Xaphania [Character]

Name:<br />
Xaphania<br />
<br />
Species:<br />
Demon<br />
<br />
Vitals:<br />
Female, muscular,...
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Female, muscular, lilac eyes, bald with black horns



“Mortal necromancers—far more unrefined in their approach than I expected, but deliciously strict when pressed.”

Five hundred years after accidentally leaving part of her soul anchored in the mortal realm of New T'Cora, Xaphania's essence was captured by an upstart mage in the city of Borra’jin. Result: she was summoned against her will. The mage proved competent enough to summon, but not competent enough to bind. After a brief struggle in the Borra’jin market, Xaphania killed the human in self-defense before being seized by a bladedancer. Bound with enchanted ropes and gagged to muffle verbal spells, Xaphania was delivered to human authorities for interrogation and execution.

While chained within a binding ward, which in turn lay deep within the Borra’jin dungeons, fortune smiled upon Xaphania when the Archmage of Borra herself, Lady Kiruna Tomasi, approached with a desperate plea. In exchange for demonic magic to protect herself against a growing witch-burning movement, Lady Kiruna offered herself up for a period of servitude, which Xaphania promptly negotiated to full slavery. The archmage agreed. Xaphania returned to her master in the underworld, with a powerful human in custody and under contract.
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