What's wrong Madam?

Madam, somewhat pissed:<br />
&quot;Don&#039;t you think that something&#039;s wrong with your......
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Madam, somewhat pissed:
"Don't you think that something's wrong with your... outfit?"

Maid, naively:
"Oh Madam! I am really sorry that you are thinking so... I swear it, Monsieur has carefully selected each element of that outfit. And I have to say that I am feeling comfortable with it..."

Madam, with a clearly icy tone:
"You feel what? This time, I think that I'm going to kill him! Please, would you mind to go back to your room and to use the outfit I gave you? Now..."
  1. Kevlar31
    I would have to go with Monsieur on this! ;)
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  2. Y-Phil
    Ha ha...
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  3. TazLooking
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