Gentle Touch

Rhyxa and Serenya enjoying some alone time together. <img src=""...
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Rhyxa and Serenya enjoying some alone time together. :meow:

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  1. ShapeFlesh
    She is spilling her milk! That will not do! >:3
    Punkae likes this.
  2. Punkae
    Messy girl! Throw her in the bath tub and suds her down until she's all clean! Then teach her not to spill another drop next time! :XD:
  3. Typewriter17
    Wow! Love your use of purples and pinks.
    Punkae likes this.
  4. Punkae
    Thank you so much, @Typewriter17 ! That's really kind of you. :meow:
    Typewriter17 likes this.