands on experience of feeding, bathing and taking care of their rabbit’s every need—and when I say every, I do mean every. If you want, Hunters, you can spend every waking and sleeping moment with the rabbit who has just chosen you!

    “A warning to you hunter’s, however, while you have nearly absolute control over your rabbit keep in mind that they are not yet officially slaves. Do not go beyond the limits of the rabbit’s legal contract or the legal consequences could be severe. And rabbits,” Sergeant paused a moment for dramatic effect. “If you find that you do not like your chosen partner, you will not be allowed to request another. I recommend that you try not to piss your hunter off. They have full control over you for the duration of this training period, and possibly beyond; so although their are legal limited to what they can do, I assure you there is still plenty of leeway to make your life quite miserable, if they want to.”

    Fanni looked at her chosen partner and swallowed nervously. He smiled reassuringly and she fervently hoped that he was as nice as he seemed.

    “For those who aren’t eating yet, I suggest that you get started,” Sergeant said, “If you have not finished by the end of this lecture, there will be nothing to eat until this evening.”

    Fanni looked down at her bowl. It contained what looked like a handful of pellet sized biscuits or crackers—she wasn’t really sure which descriptive term was more appropriate. There was also an oversized juice box with a straw in it. It was a meal that could be eaten without the use of one’s hands, if you were willing to lean over and put your face in the bowl. Fanni noticed that a few women were already doing that, but she preferred not to.

    “Would you mind feeding me,” she asked.

    Her hunter just gave her a friendly but amused smile and said, “Sorry, not my job.”

    Thanks, Fanni thought as she leaned over and took one of the biscuit-like lumps into her mouth. The hunter’s smile widened even more as she lowered her head towards the bowl.

    She wasn’t expecting much but whatever these biscuit-like lumps of food were, they were actually not that bad. They were clearly not made of bread. They were chewy and had a dark reddish-brown color with a hearty flavor. Her best guess was that they were made of some kind of partially dried potato product mixed with seeds, bits of dried meat and fruit, and perhaps some chopped vegetables—all mashed together in one bite-sized and presumably nutritious lump.

    It was food that felt like it would stay with her through the day.

    “As I was saying,” Sergeant went on, “Hunters are responsible for the care of their rabbits! How you treat them is largely up to you, however, you may not prevent them from attending the scheduled classes; you may not render your rabbit unfit to be a contestant. In addition to breaking bones, or letting your rabbit become sick, this also includes withholding adequate food, sleep or even exercise in an attempt to make your rabbit weaker and easier to catch. If your rabbit is rendered unfit in any way you will forfeit your tuition and be barred from participating in this years hunt. So take good care of your rabbits, hunters.

    “Now, some of you may be wondering why you will be taking most of your classes together! After all, you may think the knowledge a rabbit needs to survive would not be the same knowledge a hunter needs to capture them. Smart hunters and rabbits, however, will realize that all such knowledge is valuable. Knowing what a rabbit is going to be eating will inform you where to look for them. Knowing how a hunter will create his traps will inform you how to avoid those same traps. Everything that you see and hear during your instructional sessions may prove useful, if you have the wit to apply that knowledge. So pay attention—not only to what applies to you, but also to what applies to your opponents.

    “The following information will be repeated again, before the rabbits are released into the wild. But at this time I will give you a general overview of the Hunting Season schedule. After you’ve finished your training, at the end of this week, at 8 AM on Sunday morning, all rabbits will be released onto the main island. This includes more than thirty thousand acres of wild land to forage, not including rivers, mountains and the parts of the sea that you can swim in. For those of you who aren’t familiar with acres… that’s nearly forty-seven square miles of forests, mountains, meadows, and fresh streams.

    “During Hunting Season, rabbits will be permitted to wear boots, gloves and any of the specially approved outfits that you see modeled on the mannequins over along the south wall. If you desire to wear one of these outfits in the wild, inform your hunter and he will escort you to the tailor’s office during one of your regularly scheduled free sessions and one will be made in your size. In addition, each rabbit will be given a small carrying case for holding essential survival supplies. This will include a map containing the locations of several specially hidden supply caches which contain food and other luxury items that will make your life on this island easier. One of these caches will be marked as your own personal supply. No one else will have the location to that cache. In addition, it will have a lock with a combination that only you know. I suggest you place the things you do not wish to be stolen in this cache for safe keeping. A minimum of three other caches will also appear on your map. The location of these caches will be shared randomly by other rabbits and hunters. I suggest you use caution when visiting them; however, the advantage of these caches is that they are much larger than your personal caches and contain additional types of supplies which you might call luxury items.

    “Exactly 24 hours after the rabbits have been released, the hunters will be free to start tracking you down. Each hunter is free to capture as many rabbits as he can. Hunters will have their own maps, as well as other advantages, such as hunting knives—which they can use to build traps—and other specially approved pieces of equipment. If you brought your own equipment, make sure to have it validated before taking it out into the field. This will avoid the possibility of having your captures invalidated upon review.

    “In addition, all hunters have been given a set of identification tags. If you do not have your tags yet, make sure to get them immediately. Do not loose these tags—especially if you are a woman hunter, as these tags will be the primary method used to distinguish you from the rabbits. If you loose these tags and find yourself taking a bath in a stream, you may—and probably will—be captured and treated like a rabbit. I’ve learned from past experience that male hunters tend to have a warped sense of humor; they may not accept the fact that you have clothing as proof that you are a hunter. Therefore, I recommend that you keep these tags around your neck at all times, and do not remove them for any reason. If you need to take a bath, wash with the tags on—they are rust proof as well as hypoallergenic.”

    “Now, although every effort has been made to avoid unnecessary injuries during your stay on our island, excellent doctors are available for virtually any emergency. Any hunter who needs a doctor may call for one by activating the tracking sensor build into your tag.”

    The sergeant continued to drone on like that: spewing forth rules and regulations, recommending strategies and prohibiting certain actions.

    Fanni tried to pay attention, but she was still tired from rising so early; she found her mind wandering from time to time and had to shake herself awake. If her arms hadn’t been bound at her side she would have rubbed her eyes.

    Finally the Sergeant ended his discourse by saying, “You will now have some scheduled free time, so the rabbits can chose one of the approved outfits and go for a fittings.

    Oh yeah? Fanni thought, What happened to, ‘Rabbits don’t wear clothes!’

    Of course, it was a bit of a stretch to call the tiny straps and other bits that covered the mannequins clothes.

    “We will meet back here in one hour, so that you can receive your schedules,” Sergeant continued, “Follow those schedules carefully. Because the whole group will be split up into smaller classes, if you miss an instructional unit it may be possible to make it up during one of your free periods—but any pair that misses more than three instructional units they can’t make up, can be disqualified—at the sole discretion of the Hunting Season management—depending on how important the missed sessions are to your survival. If this happens, hunters will forfeit their tuition fees and be sent home; rabbits will be taken directly to the holding cells where they will wait to be purchased at the end-of-season auction. So don’t miss your classes.

    “Enjoy your free time.”


    Fanni’s hunter followed her over to the mannequins and tagged along as she walked down the row, looking at each one.

    “They don’t cover very much, do they,” he said.

    One of the house slaves, who was obviously posted to give help and answer questions, over heard him and said, “They’re not designed to cover anything, Sir. They’re designed to give the rabbit a way to carry a few supplies without having to constantly hold them.”

    There were several variations on three basic designs. One had a few leather straps that wrapped around the chest, with a few small leather pouches and some eyelets at the bottom so that small tools could be hung from them by pieces of string. The second was mostly a thick leather waist belt, again with several pockets and other attachments for holding tools that would hang down around the woman’s hips. And the third style was a smaller belt that hung lower, on the hips, with more leather straps that buckled around the upper thighs. More small pockets were located on the legs portions of this design.

    Fanni opted for the sturdiest version of the third design; and when she asked the house slave where the tailor’s office was, she was handed her a small printout with a map of the mansion. “Just follow everyone else,” the slave said, “You can’t miss it.”

    They found the shop without difficulty and there was already a line. Several of the hunters had taken the opportunity to find a chair or a window ledge, or some small, out of the way place where they could become more intimate with their rabbit while they waited.

    “I think they have the right idea,” Fanni’s hunter said, nodding towards one rabbit who was happily bouncing up and down on her hunter’s lap.

    Fanni looked away without comment.

