Willing 024

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  1. The Bodyguard, Kevlar31 and Torre like this.
  2. Torre
    Love the shoes.

    Discreet nipple piercings too. :)
  3. berseh
    Are you sure "willing " was the appropriate title? :)
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  4. Torre
    @berseh. This pic was part of a set called 'Willing participant. ' This was the end result.
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  5. 3DErotic
    It was kind of a pun...This was done a long time ago.
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  6. The Bodyguard
    The Bodyguard
    After all the effort she's gone to get herself into shape, dressed up, and then just hanging around it's good that she has found someone willing to help her out, or rather IN.
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  7. 3DErotic
    @The Bodyguard Right!? This is a real oldy. It was up at dA for a long time, and then it was banished. Somebody finally noticed the butt plug, I guess.

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