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  2. Torre
    Juliette is hot. :)

    I think she is rather enjoying the situation now and is ready for the next step.
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  3. Kevlar31
    I think that Alex is overdressed now! ;)
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  4. LLXBD
    I totally love it when the mistress is dressed and the slaves nude, but that's my taste... ^^
    And, yes, definitely, Juliette seems to be getting totally in the mood... ^^
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  5. DaFoDZ
    Just love the look on Juliette's face. A little bit accusing but the flushed cheeks give away her arousal.
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  6. TazLooking
    Julliette is so sexy!!!!:D:D
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  7. LLXBD
    I'm glad you like this character ! ^^
    And thanks for your kind words on her expression. It's always difficult to do. ^^
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