    Not my job, she thought to herself, although she didn’t say it out loud. But she figured that since he hadn’t volunteered any favors she wasn’t going to either. If he wanted her to do that, he was free to take her by force. She almost smiled as she watched him pouting out of the corner of her eye.

    When they got back to the main hall, all the rabbits were given their own tracking devices. This was a small transmitter that was imbedded into the flesh of their left hand using a small device that looked a little like one of those air-powered vaccine guns. The gun shot a small, blue bead into the little web of flesh between Fanni’s thumb and pointing finger.

    “This is only for emergency tracking purposes,” the doctor kept saying over and over again. “Rest assured that tracking units will not be unfairly used by the administration to expose a rabbit to a hunter.”

    He said it so often that she decided not to believe it. Anything he feels he needs to repeat that often probably isn’t true.

    The rest of the morning they spent in classes: an hour on rudimentary first aid an hour and a half on basic camping skills: starting fires, pitching tents, digging latrines and even using tree leaves to wipe your ass. The topics ranged from the obvious to the subtle. Some of it (like the pitching tents) was clearly designed for the hunters, while other bits (like wiping your ass with the right type of tree leaf) seemed designed more for the rabbits. A lot of it was so basic that even Fanni already knew it, while other bits seemed so obscure she couldn’t imagine anyone thinking she’d ever need to know it.

    The most important thing Fanni learned was probably the list of plant leaves not to use as toilet paper, and how to cover up her droppings so it wouldn’t leave a traceable scent. Fanni figured the less evidence she left behind the harder she’d be to find.

    After that they had an hour for lunch. Like most of the others, Fanni’s hunter didn’t share his food with her—but he refused to let her leave his side and forced her to sit there and watch while he stuffed his face. Fortunately, he was a quick eater. It only took him ten minutes to finish and then he led her back to his bed room.

    “What did we come here for,” Fanni asked, although she was pretty sure she knew.

    “I figured we’d find someplace private, since apparently neither of us is all that fond of having sex in public.” He nodded towards the bed. “Get up there and spread your legs for me.”

    Despite her earlier defiance, Fanni didn’t even consider resisting. Sergeant’s warning about not ‘pissing off your hunter’ kept running through her mind. And it wasn’t like she hadn’t been sexually used by strangers during some of the bondage shoots she’d done. She preferred not to let her tops fuck her, at least not with their dicks, but producers who wanted that tended to pay more, so she’d done it a few times. She drew the line at letting them stick body parts in her mouth, but she had been fucked (by people she’d just meet) on several occasions. And if she became a slave, it was a virtual certainty that she’d be fucked by a lot more.

    This really wasn’t that big a step, Fanni told herself.

    Despite being a bit of a prick at times, her hunter was not unattractive, so she slid back on the bed as best she could with her arms pined to her side and let her legs fall open invitingly.

    “You really are a hot piece of work,” He said as be unbuckled his belt. “If I don’t catch you myself, I might bid on you at the auction, if your hunter makes you available.”

    “After the million,” Fanni said with a smile, “You wouldn’t be a bad second choice.”

    He leaned down and guided his cock inside her. At least he forced it in slowly, even if he didn’t engage in any foreplay. Well, unless you wanted to call chewing on her nipples foreplay. She was a little dry at first, but it wasn’t any worse than the bondage videos had been. Her hunter was small, but he knew how to use his equipment. When he was all the way in, he would grind his pelvis against her pubic mound. And when he was halfway out he would sometimes rock forward so that his prick rubbed against her clit as he moved in and out. He liked to change tactics and varied his pace from time to time, pumping her hard and deep for a time; then using short, jerky strokes; then slow and long strokes that nearly pulled the head of his cock out of her with each thrust. Sometimes it was maddening, when he changed his pace just as she was beginning to build to a climax, but he made it last a very long time and when he was finally done she felt well and thoroughly fucked.

    She took a deep relaxing breath as he rolled off of her and lay without moving for a moment.

    “So,” Fanni said, looking over at him and smiling, “What’s your name anyway?”

    He gave her a sardonic smile and said, “Mark.”

    It didn’t take him long to recover; and before they headed back for the rest of the day’s classes he tied a little crotch rope around her waist. Then he attached a short leash to the front before leading her towards the door.

    In the afternoon, they had a class that taught how to find food and avoid poisonous plants.

