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I'm itching to put a face to my Xantya character, who is a woman from a writing project I...
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I'm itching to put a face to my Xantya character, who is a woman from a writing project I started a while ago. I'm not sure if I like the design or not, but it's something!
  1. Paradox _777
    Paradox _777
    Piercings, tattoos, thick hips? Oh my! She looks delectable... Do something with this girl! Maybe even add a little more. Her head looks like it could use some more adornments, like a nostril ring, or some earrings on that upper ear. I like it!
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  2. Punkae
    @Laedria Good point! I think she could use a cute nose stud or brow ring for sure. If she had double top cartilage done, it would be just like my piercing, even on the same ear! I was also thinking of giving her tats on her right (our left) ribcage and/or thighs.
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  3. Paradox _777
    Paradox _777
    More is always better! And you're done up too? Oooooh have to see that! What sort of tattoo is that on her shoulder though? Looks neat. Almost like a mix of a sun, and bird wing.
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  4. Punkae
    @Laedria Yup, that's exactly right! It's a sun and the tip of a wing wrapping around her arm. Technically, the other arm has it too, but I didn't think you'd be able to see too much from that angle, so I didn't paint it in.

    Oh, and here's my piercings with studs in. :stargreen: :starpink: :starblue:

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  5. Paradox _777
    Paradox _777
    You are gorgeous! And so are those piercings! Very strong, just what this new lady character needs.
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  6. Punkae
    Awh, thank you so much! ;///; ♥ I'll work on this some more today then! I need to fix the anatomy on the body and hand badly, so it would be a perfect time to work on extra details! c: