So Close 10

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  1. MsThemis
    ....oh my. That's just all sorts of confusing stimulation. Pleasure or torture...looks like by the time things are done, the young women won't remember her own name. Will she be upset or happy about it?
    TawnyT likes this.
  2. TawnyT
    At her I would almost assume that she is happy about it. Especially as she feels comfortable in bondage.
  3. heveti
    Oh, there is a lot going on here :)
    Do we get this as a gif as well?
    Also the machine looks like it is not only doing something to her but also something to him. Is that correct?
  4. TawnyT
    The mean thing is, the machine does nothing to him except letting him watch her.

    And I am so sorry, this machine is a commercial product, so I cannot give it out of my hand. :-(
  5. heveti
    You are right, that is mean... :)
  6. Typewriter17
    This is one heck of an R&D department, @TawnyT