    The instructor brought out a large tub filled with various insects and other crawly and slimy things. “Those of you who do not mind eating insects and grub will never fail to eat like kings on this island,” he said, “Lift virtually any rock and you’ll find a plentiful and nutritious meal. For those of you who are a little pickier about what you put in your mouths, you can still eat well. The trade off is that finding more palatable food requires a bit more work; and this extra effort will tend to leave you more exposed to being captured.” He picked up a crawly handful from the tub. “Anyone want to find out which ones you prefer?”

    There weren’t many takers, but Fanni decided she was going to be one of them.

    The more I stay hidden, she figured, the less likely I am to be caught.

    If eating insects improved her chances of getting her life back on track, then that’s what she’d do.

    The first half of the class focused primarily on finding things to eat, while the second half focused on those things that shouldn’t be eaten. “There aren’t many,” the instructor noted, “But certain plants and animals can be poisonous. Some things are edible, but only if you cook them right. Some are edible but not very palatable, although if you know how to season them with the right herbs, even some of these can be made to taste a little better.

    If you see something you’re not familiar with, try eating just a little of it the first day. The next day, eat a little more than on the first. The third day a little more still. If you haven’t gotten sick by the end of the third day you can assume that it’s probably safe to eat, but continue to eat it sparingly for a while.”

    The next class was a very basic self-defense course that focused for the first half hour on defending one’s self from the few smaller animals that could pose a danger on rare occasions. The second half was spent learning how to throw one’s opponent, and various other defensive moves. This was focused almost entirely at the rabbits.

    “At times when you are out in the wild,” The instructor said, “You may come across another rabbit who wants the same thing you do. At those times, these rudimentary skills may come in handy. There is a pecking order in the wild. You will be free to determine that order amongst yourselves, as the need arises. But be forewarned, any rabbit who intentionally injures another will forfeit their right to win the grand prize. Furthermore, any medical expenses that are incurred from an intentional injury that you cause, will be taken out of the $50,000 that you receive at the end of your year of service. So, when you fight for dominance, I suggest you do it with some measure of care.”

    The next class covered basic hunting strategies for the men.

    “There are several useful ways to go about finding your rabbits,” The instructor said. “On the one hand, you can carry your camping supplies with you and set up a base of operation at any of the various sites designated for that purpose around the island—or, if you prefer, you can chose to return to the orientation center each night, and sleep in the motel-like accommodations available here. Each strategy has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you will have to decide for yourself which style you prefer. In addition, you will have to decide the manner in which you wish to hunt. Guns are not allowed. Even a tranquilizer gun runs too high a risk of poking out someone’s eye or shooting another hunter by mistake. However, there are a number of other options that we will familiarize you with over the course of this week. Some of you may choose to set traps—those will be covered in greater detail later in the week.

    HS1-2--Survival Training.png

    “For now, I will simply say this: Do not attempt to set unapproved traps. This can lead to injury, which will cause you to be disqualified; and your tuition forfeit. Any rabbits you’ve captured will either be set free (or, if unable to continue for some reason) they will receive medical treatment and then be placed in a holding cell until the auction.”

    “You may also hunt individually or in groups. You can choose to track your prey, or you can try to locate their caches and lie in wait while they come to you. Another good strategy can be to find a place up high where you can use your binoculars to look for any movement; then move towards that point of interest. However, in my experience the most effective (and enjoyable) hunting technique is to use a hunting dog.”

    “What, you may ask, is a hunting dog?” The instructor turned to a slave who was standing by the door and waved for her to bring someone in. “This my hunter friends, is a highly trained hunting dog.” He waved his arm towards the woman that the slave girl had just brought in.

    Nearly her whole body was cover in black leather and cloth. Most of the outfit appeared to be made of fairly light-weight material. It was clearly designed to let her body move and breathe while still protecting her from things like rocks and low branches. Her hands were covered by leather gloves with no fingers or thumb; and her feet were covered by sleek running shoes, also black. The most ominous aspect of the outfit, however, was that her whole head was covered by a mask-like helmet with large goggles over both eyes and mysterious protrusions, about an inch in diameter and sticking out perpendicular from her head about four inches.

