The Silent Story - Epilogue

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Ok so the scene is about me&amp; my friends...
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Image idea from PerfectPrey4U

Ok so the scene is about me& my friends being stationed somewhere in France... we're all new recruits and we just got done with army navigation training and are trying to get back to our home base...
From left to right... (hope this makes sense lol)

Stephy: "Zoey!!! We've been wondering around this dumb town for like 2 hours my feet are getting tired, its gonna be dark soon-- dont you know where we are???"
Zoey: "Its not my fault!! This stupid map doesnt even make any sense.. all the words are in french and I dont even know which way is up..."
*other soldier smacks Zoey's helmet* "owwwieee!!!"
Other Soldier: "You two ditzes are such idiots... Oh my god, why in the world did I get stuck with you bimbos??"

Guy in suit (thinking): "Wow... these american girls sure are stupid, but at least they are cute to look at!"
Girl with phone (thinking): "Haha stupid soldiers... maybe they should just go back to their own country... oh well, at least this will be funny on youtube!"
Nurse (thinking): "Hmmm... maybe I should help these 3 girls figure out where they are trying to go... nevermind, it's more fun to watch them struggle!"
Businesswoman: "Vous trois ne pouviez pas être plus stupide..."
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