The Suspension Frame

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  2. TazLooking
    Lovely lady, seems so lonely!!!!:(
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  3. TawnyT
    But in front of her shop window are many people queued ;)
  4. TazLooking
    Action, she needs something happening in there!!! A dildo attached to a rod that is attached to a circulating wheel that is constantly stroking her pussy!!!!;)
    Seeing her having orgasms should attract a crowd!!!!:D
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  5. TawnyT
    *writes your ideas down to my notepad for the next exhibition* ;)
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  6. Kevlar31
    Taz always has been an "ideas" man! ;)
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  7. The Bodyguard
    The Bodyguard
    Call me a traditionalist but the classic, simple X frame to display the feminine form needs no other additions to heighten one's excitement. That said, the feminine form is built for additions, so yes, a nice randomly timed device to show off her struggles and divine pleasures would be acceptable.
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