    “There are two things that make a great hunting dog,” the instructor said. “First, all hunting dogs wear this light-weight uniform to identify them and to protect them from nature’s little scrapes and bruises. The most important part of the uniform, however, is the headgear, which includes interchangeable, high-powered telephoto lens capable of transmitting recordable information back to command headquarters here at the orientation center. They also contain infra-red, night-vision goggles, so they can spot a rabbit at night or when they are hiding nearby in the brush. Their ears are equipped with unidirectional microphones. This gives them slightly enhanced normal hearing, as well, but with the unidirectional mikes they can hear a twig breaking (or a rabbit breathing) 100 yards away. But the crowning jewel of this head gear is the special tracking sensor that begin to beep whenever a rabbit is anywhere within 500 yards. The beep changes pitch as the dog gets closer to a rabbit. While this does not pinpoint the quarry’s exact location, surround sound technology is capable of indicating a general direction. Thus, with a single dog, you can ensure that once you’ve got the scent of a rabbit, they are very unlikely to get away.

    “The second thing that makes a great hunting dog is superb conditioning. She trains by running the equivalent of a marathon each and every day; and, on even ground, all of the rentable hunting dogs are certified to run a minimum of five and a half miles in half an hour. That’s five straight miles at a rate of less than five and a half minutes per mile. They will outrun you, hunters, if you let them. Fortunately, your dog will be wearing a loud bell that makes it easier to follow her; and she’s trained to howl loudly from time to time. In addition, your ‘dog tags’ contain a second buttons—the red one, as you’ve already been informed, alerts the command center in case of an emergency. But the Green button can be attuned to the helmet of a specific hunting dog. All you have to do is hit that button, and it will send out a new signal that will call them back to you. This signal has a ten mile radius, but I don’t recommend letting them get that far away. Keep in mind that our dogs are trained to tackle the rabbits, wrap their arms and legs around them and then howl until their hunter arrives. So don’t be too quick to call your dog back—you may be releasing a rabbit that you’ve already captured.

    “Also, your dog cannot speak,” the instructor said as he pointed to the mouth hole. “Her helmet is especially designed with a brank system that allows her to close her mouth (so she doesn’t become dehydrated) but effectively prevents her tongue from moving (which makes it virtually impossible to talk intelligibly). In addition to howling, she can make a few simple sounds to facilitate the most basic forms of communication, but your dog can’t tell you where a rabbit is. In fact, they are trained not to use any human-like body language for that purpose either.

    “Also gentlemen, keep in mind that while this mouth-hole may look inviting, the brank system will not be very comfortable if you try to stick a certain part of your anatomy inside her mouth. Your hunting dog also has openings in the leather between her legs. This allows her to relieve herself without your help—but these openings also allow easy accessed to certain parts of her anatomy that can be used for your sexual pleasure. There is nothing in your contract that prevents you from taking advantage of this fact. But I suggest that you do this very sparingly or preferably not at all. Keep in mind that these dogs are a highly trained animals and using them for such trivial recreational purposes can interfere with their training and efficiency. If you didn’t bring a slave to take care of such personal needs, you can return to headquarters and take advantage of one of the captured rabbits, or if none of those are available yet, there are other slaves you can rent for this purpose.

    “Also, keep in mind that your dogs are highly dependent on you for things like food and water. Keep them well watered and clean their bottoms regularly, particularly after they take a shit. If you do not, they WILL stink. More importantly, however, poor feminine hygiene can cause rashes and other serious medical problems that may interfere with their ability to run and track effectively. If you allow this to happen, you will be charged the normal daily rental rate for the time your dog spends recuperating; and for any time necessary to rehabilitate your dog. We will be covering proper hygiene methods later in this class. I suggest, if you plan to use one of our hunting dogs, you pay careful attention. Using your dog inappropriately, or not taking proper care of her can adversely affect her moral; and an uncooperative dog is not a very helpful dog. As they say, your dog is your best friend… so take care of her properly.”

    “Those who wish their own slaves to serve as dogs can have them equipped with hunting dog gear. Hunters, however, are not permitted (under any circumstances) to make use of infrared goggles or any of the other types of technology the dogs use. Do not try to cheat or you will be removed from the playing field and your tuition will be forfeit.”


    The classes went on like this—one endless topic after another—until evening when they finally broke for dinner. Fanni felt like she was starving and ate as much as they would let her, which was one heaping plate full of normal human food. Mark still didn’t uncuff her, but this time he did feed her without complaint.

