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Have you ever done commissions?

  1. Yeah, sometimes ;3

  2. It's how I make my money, yo~ ;D

  3. No, but I'd like to try!

  4. Nah, I'm a hobbyist only.

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  5. I don't do art o_o;

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    Please follow these! They are meant to keep the forum neat and tidy and commissioners and art seekers happy! :meowrainbow:

    • NO asking for free requests. This is a commission forum for a reason. The artists who post here want to be paid for their hard work.
    • The main "Commissions" forum is a place you can post general questions, discussions, and ideas about commissioned art. Please keep threads and replies in this forum relevant!
    • Lay out clearly what product(s) you're asking for or offering and the pricing details, so there are as few misunderstandings as possible
    • Art theft and scamming are strictly prohibited. If you're reported as a scammer and found guilty after staff investigation, your access to this forum will be revoked, and any threads you had created will be removed. Other disciplinary action may occur at staff discretion.
    • We suggest including what payments are for in a note at the time of purchase. For example, you are able to attach a note to a paypal transaction. This may be helpful later for proving scam-related behavior. Please note that paypal's refund policy does not cover digital goods and services, but this sort of evidence may help with an investigation on our site that results in removal of an offender's content or ban of the account, etc.
    • If you suspect someone of stealing or scamming, report the incident and any relevant details to the staff directly. Do not attempt to contact the user in question directly, as this may damage the collection of evidence and cause unnecessary drama.
    • Explicit depictions of youthful adults are allowed (i.e. shota or loli body types), but sexual depictions of ACTUAL minors in any form is not allowed. If you violate this, the content will be pulled immediately, and you risk losing your account.
    • No hating/flaming/putting down. If you are trying to cause trouble, you'll have your access to this forum revoked.
    • Trolling or unrelated discussion of any kind is not permitted here. This is a place of business for people who want to get stuff done.
    • Our site/service does not extend to or cover the actual transactions for commissioned art, writing, photography or otherwise. When you use our site, you imply understanding of and agreement with the fact that we provide a service whereupon people may start a discussion of transaction and work out details, but the actual transactions takes place between buyer and seller. We are not liable legally, financially, or otherwise for any scams or misbehavior that take place, though we will remove scammers, thieves, and others found in violation of the relevant rules from our site and service.
    • These rules are subject to change or revision without notice.
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