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  2. DaFoDZ
    Owwwh! She's blushing. So cute. Now bring out the big guns.
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  3. Torre
    Yes, very cute that she is blushing.
    Looks like Rommy's dreams are about to come true.

    Juliette is already dressed for the party. :)
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  4. The Bodyguard
    The Bodyguard
    Just now catching up on all the action. Wow, the youngsters are certainly learning a sense of purpose. Yes, the blushing is very good. But, uh, as usual my eyes strayed a bit, to the blonde with the blushing rear.
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  5. TazLooking
    Juliette is blushing at the thought of giving herself to Rommy!!!!:D
  6. Kevlar31
    Oh! A budding romance! Albeit with whips and chains! ;)
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  7. LLXBD
    That's a spicy romance... ^^
    And, well, Juliette is perhaps also blushing to discover in herself things she didn't know exist or would never have acknowledged before...
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