    After the late dinner, the rest of the evening was free time. They could do whatever they wanted, within certain limits. Mark let Fanni wander around by her self for a while, while he went to the hunter’s lounge to have a drink and hang out with other hunters.

    Some hunters took their rabbits to private dungeons for a session of fun and games, as the instructors called it. Others attended optional classes. There were instructors available to teach Self Defense, Surviving in Comfort and a number of other topics—some of which (like the class on origami) Fanni thought were rather strange topics. Other’s spent time in the library, or in the game room. Fanni couldn’t do either very well since Mark still hadn’t freed her hands.

    Fanni walked around, looking at everything that was available, but she didn’t find anything that sparked her interest enough to stop and participate. She did wander into the public bath rooms to relieve herself and take a shower. A slave girl was stationed along the wall to help bound rabbits with the things they couldn’t manage by themselves. Fanni wasn’t exactly crazy about having her ass wiped by a stranger, but it was necessary; and she was very grateful for the help when it came to being soaped down and being dried with a towel.

    At 9 O’clock, the intercom requested that all rabbits (who were not going to be spending the night in their Partner’s room) report to the dormitory for lights out. Since Fanni didn’t see Mark anywhere about, she figured it was best to assume that he didn’t plan to let her sleep with him, so she made her way to the converted barn, where she’d spent the first night.

    She slept reasonably well. More from exhaustion and habit than from being comfortable on the small, lumpy cot, with her arms still tied.

    In the morning, Sergeant woke the women, much as he had the first day, and took them to breakfast again. The second day began pretty much like the first one, except that Mark was waiting to lead her to the table and Sergeant didn’t give a speech. Mark still didn’t bother to feed her, again forcing her to lean over and use her mouth. Afterwards there were more classes. Some were completely new topics and others were more advanced continuations of the first day’s lessons.

    Fanni was learning so much that she knew there was no way she would ever remember everything but she hoped she’d remember enough to make a difference when the time came. Other than basic learning, not much of note happened that day… except that Sergeant had everyone standing in a line to get a series of vaccine shots and then be examined by a doctor.

    Fanni didn’t see what started the incident, but apparently one of her fellow rabbits broke down and started crying.

    “I don’t like this,” the rabbit wailed, “I want to go home.”

    “You lost that opportunity,” Sergeant said, “When you signed on the dotted line.”

    “Please, I just want to leave.”

    “If you leave here now, the only place you’ll be going is to the holding cell where you’ll spend the next month waiting for the slave auction. I can assure you, the wait will not be pleasant as those men who wish a little entertainment will be free to start training you as a slave.”

    “Please, I can’t.”

    Sergeant was standing close to her already, but now he pressed his face menacingly close to hers, as he so often did, and yelled, “Do you know the difference between a smart rabbit and a stupid cunt, Recruit?”

    “No sir,” the girl squeaked.

    “Neither do I, now get back in line before I have you removed from duty.”

    Fanni thought Sergeant might have to remove the girl physically, as he had threatened, but after looking around for a while—as if seeking some kind of help that didn’t come—she shuffled her way back to the line, still sobbing.

    “That was kind of harsh,” Fanni muttered under her breath.

    A man who was standing against the wall observing apparently over heard her. Casually, he stepped closer. “He may seem unnecessarily cruel,” he said in a soft voice, “but he really is that girl’s best friend right now. She’ll need this training and discipline badly when she’s deployed in the wild, trying to hide from the hunters.”

    “Who are you,” Fanni asks.

    “My name is Renaldo. I own this island.”


    “Anything else you want to know,” he asked with a playful smile.

    “Yeah, did he pick up the military jargon from you or did you pick it up from him?”

    “I think we kind of picked it up from each other over the years.” He raised his eyebrows as if to ask, ‘Is that all?

    Fanni was pretty sure she shouldn’t make any more trouble, but one thing was still bothering her from that first night at the dance. She was pretty sure, by now, that the reality TV show wasn’t a complete ruse. They were taking too much time teaching the hunters and rabbits things for it all to be just for show. But still she had to ask…

    “Is that woman in the trophy case real?”

    Renaldo didn’t even have to ask what she meant. His lips turned up in an amused little smirk, as if he was pleased that the question was still weighing on her mind.

    “You’d better move along,” he said, “You don’t want to keep the others waiting.”