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Cretaceous Valentine's Day j  
Cretaceous Winter Wonderland j  
Tyrannosaurs with a top hat 2  
Tyrannosaurus with a top hat  
Easter Tyrannosaurus Rex  
Jurassic Mars 1  
T Rex with a Pumpkin on his head  
T-Rex aren't very good drinkers  
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Dec 31, 2018
T-Rex asleep in the pumpkin patch  
Halloween 2018 20 Jenna n Avery - rawr-  
Halloween 2018 20 Jenna n Avery - rawr- t  
Halloween 2018 19 Jenna n Avery  
Halloween 2018 18 (Jurassic) Jenna n Avery  
Elf Warrior rides a Tyrannosaurus Rex into battle 01  
T-Rex and Kiwi 008  
T-Rex and Kiwi 007  
T-Rex and Kiwi 006  
T-Rex and Kiwi 005  
T-Rex and Kiwi 004  
T-Rex and Kiwi 003  
T-Rex and Kiwi 002  
T-Rex and Kiwi 001  
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Mar 7, 2018
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