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    I noticed the site seems really slow so im gonna try and get some circulation going. :>

    Im gonna offer 1 free sketch possibly with water color. If it has watercolor it will just be a portrait size.

    In order to qualify id like you to post telling me what got you into art, what your favorite type of art is, what your favorite style is, and what you like to draw and why.

    If you dont draw then you dont need to answer the question about what you draw. =3

    A lot of questions to answer certainly, but im trying to encourage open discussion ^^

    Ill be choosing someone by june 15th so get your butts in gear and hop on to it! =3

    On june 15th the way ill be choosing who gets the art is by putting all of you into a random number generator and choosing a person randomly.

    Oh and to prevent it from being between only a few people ill be making it this way: ill only choose someone if at least 10 different people reply with the criteria.

    Thanks and have fun!
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    Im wondering to myself why this thread has 12 views and no posts? o_O is it my art? Or are people really that uninterested in the topic??
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    I've seen it! But I dunno what I would want, I hope other people will take the opportunity!
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    If you already choose someone else by the end date, that's cool, but I think it could be really neat to do a traditional trade sometime if you're interested. I love fantasy stuff, and you've seen my arts, so you probably know the styles I like with, mostly a mesh of different graphic styles and some anime style blends. (Idk what to call it, but yeah). Let me know if you're interested! ^^
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    Thanks cass. First entry woot. Come on people i know lots of you must have ocs youd want art of =3

    Also cass i dont normally do art trades but for you i could make an exception ahah
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    Oh I didn't see this thread somehow oO This is nice, an opportunity to get to know each other better :)
    So here's my Art Story xD

    When I was around 11 years old, I got access to the public library - and they had ElfQuest comics, which caught my eye. Soon after, I started drawing elves myself and even tried out Anime style as the Sailor Moon Craze hit.
    I kept doing Art because at 12 I started Pen&paper Roleplaying and I wanted to be able to draw my OCs the way they were in my head and not rely on pictures I found in the internet. That is pretty much still my motivation xD
    Favorite Type of Art.. I don't really know what that should mean? Like Digital / traditional? I mostly work in digital art now and man, I love it when other people use it too. But I also love to work in watercolor, but I haven't the time and nerve for the preparations nowadays. *Sad sigh*

    What my favorite Style is - To draw I'd like to think of mine as a mix comic / semirealistic. To see I can' really say, almost every style has it's appeal. My style has been often described as 'Elfquest-y'. (If you want to check that, you can read almost all comics fo free on their website here: http://elfquest.com/read/digitalEQ.html )

    What I like to draw: OCs. More Specifically, Elves. Female Elves. I think that is what I am really good at xD I also love designing clothes and drawing hair :3
    Why? I have no clue. Maybe because women are easier to draw for me as I've practiced them more (Having more female OCs will do that...)

    I think, that might be it :) Any questions?
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